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Whats the radius increase for settlements influence per citizen, or however its calculated? How can I enlarge the settlements influence quickly and by a lot?

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The influence radius of a settlement is determined by population. The formula has changed over the releases. For 1.3:

Settlement Influence = 33 + SQRT(Population) * 5

Are you finding the settlement influence range restrictive?

Edit: units of the above are in tiles.

Edit2: fixed the formula

Thanks, not restrictive as such my settlement is maybe 60-70 tiles too far from a copper deposit. My play strat is to have one settlement that produces everything and trade wagons it to smaller, newer settlements.

Its irrelevant to this post but didn't want to make another, could you take a look at adding a search for pig work setting as my current civs don't even bother trying, 

Are you seeing nearby pigs that they aren't fetching? Gathering pigs is one of the tasks that citizens won't do while under threat., and they only look a little bit outside the settlement's influence range.

Maybe the pigs I was seeing were out of range because they are gathering again now :)