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New Discussion Board

A topic by Commodore Shawn created Jun 15, 2017 Views: 1,611 Replies: 94
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I've changed from a comments section to a discussion board. Sadly that means the old comments are no longer visible. Thanks for all of your past feedback, and I hope that trend continues. 

when will be the next update?


Next major update will probably be at least two weeks.  Possibility for smaller bug fixes and tweaks in the mean-time.

will there be added features in the next update?

Check the development log :)

ok i would be happy to follow this game as it develops

Anyone know what the migrant wealth threshold is? As in, when do migrants (or when are they likely) to join a settlement? Is it the total settlement wealth or is it the per capita wealth?

Sidenote: anyone know the highest wealth value structure to attract migrant?


Currently the immigrant spawner aims to reduce your per capita wealth to target number, and will add as many migrants as it needs to do that. The target number increases over the first few waves of migrants. The first two waves target a per capita wealth of 3, the next two target 4, and every wave after that targets 5.

I'm looking to rebalance this, but that's the logic as it stands in 1.2.4

Towers and gatehouses give 3 wealth, tradehouses and barracks give 4. Most other buildings give 2 or 1.

I actually thought the wealth went up if I had more resources in surplus. But now I know how it works :)

With the system you now have, the immigrant groups are always equally as big as the population I have. So each immigrant income doubles my population.


In 1.2 food and logs add 1 wealth per item. I'm planning on removing that, as it seems really easily abused.

I'm currently testing 1.2.5, which will cap immigration to no more than half the population. That seems to give more manageable population growth.

sounds awesome thanks for the info!

How does the usage of the food and the wheat work?


In terms of wealth? Or in general?

Items sitting in a structure somewhere is what counts towards wealth in 1.2.5. When food is consumed the item is destroyed, and no longer counts toward wealth. Food is used by houses and barracks. Every 600 turns (a little over 2 minutes) a house requests a piece of food, and destroys it when it gets it.

Barracks also consume food, but work a little differently. Each warrior garrisoned in a barracks consumes "supplies", this is just a counter in the building. A barracks will request food, and consume it to produce more "supplies". In general, for each warrior in a barracks, that barracks will need 1 food every 300 turns (75 seconds).

Bakeries consume wheat and produce food, on a 1-1 ratio, taking 10 turns each time. Farms consume nothing, and produce 3 wheat, taking 60 turns to do so.

All of these numbers could change, of course.

You explained what I asked :)

But what happens when I don't build houses for my people?
Because when you don't have houses, you don't need much food. Or is this a thing that you are working on with the happiness thingy?


Eventually it will tie into happiness, but right now it just affects the homelessness percentage.

Also it affects how you can sleep at night, knowing your poor citizens are hungry and cold, sleeping on the streets. :P

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What are the pigs used for?


Pigs add wealth to your settlement and are used to create wagons for trading.

Do you think you could add population growth that is not based upon migrants moving into settlements. 1. Because whenever I send soldiers past where they spawn they stop spawning forever. 2. Because their spawn eventually moves so far that they have to walk past a maskling camp and a few die a lot sustain injuries. 3. Because it starts to take them so long to arrive that they sometimes get ambushed by masklings. You could add in a system were a very small percentage of villagers spawn in settlements each year or two, but this is just a suggestion.


I have an eventual plan of accounting for "natural" population growth. It's not too high of a priority right now, though.

Has anyone been able to play this on mac? wineskin isn't working for me


Are you getting any errors?

I could see about making a proper Mac build, but I don't have a test machine to verify it on.

no errors, its just quiting after ~10 seconds of loading. Ive made a few wrappers for it and i keep running into the same problem.

Deleted post

This will probably stay a solo project for the forseeable future, I work with a team for my day-job, and it's nice to have a code-base all to myself for the evenings. 

I haven't decided, funding-wise. I don't want to pull a bait-and-switch, but some sort of funding would allow for hardware purchases to support porting to different platforms, or hiring an artist to do the visuals justice. I'm leaning towards keeping the base game free, however.

A patreon would work. If people want you to have money for this game why not?

Question: Does the world have a limit or is it infinite? I've been trying to explore all of the map with my soldiers.


The world generates as you explore it, Minecraft-style.

could it be possible to designate a road as a trade route? or maybe draw a line which caravans have to follow. ive found that even though a road would be a much faster route, the caravans still choose to zig zag across the map

[Copy from dev post comment for visibility]

Hey just saw your post after watching Nookrium's feature. Really cool game and I love and respect the strong vision you seem to have.

Wondering if you can explain a bit more your vision on the future of this game. I really like the fact that you blend a city building rts with a greater open world. Really had an awesome 'mount and blade' kinda feel to it when I saw military groups being sent out to different maskling encampments. 

After reading about a future introduction of nobles, really seemed to have alot of potential in terms of politics with nearby settlements and trying to make your newfound civ survive as part of a greater world.

Looking forward to future updates and your thoughts! Cheers!


Caveat: This is subject to change, and not set in stone.

Bronze Age will be "finished"when you can grow from your first 7 citizens to an entire Empire. A dozen major cities, linked with trade networks, and a total population in the thousands. You will deal with the several races of local tribes through both warfare and diplomacy. There will be rival empires along your border, with which you can trade and wage war. Armies in the hundreds will clash on the battlefield. Charriots, spearmen, archers, and auxilaries pledged by friendly Maskling (and other) tribes. The gods themselves will take interest in your empire, as your priests invoke their favor.

TL;DR: Civilization and Dwarf Fortress had a baby, delivered by Factorio, and they named it Bronze Age

sounds great what you are planning.

Will you also aim to publish your baby on steam? 

Your plans sound very solid and I am looking forward the progress of this project. Even with simple graphics it convinces with its unique charme of the great RTS games back in the 90s :)

Do you have any ideas about economy and resources? The idea of different major cities offer great potential of strategic resources and their trading and distribution all over the empire and potential allies for support ;)


I'm aiming for Steam evenually, when it's more feature complete.

As for resources, 1.3 will introduce Copper Ore that is only found in some areas. Over time more location-dependent resources will be added. I'll need Tin at least, it'd be silly to have a game called Bronze Age without the ability to make bronze.

yup for that I was aiming, will there be bronze in this game ;)

The mining for the metals and to produce bronze offers some good ways to increase the possibilitys of trade and of the production tree.

Btw, I encountered some lags in late game, I focussed on one town and expanded it, now it seems a bit laggy when I want to place buildings.
Is it some optimization bug or is my PC telling me that it is getting old?


It's almost certainly an optimization bug. I'm aiming to do another performance pass with 1.3.

 It could also be a bug in pathing that's already fixed for 1.3. If an entity or warband gets stuck trying to reach somewhere, performance takes a major hit. 

thx for the info. But it is appearing also without moving warbands. So I guess it is not caused by pathing. My settlement population has crossed 150 ppl, could this cause lag or crashes? 


If it's the same world from your bug report, there don't seem to be any stuck warbands, just run-of-the-mill poor optimization.

The longer world updates take, the more chance of encountering an edge case that crashes the game. So the bigger worlds get, the more likely a crash will happen.

yes this one is the crashed savegame. ok I will see how it will be working then.
I will try not to expand the world to much ;)

When you add boats, I was thinking could you add maybe a pier work designation much like the road but for water? Also just a thought maybe some time in the future a fishing hut for an alternative food source.


I'm not sure how I want to handle ships and docks yet. I've been toying with not having docks at all, since historically most boats were just pulled up on the beach in this time period.

thats true, most ships were handled this way.
The sailing technology changed in the late bronze age where ships got a bit more heavy, probably piers appeared in this period



I hadn't seen that article before, thanks for linking it.

no prob, it is always nice to make some internet searches especially for such interesting topics.

Atleast my search showed that the ppl of this time were not so primitive as ppl might think.
Trade was rly a big economical factor, especially this ship showed that trading routes connected already most regions of europe, north africa and mesopotamia. Seems like our ancestors were already some pretty busy ppl ;)


I got on a series of videos on the late bronze age, and the bronze age collapse, which was pretty much a direct link to this game. So much of fantasy and history seems focused on the medieval and iron ages. The bronze age in general and mesopotamia in particular are rather neglected in comparison.


I have a small suggestion.

Right now I when you build a pasture your tribesmen walk around the entire map trying to find pigs and while doing so are excellent scouts. I would suggest a building like an explorers hut where one tribesmens job is to just walk around the map and instead of  walking towards the next pig he should walk towards the next "black" square.

uh that sounds good, it would be like the scouts of the masklings.

I have a question about tilesets: Is it ok to make custom ones? I like to ask first to be polite. Nothing wrong with your artwork, I just like doing pixel art and my reasons for doing a tileset for this game are one - my way of getting familiar with the tiles, two - it's practice for me. I may.. just *may* one day code a roguelike of some kind, and if so, will be doing all of my artwork. So practice doesn't hurt. So far I'm slowly making tiles for Dwarf Fortress, Nethack, and Desktop Dungeons (the free version).

Now, if you're not comfortable with seeing different artwork for your game just yet (or ever), I'm ok with that and will honor your wishes by not releasing any. Also, good work on this so far. It looks very promising. Have a good evening. :)



A custom tileset is fine. I'm not sure how you would go about integrating it. BronzeAge uses monogame, and the tilesets are processed through the monogame import pipeline. The imported files can be found at "Bronze Age\Content\tiles".  I suppose if you imported your own files you could just replace them there.

What sort of tiles did you want to replace? Some of the tilesheets have a more complicated format than others.

I would do all the tiles and keep adding or updating them. I can somewhat see how they're organized and it could turn out to be a pain to convert xnb to png and back again. I'll think about it. I'm enjoying the game as it is of course. :D

Hej Commodore

I wanted to ask if you are going to plan to enhance the terrain generation? I know you mentioned in your planned features more fertile soil etc.
But will you also implement maybe dessert as the opposite, or island biomes (to play similar to the island culture of crete)?
Also something I was wondering, how far you want to increase complexity of resources. Like mudbricks atm can be produced everywhere. Will you change that towards, that it can only be produced close to a water source?
I know I am asking a lot of detailed questions :D
But I must say that the possibilities of this game are rly fascinating with the bronze age, so hopes are flying high with a lot of ideas ;)


Funny you mention terrain generation, as I went a little overboard while adding copper ore last week.... Long story short, 1.3 will have a brand new terrain generation algorithm, which should add some nice variety. There are deserts, savannah, highlands, mountains, grasslands, and forests. More biomes are likely to be added in the future as well. It also produces the occasional island as well.

1.3 will introduce resources that only appear in certain biomes. Copper ore and stone only show in mountains and highlands, while fertile soil only shows in grasslands along rivers. I don't want to make that restriction with mudbrick, since pretty much everything requires it.

that sounds like a great step, looking forward to it :)

Yeah I know it would restrict the production. But wouldnt it be more challenging to start with wooden buildings as it represents an easy start and to achieve Mudbricks as a higher "tech" or wealth level? I was a bit bored so I checked the web to get an answer how common mudbricks were. And depending on location it was not the most usual construction material.
Egypt for example had depending on the area wood or mud but as a high level stone buildings.
But Babylon had only wood and mud, Stone was not so interesting for them. 

Will the river be open for trading routes later on? like an alternative for roads? ;)


I see mudbricks as lower "level" than wood. Wood is an exhaustable resource, and biome-dependant. To my mind the construction quality goes: mudbrick => wood = > stone

Rivers will be used when boats are implemented, which may be awhile.

yeah true, regarding the process mudbricks are easier than wood. I was expressing it wrong. I meant that mud is in reality also dependant from the environment. As I said, Babylon could use it in large quantities, with two rivers in the area and a hot climate it offered the perfect solution for buildings. Also with burning mud/clay to ceramic it had a good point. In Egypt and Crete it was different. So they changed to wood or combined wood and mud as material.

So Rivers are a great place for the future :)
Well I can imagine that ships will take a while to implement, take your time :D

Someone mentioned optimization above somewhere --- I think part of the optimization problems during construction rest with how big the object is that you are constructing. It seems that later on the more large objects that you have built the slower it becomes when you want to build another. It doesn't seem to effect houses (2x2) as much as it does farms (5x5). 

The game also seems to slow the larger of a population you have either wandering aimlessly or looking for work. If it isn't something implemented already, could some of those citizens who are idle be idle inside of a house? Like walk to it and close the door and stop being processed as an entity? Or could a worker limit not exceed a certain number. Right now you're allowed to make everyone a worker and that makes everyone look for a job to do -- maybe "workers" could be split into groups? Farmers, Bakers, Lumberjacks, etc, that can't increase beyond X amount determined by how many buildings of that type you have. Would that help with the number of people trying to do a certain job?

One thing I've noticed also is that Storage is just put wherever they feel like putting it. I have many storehouses near wood, farms, and bricks but those storehouses seem to have any assortment of items in them. Would it be beneficial to have specialized storehouses for each type of item? I was waiting for the little peons to finish getting a surplus of food before they could continue building and they were running to the storehouses far away from the ones I put near the bakeries and farms to store their food and wheat when those nearby storehouses were not full. 

But all any all I'm amazed at how active the development on this is and I'd love to see where the game goes in the future. The game already has a lot more features and depth to it than I thought it had initially and it's going to get even better down the road. There's so much potential in this.


I'm planning on taking a good hard look at the simulation in 1.4 and streamlining things (including having idlers stay home). Oddly enough, it seems the worst offender in 1.3 is structures. They were being sloppy when calculating item need.

is it possible for you to make a fullscreen option winowed games make me sad


I'll look into it. If you don't mind me asking, what don't you like about  windowed games?

I'm with lemur on this one.

A fullscreen gives me more of a feeling that I'm playing a game. I can't really express myself, it's just a feelling :)

You can give the players the choice in the options menu

I agree with Lemur too, for RTS/management games i like to have a clear sight of everything and windowed games make me feel like i'm cramped in a tiny window ^^

It's all about psychology really but letting people decide would be nice ;)

Deleted post

I'll see if I can slip it in to 1.3

Nice job on 1.3. Its even more binge worthy now.

Whats the radius increase for settlements influence per citizen, or however its calculated? How can I enlarge the settlements influence quickly and by a lot?

Developer (Edited 2 times)

The influence radius of a settlement is determined by population. The formula has changed over the releases. For 1.3:

Settlement Influence = 33 + SQRT(Population) * 5

Are you finding the settlement influence range restrictive?

Edit: units of the above are in tiles.

Edit2: fixed the formula

Thanks, not restrictive as such my settlement is maybe 60-70 tiles too far from a copper deposit. My play strat is to have one settlement that produces everything and trade wagons it to smaller, newer settlements.

Its irrelevant to this post but didn't want to make another, could you take a look at adding a search for pig work setting as my current civs don't even bother trying, 


Are you seeing nearby pigs that they aren't fetching? Gathering pigs is one of the tasks that citizens won't do while under threat., and they only look a little bit outside the settlement's influence range.

Maybe the pigs I was seeing were out of range because they are gathering again now :)

So I took a long look at the trello page and couldn't see any plan to allow any kind of fortifying rivers?


I'm not sure what you mean by fortifying rivers.

Like allowing a type of wall to be built on them as a river is running straight through one of my settlements and it allows masklings to enter through it


Ah , I could see something like that being handy. But there's currently no support for allowing some structures to be built over shallow water, and not others. I'll need something like that for docks and boats, so it's a possibility post 1.4.

Just wondering if this is still a maybe?


I won't rule it out, but it's rather low on the priority list.

Hej Commodore,

I wanted to ask if you are going to expand the production tree further with the next update :)
What plans and ideas do you have for it?


There will be a few new structures, but 1.4 is mostly focusing around refining and streamlining production and trade.

I'm planning a devlog outlining it on friday, with some in-depth focus on moving items within a settlement.

sounds good :)

Will be interesting to see your devlog!

I was wondering could you add a plant tree type deal in the work settings, as I am abusing the copper statues and have quickly exhausted all the trees in the area. maybe the growing could take a whole in game year or season?


That's the sort of problem I think could be best fixed by trade routes and a woodcutting outpost.


I am loving this game and thats all i need to say


i really really like this game, you can spend 20 houres in this game and it doens't get boring.

I hope you can play this game together (with somebody else) in the futur


Architecturally that would be difficult to do. Multiplayer is a difficult thing to add on to a project, especially when there is the ability to pause or fast forward time, as in Bronze Age.

How big is the world? (map)


In 1.4 the world is endless, it generates as you explore it.

Any chance of being able to rotate a building by key, rather than selecting the direction? also any plans to allow rotation of all buildings?

Also, I think impassible mountain terrain would be fun, so that the only way through would be mining. (also awsome mountain fortresses)


In 2.0 structure's won't be rotatable at all, but structure facing will no longer have gameplay effect.

Impassible mountains were planed for 1.5, I'm not sure how it will work out in 2.0.

Awsome, I look forwards to it!

ah also, how does the settlement naming function? and is there any plans in the future to have organic title changing with size and style of city?


Settlements are named based on their surroundings. I probably won't add automatically changing names. Player renaming will likely be added at some point, though.

fair, it just seemed that having a community of over 2000 people called rochchop village, and a community of 10 called ***** settlement seemed weird. If the name remained stagant but the title changed that would be really cool.

still, this is by far my favorite game on itch, and i appriciate the work you have put in to making it :)

I seem to have a large amount of food availible, plenty of bakeries, and tons of availible workers, but it is not being turned into food causing a consistant food shortage


Settlement production in 1.4 uses a buffer system, each structure tries to keep a buffer of input resources, and of output resources. Settlements will queue production as needed to keep those buffers. If that over 300 turns (if memory serves) of production has been queued, but it isn't enough, then an "insufficient resources" warning will be given.

So even if you have a lot of food in the settlement, there might not be a high enough rate of production to avoid that warning. Do you have a lot of barracks? They can be food hogs when a lot of soldiers are housed inside.

Hey! I really love the game, even if my computer can't handle it too well (which is something I know you're working on so thank you so much). I really enjoyed trying a few things, including making a bunch of small settlements that traded items in one game, and a few games where I just let one settlement become massive.

My question is, how different will the "feel" of 2.0 be from the original? Will I still be able to have the satisfaction of doing city building and being able to have somewhat organically growing cities?

I would also like to mention that in 1.4.2, having to place a house for every single person got really tedious, and also trying to set up trade routes between different settlements started to get overwhelming because I would have to set the import/export for every good for every city going to every other city. Maybe you could abstract the trading system as well?

In any case: The game is really good and once I'm not on public wifi I'll send you some money because hey this is a really fun game (my most played game on itch by far)


I'm trying to keep the same feel from 1.42, you'll have to be the judge of that however. The emphasis is still on city building, if anything the growth is more organic than before. The new way population works requires it. You can only build structures if you have a free pop, and you can only get free pops from having enough food, and enough spare housing for your settlement to grow, so it's a balance of securing enough food and housing to support everything else.

The change from individual people to abstract "pops" means that you'll be placing a lot fewer houses. The trade settings are very similar to 1.4, but I'd like to revisit them in the future.

Thanks for playing!

Also, I sent $25 like I said I would. I really hope that helps! If there's anything I could do to help (other than bothering you with suggestions or sending money), please let me know! I have plenty of time on my hands these days, so I wouldn't mind helping out if at all possible.


Wow, that's really generous of you. I appreciate the offer of help, but right now I just need time (so if you have a time machine, hit me up).