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Art pass mod

A topic by Harry created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 894 Replies: 11
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Found some tools to work with the XNA packages and started making an art pass for personal use.

The objective is clearer visual language and more coherent art style. Also cute details.

If developer is not opposed, I can release something when it's all done.


Wow... that's amazing.

Do you have a discord or reddit account? I'd like to chat.

Reddit: /u/commodoreshawn

Discord: CommodoreShawn#6231

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This art style is awesome! Please post when its complete!

Edit: I know you just made this, but i see your wagon has a horse instead of pigs - Long live pig wagons!

It's meant to be an aurochs :D

I get that the pig is an in-joke, but idk. I love aurochs :V

Ahhh i get it! Maybe it could be an upgraded versiopn of the pig wagon? I know trade wagon upgrades are planned for 1.4-1.5

Keep it up man the visuals look adorable, accurate, and awesome!

I love it!

This game already has some pretty sweet gameplay. I'd love to see some nifty art to go with it.

Two more structures today; storehouse and pasture. Tower has a wood upgrade but I'm not 100% happy with it yet.

Also working on warrior sprites.

looks great :)
looking forward to see the final release of your work!

I cant wait for this to be finished! :) I love your work so far!

Looks great man! You still workingon this?

Tied up with work (and having trouble keeping pace with Shawn's patches) but yes. I've made a lot of progress on it since the last update.

OMG love it! do so release it. heck the dev should make this official! :D