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Does that mean there will be some "deconstructed" settlements for the player to find throughout the world? That would be cool to come across a ruined village in need or repair and colonizing!

That's just my personal opinion, I find the lettering difficult.

It definitely fits the aesthetic though!

Have you thought about playing around with the font, maybe like an Albertus Medium or Book Antiqua?

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I enjoy the hex idea, and I think it will provide benefits for both the palyers andyou as the developer!

Keep up the great work - I'm sure I speak for the community when I say every patch is exciting and we look forward to more! 

We appreciate your steady gameplay updates, small or large, and your openness and communication with the community!

I love the Maskling changes, also it can allow the opportunity for new enemies to defend their own biomes (like giant spiders protecting rocky regions, etc.) or something like that. I think this helps give the masklings some personality, they are just killers they are protecting their people!

Biome ideas: alongside the biomes we see already

Desert: gives a use for Sandy ground other than coastlines. Could be rocky too

Swamp: very fertile soil but tons of shallow water everywhere. Making it settle 

Mountains; very rocky, with only small path ways of grass to navigate through. Maybe rocks have height? (Like two or three levels that slow movement even further?)

The Maskling changes could be super fun, like having them guard the biomes with copper or limestone (or other rare resources), making it more difficult to get the higher resources. Makes having a military a requirement for the expansion of your empire.

These changes might also mean players will need to create new settlements and explore further then they might have before, and increase the importance of trading and your trade routes (protecting from masklings?).

Everything sounds great! Would you unlock adjacent regions through growth like population/wealth? Any plans for 1.5 to expand the number of current biomes? 

While I think option 2 would be great, I think Option 1 is better large scale

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Wasit The Land Of Standing.xbt

I just had to log in my bad!

Ahhh i get it! Maybe it could be an upgraded versiopn of the pig wagon? I know trade wagon upgrades are planned for 1.4-1.5

Keep it up man the visuals look adorable, accurate, and awesome!

Hey! When a villager is repairing a wall, it shows in the inspect menu "a tribemember is inside" and they are litterally inside the wall repairing

Dunno if this is intended, manned walls might be a cool idea though

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This art style is awesome! Please post when its complete!

Edit: I know you just made this, but i see your wagon has a horse instead of pigs - Long live pig wagons!

maybe it's been a while since I've used the site, lemme look into it


Here's a world file I made quick where villagers don't seem to be building roads or cutting trees (temporary session)

Yes they are! But its like directly beside my settlement, literally a couple pixels out of tower range.

I did settle directly next to fetile soil near the shallow water though so it may be coincidence

I was just not sure if the interaction was on purpose, since i lose a few villargers to continually alert mode.

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In 1.3.1 World spawning can occur immeadiately beside a maskling camp - things do not go well for the migrants.


  • Also Maskling forces seem very large early, the first raid on several new worlds is upwards of 10.
  • Storage capacity can still be exceeded
  • Masklings sometime get stuck in water? unless they're grouping location is very close to the settlement? either way it casues my settlement to continually be in Alert mode
  • Roads dont seem to be constructed until every last thing in the construction queue has been completed 

Loving the new world generation!

Thanks so much for your interest! Commodore Shawn doesn't have a direct contact method at the moment. I recommend reaching out and posting on the Discussion Board or in the Future of Bronze Age Devlog! He's pretty active so I'm sure you'll get ahold of him.

The easiest way to play the game is through the client! Otherwise if you downloaded the file directly, you'll need to extract it from the .zip and install it. Once installed you can run the game! 

The balance will be a little different for every settlement! You can usually rely on one farm and and one bakery until around 20 total population, like when you're first starting out.  I recommend a bakery for every 2-3  farms, and about a farm every 15 pops. But don't use solid numbers, always base it around your resource needs. For example, maybe i'm at 50 pops and i have 3 farms and 3 bakeries.

Otherwise it can depend a lot on your surplus cap.

no hot fix required! They're just some real strong pigs

Sometimes my Trade Wagons, when they are close together (say 3 of them moving on a route at once) if they path at the shoreline they glitch out onto the water. Also they can sometimes get through walls? atleast in one particular case at one of my settlements.

Just another comment, how possible is structure rotation for construction? for example, select towers then rotating the direction 90 degrees with Q and E before placing the foundation.

Keep an eye out for moutain  related shenanigans soon on the Trello page! Expect mining and new ores  in the next couple updates

I had another idea to go along with the new combat and Maskling tactics - will there be loot or resources gained from defeating large Maskling forces or Camps? That would be a fun way to encourage player raiding and military training

For the future, can the music not play when we minimize the game? Just a minor detail

Thanks! I'll mention that when I get to the military section. You're right! Warriors are prioritized over structures by Masklings, so as long as your troops stay strong you'll have no problem thwarting any attack 

I'm currently experimenting with a sort of kill zone, where my troops and towers attack at the same time against large Maskling forces.

I'm more of a turtle RTS player so I tend to max my walls and towers with very little warriors. 

could we upgrade towers/gates/walls for higher hp? Maybe revising copper weapons increases towers attack?

Following this, upgrading towers increases the Maskling attack forces? I think that would be too complicated rgoifh

the migrant groups were outside the settlement range, they were idling in the masklings camp where they spawn (unless they overlapped)

Also sometimes migrants will get stuck travelling to a structure that is just on the other side of something ex: carry bricks to a wall but they walk up to the tower just in front of it instead of going around through the gate

Does that make sense? I often have to delete the structure, and retry but it can happen again, it's almost like I'm guessing if this can be built or not in this place E. Happens almost always with walls in corners that sorta thing

Got a couple crashes as my troops (20) when into combat against a large Maskling force (50ish?)

1.2.4 may have fixed this I'm not sure 

Migrants still idle when they Haven even reached the settlement 

I can confirm the same thing happens to the coastline, removing the road turns it to grass 

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assuming you managed to train them, use comma and period to select between groups, this will toggle through settlements, migrant groups, and warrior bands. Select your warrior band and you'll need to Leave settlement, then you can Move much like migrants.

Otherwise one barracks only holds 10 warriors so you may need more.

Check your military info too see how many warrior bands you have, you can also merge them into one if you have multiple 

Instead of upgrading houses, I recommend having a structure upgrade system in place with stone/ore that you mine. 

With the new resources each building can be upgraded. These upgrade structure provide a set benefit

Mudbrick house - 1 pop

Stone house - 2 pop

Mudbrick Bakery - 1 food per whatev.

Stone Bakery - 2 food per whatev.

You can also incorporate the advance structures into mining. By this I mean you need stone to build a temple, it cannot be done with Mudbrick.

 To get Nobles, you must build a city centre of stone, which will attract migrants and allow you to upgrade your villagers.

Side note: what if there was a traveling merchant camp? A merchant would occasional come to a settlement with a trade yard (or depot) and trade resources with you? 

Hit me up with a specific question if you'd like! Is it about how Masklings work? Or how to trying and use your own military?


As soon as I get through a basic guide I'll be putting in tips and tricks like doubling walls, not overloading construction queue, worker designation, etc. 

sounds awesome thanks for the info!

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Welcome to Bronze Age!

Check out the official BronzeWiki!

After a few weeks, CommodoreShawn and I would like to announce the official wiki site for all tips, tricks, and game information.

Thank you everyone for all your support, questions, and suggestions. Please continue to do so on the new wiki! This guide is considered out of date as of version 1.3.1 of the game, I will leave the guide up until I'm sure all information is on the wiki before editing this guide to link directly to the wiki.

Wether you stumbled upon it through, a suggestion from a friend, or link from a YouTube Let's Play, welcome one and all. This game is great if you enjoy RTS, city building, or 2D simple art style games! This is a comprehensive guide to get you started if you are brand new to the game or looking for some helpful tips about how to play.

Remeber to read the Development logs from our lord and saviour, Commodore Shawn, to stay up to date on the shananigans below! Check out the Trello Page for planned changes. Keep posting in the Discussion Board, and you can report any bugs here.

What's all this UI? - The items on the right.

  • Minimap & Current Season
  • Name of Selected Group/Settlement
  • Cycle Groups/Settlements  (, + .) Hotkeys now automatically created and displayed in the top left!
  • Center Map
  • Nanash Icon
  • View Region Map
  • Notifications - All game messages, such as resource requirements, Maskling attacks, and incoming migrants.

The lower section changes depending on the Migrant Group, Warrior Group, or Settlement selected (Move is self-explanatory):

  • Settle - Migrants claims a large circle of land as a settlement.
  • Join a Settlement - Migrants join an existing settlement (like, if you had more than one).
  • Warband Info - Gives you the name, type, and status of your warriors
  • Garrison - Have the warrior group enter the selected settlement and return to their barracks to heal and rest.
  •  Settlement Info - Provides essential  information about the settlement such as, population, wealth, warriors, resource levels and surplus, active trade routes  etc.
  • Military Info - Provides information on your selected settlement's military status such, current warrior groups and training status
  • Construction - All buildings that can be constructed. Selecting one will toggle the construction overlay and provide information about the building's purpose and cost.  
  • Work Settings - Lists worker limits, allows construction of roads, their removal, cutting trees, and clearing rocks (mining). Renamed from Worker Designation in 1.3

These remain the same regardless of the selected Group/Settlement:

  •  Inspect - This will pause the game and your cursor provides information on the hovered object, such as current task, construction status, group type, and structure upgrades, etc.
  • Overlays -  As expected, will show Tower Range, Pathing, and Settlement radius on the main screen, feel free to scroll the map around.

Your First Settlement - Lets Get Muddy.

You just founded your first settlement, time to get to work. Immeadiately begin Construction with the Mister Twister Double Brickwork startBuilding two Brickworks will give you the mudbricks you'll need until you reach above 50-70 population, everything is currently built from mudbricks. Once you place the foundation(s) your villagers will do the rest, both gathering resources and the physcial construction. Next, place a Tower, give yourself some space as your settlement will grow eventually, but keep it nereby.

 After the tower, you'll want to place a Farm, Bakery, and Storehouse. Following this, build about 10 Houses, as you'll have atleast 7 pop and your first migrants likely won't be very large. Homelessness is an important statistic that effects wealth and migrant appeal.

Once you have all these buildings down, Open Work Settings to Place Roads connecting everything together. The brown X as you're placing the construction show where the entrance is. If you don't remember, they'll be a door when it's built. Roads are essential to helping your villagers get around as fast as possible.

You have a construction queue that your villagers carry out automatically, however to reduce bugs and confusion for the little folks try not to place too much down at once, or structure foundations blocking other foundations.

 At this point, start investing in towers. You'll want to start laying out the defendable edges of your settlement with towers. My rule of thumb - place one after placing your first brickworks, place a second once your farm and bakery are built, place a third as your houses are being constructed. I like to use the towers to define the early limits of a nice square which i'll grow my settlement in. Again, its a balance of having them close so you can defend fast but also leaving room for your settlement to grow.

Don't forget to build a Lumberyard to get logs and you may need a second Storage building at this point depending if there trees in the way. Don't worry about Barracks, Training Grounds, Trade Depot, and Trading Yard until you have over 20-30 pops. Trading won't be needed until you have more than one settlement. Mining will not be required until a bit later to upgrade your structures.

Masklings - They're like Shy-Guys but with Spears.

Masklings are they main antagonists you'll be dealing with as your people struggle for survival. Masklings are the tiny red people that  periodically scout and raid your settlement, check out this Development log for a breakdown of Maskling tactics. As you begin your settlement, within the first few minutes you'll most likely encounter the first raid. Don't worry, it will only be one or two masklings. Your villagers will automatically defend the tower and man your towers. Maskling attacks scale proportionally to your settlement status (wealth/population) and in game time. You'll know when you're under attack - as soon as a Maskling enters vision the Notification alarm will sound and show red exclamation marks alongside the blinking  section in the UI.

Masklings have their own camps and slowly build up an attacking forces together before raiding or seiging your nearby settlement(s). Masklings tend to attack from two or three overall directions, sometimes these line up due to pathing, other times you may be beseiged on three different sides. Attacks are coordinated between the camps, so it's unlikely you'll be hit with more than one attack at once. However, sometimes the raids can be very close together in succession later on. Larger forces of Masklings (~15+) will path differently than the smaller groups, such as following the coastline as opposed to going through the woods.

Military and Warriors - Lets get to killing.

You can train your own warriors to battle the Maskling aggressors. First,  Construct a Training Grounds and a Barracks. Barracks will hold 10 warriors and provide healing and rest to them while they are in the settlement. Each training grounds will teach two of your villagers to be Militia or Skirmisher warriors. Check Nanash's Icon next to the warrior type to view their combat stats. As expected, Militia are a melee warriors with a bit of armor, and Skirmishers are ranged javelin throwers. Militia are much faster to train in an emergency, but Skirmishers offer high ranged damage and decent melee damage at a higher resource and time cost. If you're looking to build a large force, you'll likely need a few barracks to keep them healthy. 

To being, check your Settlement Info for how many idle villagers you have, they will be the first ones to get training. To the right of the warrior type you can set how many warrior you would like to train. The available training ground openings are listed on the far right and warriors will wait their turn to be trained. Once a warrior is trained they will appear in a barracks and join a warband. A list of your warbands will appear in Military Info, feel free to merge multiple groups together to form a large force. I like to keep atleast two groups for fun flanking desctruction on the Masklings. Once you have your warband trained - however big - they will remain in the settlement, ready to defend.

If you're looking for some action, select your warband by toggling through your groups/settlements (with comma and period) or by using the Hotkeys in the top right of your display (1,2,3 etc.). The name of your warband will appear just like your settlement's name. Once selected you'll need Move your troops into the wilderness. Warriors seem to be just as fast as villagers, with roads being essential for a quick call to arms. Your warband will try to  form together as a group first, before executing any move or battle comands.

Combat itself is very straightforward. Masklings will prioritize your force as long as it's in range. You'll know exactly when this happens as your warband and the Maskling force get into battle formations, facing each other. Warbands will take a rectanglular  formation, while Masklings form a solid circle. For the best defense, use a combination of warbands and towers. or engage with a flanking group just as the Maskling hit your main force. The Maskling camps are also destructable, try surprising the enemy by ambushing them while as they group before a raid, or destroy their camps and force them to re-build.

Empire Expansion - "I think I'm getting the hang of this!"

Am I alone in the universe? Why not start another settlement to keep your villagers from existential crisis with those kind of questions. With your first settlement in good standing, or even if things are going poorly and you need to bail, you can send your villagers as migrants to settle a new area.

One way to attract migrants to your properous settlement is to build a Copper Statue, showing off your wealth and influence. 

First, open Settlement Info as you'll need some idle villagers.  If you need a larger migrant group, try reducing active constructions, reducing resource surplus (if not at your cap), and reducing worker designations, to create more idle villagers. From Settlement Info, select Form Migrants. Click Move to sort your idle villagers into a migrant group and when you're satisfied click Create Migrant Group. Your first settlement began with seven population and I would recommend creating migrant groups with about 10-20 villagers. This will help kick start the new settlement. Bring along a warband if you need protection. Masklings are a true evil and will show no mercy to your new settlement, they will raid with the same strength against all settlements.

The rest of this process will seem familiar. Select your new migrant group by cycling through with comma and period, you'll need to Move them to explore. You can't build settlements too close to each other, or too close to Maskling camps, so get some distance between your migrants and your home town.  Once you find a lush new valley to conquer, have your migrants Settle the area.  Again, I recommend the Mister Twister Double Brickwork start to help get the new town off the ground.

Trade Routes - These are some strong pigs. (This section is still growing!)

need pasture, pigs, tradeyard, depot, and available wagons at atleast one settlement involved in the route. trade routes are per settlement, meaning if you set a route from one, you can create a vice-versa route

.tradeyards hold up to 4 wagons. each wagon holds ten cargo.

settl in- creat trade route, destination, export outgoing import incoming, set frequency, send now[forces wagons to go, whether or not the cargo is in the tradeyard/ sends all wagons -

watch their pathing, cut trees, invest in external roads, they are open to attack, hard to keep warbands with them to defend (wagon speed).

Tips and Tricks - For that little extra 'oomph'.

Construction: Villagers stuck or not completing a particular structure? Sometimes they get confused if they can't find the door. Try Desconstructing them (in the Inspect view) and trying again. Otherwise make sure there's not another structure foundation in the way as that can sometimes cause problems, especially if it is completed first. Secondly, don't load too much in the construction queue, it can confuse the villagers and they wont build as efficiently, take your time with placements, especially with walls.

Farms: This might be obvious to most, but build your Farms close to your Storagehouses and Bakeries to cut down on villager travel time for resource production.

Gatehouses: Gates are towers too! They will automatically defend your settlement and close the gate at the first sign of an attack. Just like towers, you can also Keep them manned for a faster defense.  Don't forget you can build roads through the gate (two blocks wide), for example to connect and exterior road.

Mining: To mine resources such as Copper and Limestone, you will need to place a Mine and Smelter near resource veins in mountains rocks. Build a storehouse nearby too, and once complete, you'll need to open Work Settings and Clear Rocks.

Terrain: Don't think you're safe just because there's a huge mountain beside you, although pathing is slow, Masklings and Migrants will climb over those mountains, watch out! You cannot build on trees, mountains, or water (obv.), but coastline is valid ground. Terrain types are sandy ground, barren ground, grassy ground, rocks, fertile soil, shallow water, and deep water.

Upgrades: Structures can now be upgrade (1.3+) in the Inspect overlay, and requires mined resources.

Walls: Because Masklings will destroy the first structure they reach before moving to the next, an easy way to strengthen your defenses or delay a seige is to double your walls. Another example would be spacing 'barrier' walls with an open block between them as an effective way to slow an attacking force (think like barbed wire obstacle) and provides more time for your towers to rain arrows on the enemy.

Warbands: You don't need to wait for combat to finish to join the fray! Even if Masklings are engaged with another warband you can join the fight. Masklings will focus the first group that attacked them as your flank slowly tears them apart. I heavily recommend the bulk of your warbands being skirmishers if you can afford it - they destroy the Masklings with their range advantage.

Wealth: Wealth is the most important statstic to attracting new migrants and therefore, the most important staistic for growing your settlement. Almost everything contributes to wealth! Every bit of resource counts, and consuming it does the reverse. Right now, Barracks, Tradehouses give the most wealth per building, followed by gatehouses and towers. Everything else gives no more than two wealth,  domesticated pigs in your pasture count too!

Did I miss something? I'm always looking for new tips, suggestions, tactics, and spelling or formatting mistakes . Thanks for your time!

Anyone know what the migrant wealth threshold is? As in, when do migrants (or when are they likely) to join a settlement? Is it the total settlement wealth or is it the per capita wealth?

Sidenote: anyone know the highest wealth value structure to attract migrant?

soldiers are kinda like the migrant groups, select them then Leave settlement and you can move them around.

So far my stratedgy is to have a line of militia followed by a ton of skirmishers , you can really wreck the masklings with your range advantage

Would love a forum! It would help separate bug messages from other ones

I'd love to write a tricks n tips kinda thing to help out new players and discuss gameplay  with others!