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In 1.3.1 World spawning can occur immeadiately beside a maskling camp - things do not go well for the migrants.


  • Also Maskling forces seem very large early, the first raid on several new worlds is upwards of 10.
  • Storage capacity can still be exceeded
  • Masklings sometime get stuck in water? unless they're grouping location is very close to the settlement? either way it casues my settlement to continually be in Alert mode
  • Roads dont seem to be constructed until every last thing in the construction queue has been completed 

I've made a note of them, thanks.

Are the masklings just sitting outside your settlement in shallow water (light blue)? Sounds like they're waiting for buddies to show up.

Yes they are! But its like directly beside my settlement, literally a couple pixels out of tower range.

I did settle directly next to fetile soil near the shallow water though so it may be coincidence

I was just not sure if the interaction was on purpose, since i lose a few villargers to continually alert mode.


I'll take a look at the "wait for buddies" behavior of the Masklings. Maybe have them wait further away, so as to not trigger an alert.