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Will there be an option to have a procedurally generated world or will it be removed altogether?, as a predetermined world would allow for an "end" of the game effectively?

Another thought is the further from the starting region you go the stronger the masklings get?

Well the world is still procedurally generated, it just isn't infinitely generated any more. There will be several options for world size, this is the medium world which is 100 chunks on a side. The current options go all the way up to 400 chunks on a side (16 times larger than shown above).

Unfortunately I don't think an infinite world will work well with the new features being added in 1.5. So it's a tradeoff between an endless world or a finite world that's more interesting to play in.

ah ok. Now that i know thesorta sizes the world can go to i dont mind so much. 400 chunks a side sounds more then enough. :)


That should be plenty big. I think this is the right choice, quality over quantity. What would also be cool would be a map editor. Keep up the good work. :)