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Llamas, the games future depends on adding llamas.


nice, I had lots of fun with traps in the first version, so I look forwards to doing the same thing here :)

the Needle trap item you can buy in the demo seemed to be bugged for me.  My hunters seemed unable to place them on the map.

I've had some bugs that make the game very difficult to play, while playing the tutorial the game hung on the dummies turn, and in the first fight I was unable to ether play a card or return it to my hand.  Other than that it's a very interesting game.

the mod you downloaded has all the files I made.  Feel free to work with it

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it wasn't meant to be hard, but there is supposed to be different region types with different resources.  I'm not sure how they are spawning far from the coast, there should be deep sea filling most of the ocean.

Once I'm more used to modding the new version of Bronze Age I'll expand the aquatic terrain and add merfolk. that should provide a more flexible system.

I see, glad you figured it out.

that is weird, could you post a screenshot of the settlement?  that might help figure out what's going on.

this looks very nice.

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Version four of the Merfolk is ready,  I've been reworking the world generation and I've added in new resources as well as making Merfolk compatible with the new system for Food and's the link to the download file, to install it you need to extract the Merfolk file into the Bronze Age mod folder.

I am going to add more units, right now I'm slowly reworking map generation and redoing all the unit sprites. 

I don't think so.  Does it say you do?

you need to go to the Deviantart page and download the zip file then you need to unzip it into your Mods folder.  making sure that the mod files are in that file and not in a second one inside of it.

no problem I'd love to hear what you think of them after you've had a chance to try them out.

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can you see the link to the deviantart page?  you go to the page download the zip file then extract it to your Bronze Age mod folder.  Once it's there check to see if the file contains the various Mod files(pngs xmls and the like).  If there's another Merfolk folder inside that contains the mod files then you just move that file into the mods folder.

Yes.  Canals suffer from a limitation of the game right now.  CommodoreShawn said he might be changing that in the future but until then Canals aren't very useful except in Swamps.

I have a small update that fixes the Forum building using the new bonus system.Link to deviantart page

yes, that's how I've been using the mod and it works fine.  when I have some time I'll look into fixing whatever's wrong with it.

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Version two of the mod is out.

I've made a bunch of changes,  I'm in the middle of changing all of the unit artwork so I haven't added in the new military upgrades but most of the tech tree is basically complete.

both land and building techs now go up to bronze.

I've also reworked how merfolk Aquaculture works added in two new resources, seagrass and fish

changed merfolk housing to cost happiness instead of giving it.

added an effect for merfolk love of hunting.

added a forum happiness building

trade rafts only cost kelp to build

added a change to all the swimmable hex movement costs and swimming units speed.

both have been halved which makes merfolk feel properly slow on land (and as 'bug' they are also very slow in shallow water)

I'm not sure if the above works so any thoughts on it would be appreciated

link to the DeviantArt page.

the merfolk's zip file needs to be extracted into the Bronze Age mods folder.

not is not compatible with the Forum happiness bonus does not work with the new system.

did unzipping the file solve the problem?

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1.  when I was making the mod I was having trouble with zip files.  The mod works if the merfolk folder is placed into mods folder unzipped.  

2. Merfolk Settlers actually don't have the same name as the maskling settlers.  Masklings are m_u_setter.xml and merfolk  are m_u_settlers.xml.

I made it for 2.5.2 but It should work on version as there wern't many changes

thank you for pointing out the file problem I'll update my post about that.

A suggestion about the Bigguns.  Legends of giants and cyclops were often inspired by Mammoth and elephant skulls.  So maybe  having the giants be tusked cyclops would be cool. 

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic Merfolk Race
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hello, I've been working on a mod that adds merfolk as a playable race.  I've gotten it to a playable state and I wanted to see what people thought of it.

there is more  information on the deviantart page.

right now Merfolk start on land so you need to make a beeline for the water because there are no buildings that can be build out of the ocean or a lake right now.

Kelp forests are very important.  they don't spawn everywhere so it might take a while to find one.

trading buildings need wood.  right now the only way to get that wood is to raid a settlement.

edit: to enable the mod you need to extract the zip file into the mods folder of Bronze Age.