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The Maskling changes could be super fun, like having them guard the biomes with copper or limestone (or other rare resources), making it more difficult to get the higher resources. Makes having a military a requirement for the expansion of your empire.

These changes might also mean players will need to create new settlements and explore further then they might have before, and increase the importance of trading and your trade routes (protecting from masklings?).

Everything sounds great! Would you unlock adjacent regions through growth like population/wealth? Any plans for 1.5 to expand the number of current biomes? 

Adding biomes in 1.5 would be a good idea. I'd like to cram as much new world-gen stuff in there as possible, to prevent invalidating saves with updates.

Adjacent regions might be unlockable through population growth, but it might be simpler to have a settlements start at it's maximum territory. I'd like to move away from wealth, as it's proven hard to balance properly.

I love the Maskling changes, also it can allow the opportunity for new enemies to defend their own biomes (like giant spiders protecting rocky regions, etc.) or something like that. I think this helps give the masklings some personality, they are just killers they are protecting their people!

Biome ideas: alongside the biomes we see already

Desert: gives a use for Sandy ground other than coastlines. Could be rocky too

Swamp: very fertile soil but tons of shallow water everywhere. Making it difficult.to settle 

Mountains; very rocky, with only small path ways of grass to navigate through. Maybe rocks have height? (Like two or three levels that slow movement even further?)


Deserts are already in. You can see them as large patches of sand. I like the swamp idea. I was planning on adding mountains as a mix of rocky ground and impassible cliffs.

Monsters is another good idea.

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I thought of maybe fishing spots for rivers and oceans to have an alternate food source? Could be an interesting use for rivers

That's a good idea.