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nice to read about those changes.
This way the units will stay in a closer formation too I guess?
Was sometimes annoying when they spread over a larger area and were more difficult to control regarding blocked areas. :)

sounds good :)

Will be interesting to see your devlog!

I would also like to ask for some little features ;)

1. Could you add a symbole for maskling camps on the map? It is a bit hard to remember them when your settlers hit one ;)

2. An increase of the resolution of the regional map, with the rivers and small biomes it gets a bit messy there

3. Deactivating Shortcuts, when the game is minimized and I am typing something the game is reacting to it, I accidentally deleted two times my savegame this way :/

Guess this stuff makes things a bit better for the overview :)

Hej Commodore,

I wanted to ask if you are going to expand the production tree further with the next update :)
What plans and ideas do you have for it?

ok my fault, I need to order copper throught the settlement info window, got it ^^

I have some issues with my copper mines. Somehow nobody is working in them. I placed them close and directly on copper ore areas.
But both ways are not working as planned. They have also free access from all sides.
Did I miss some requirements for the mine or have I encountered a bug?

looks great :)
looking forward to see the final release of your work!

nice sounds good :)
Upgrades will be perfect to increase the defence without building a wall of towers :D

yeah true, regarding the process mudbricks are easier than wood. I was expressing it wrong. I meant that mud is in reality also dependant from the environment. As I said, Babylon could use it in large quantities, with two rivers in the area and a hot climate it offered the perfect solution for buildings. Also with burning mud/clay to ceramic it had a good point. In Egypt and Crete it was different. So they changed to wood or combined wood and mud as material.

So Rivers are a great place for the future :)
Well I can imagine that ships will take a while to implement, take your time :D

that sounds like a great step, looking forward to it :)

Yeah I know it would restrict the production. But wouldnt it be more challenging to start with wooden buildings as it represents an easy start and to achieve Mudbricks as a higher "tech" or wealth level? I was a bit bored so I checked the web to get an answer how common mudbricks were. And depending on location it was not the most usual construction material.
Egypt for example had depending on the area wood or mud but as a high level stone buildings.
But Babylon had only wood and mud, Stone was not so interesting for them. 

Will the river be open for trading routes later on? like an alternative for roads? ;)

Hej Commodore

I wanted to ask if you are going to plan to enhance the terrain generation? I know you mentioned in your planned features more fertile soil etc.
But will you also implement maybe dessert as the opposite, or island biomes (to play similar to the island culture of crete)?
Also something I was wondering, how far you want to increase complexity of resources. Like mudbricks atm can be produced everywhere. Will you change that towards, that it can only be produced close to a water source?
I know I am asking a lot of detailed questions :D
But I must say that the possibilities of this game are rly fascinating with the bronze age, so hopes are flying high with a lot of ideas ;)

I have updated the game, the save is working again. Thx for the update!

yes this one is the crashed savegame. ok I will see how it will be working then.
I will try not to expand the world to much ;)

oh have not updated yet, thx for the information.
I will try the update and let you know if it is working normal again

Hi Commodore,

now I broke my save, after the lags occurred and so on it somehow broke through saving or something.

Can you take a look, what went wrong in this save?

Hope it helps you for bugfixing :) 

no prob, it is always nice to make some internet searches especially for such interesting topics.

Atleast my search showed that the ppl of this time were not so primitive as ppl might think.
Trade was rly a big economical factor, especially this ship showed that trading routes connected already most regions of europe, north africa and mesopotamia. Seems like our ancestors were already some pretty busy ppl ;)

thx for the info. But it is appearing also without moving warbands. So I guess it is not caused by pathing. My settlement population has crossed 150 ppl, could this cause lag or crashes? 

uh that sounds good, it would be like the scouts of the masklings.

thats true, most ships were handled this way.
The sailing technology changed in the late bronze age where ships got a bit more heavy, probably piers appeared in this period

yup for that I was aiming, will there be bronze in this game ;)

The mining for the metals and to produce bronze offers some good ways to increase the possibilitys of trade and of the production tree.

Btw, I encountered some lags in late game, I focussed on one town and expanded it, now it seems a bit laggy when I want to place buildings.
Is it some optimization bug or is my PC telling me that it is getting old?

sounds great what you are planning.

Will you also aim to publish your baby on steam? 

Your plans sound very solid and I am looking forward the progress of this project. Even with simple graphics it convinces with its unique charme of the great RTS games back in the 90s :)

Do you have any ideas about economy and resources? The idea of different major cities offer great potential of strategic resources and their trading and distribution all over the empire and potential allies for support ;)