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good to see that this is a thriving thing! :)

I will watch the progress! :)

Its a very nice generator you made here!

Can we expect this to be updated?

I cant wait for this to be finished! :) I love your work so far!

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic Good Work

Hey @Commodore Shawn!

I really love your work so far and I really hope that you keep it up an make use of the big potential this small game has! :)

Now here are some things that came into my mind while playing the recent version 1.3.1

- Biomediversity, awesome! :) Now it makes a bit more sense to found additional cities since one might want to get stone, copper or wood from different locations. More different biomes would be great. What about impassable peaks? Or swamps near shallow waters? Also some smaller narrower branches from the big rivers, like 2 -3 suares wide would give more variety to the world.

- Copper. It is very nice to have this in the game now. I really enjoy creating outposts for getting that stuff. More stuff is definitly welcome on my side. The more the merrier I guess.

- Seafaring. We have caravans. What about boats? They could use the coastlines and rivers to traverse the world with increased speed. This could be combined with garrisoning. Settlers could use the boats for getting far a bit faster.

- Speed 1-3. Very nice to have, although it is a bit annoying to have it put down to 1 every time a single maskling is sighted. A button that regulates this automization would be nice.

- Towers. In my opinion they could be downsized a bit. Right now they are massive dices on 4x4 squares. 2x2 should be enought. Perhaps 3x3 for a bigger version, but please make it smaller than 4x4!^^ MAYBE these 4x4 towers could be donjons?

Well, just some ideas that came by while enjoying your awesome game! :)

It is not just great from a gamers but also from a designers perspective. IF you are interested, feel free to contact me. I really enjoy designing gamestructures and content and perhaps you could make some use of meand my skills if you want.