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App doesnt download games?

A topic by Balthezsar created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 296 Replies: 6
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I try to download games, but the download bar doesn't change and it doesn't download. just stays on the "downloading" screen? I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong ive uninstalled and reinstalled the itch app but without luck?


Do games download okay from the website? We use the same download server on both. If not, then maybe there's a connectivity issue that's blocking requests? Your browser might give you an error message that could tell us more.


Yes, it works fine straight from the website as I did it to double check if that was the issue but still doesn't work?


Does the download eventually fail with an error? Can you post your %APPDATA%/itch/itch.log.txt file somewhere?

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No there is never a failed/error its just stuck in limbo as an active download.


Also, which games have you tried downloading with the app so far? Links would be helpful :)

none of which download