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Awesomeness i love akane.

Good one


Cait for the win!

Hype. Cant wait to get the house preggo now.

You get ntr by your crazy neko...


This is good.  Butt i wish their bodies were similar to the anime, i loved their petite bodies

Catgirls for the win

oof I deleted my save... but when a hscene happens it just freezes 2 seconds then the scene is over. Like the animations are skipped. And when the game crashes in the event when the mc finds out eve and her mother double teams random men.  I don't get any error codes sadly. Sorry

Yo! The animations dont play for me. And it's crashing after eve and Scarlett kiss event 


Hehe why is the normal scenes so low detail but the h scenes are so detailed? The characters are funny haha

Omg i was heart broken not to see Akatsuki . Hope she's alright after 0.7...

Update soon or im sueing my neighbor. Trust me hes super nice and it'll be sad.

Omg! Can we have a h scene with each gal with cat ears?! So cute....

oh OK makes sense. Pretend to be gay at girls sleep over type of thing. So sneaky!

Does mc get a haircut? Needs to be better styled. :P

Would like that thumbnail to be a h scene hehe

Everything is patreon locked :(

Hope penis bulge is optional.  I think it looks too cartoonish, like women have organs they aren't hollow brA

Nice stuff

Love out of touch. Just wish it was animated. Keep it up!

oh gosh yeah I don't want to see that haha nevermind x.x

:( how do you go through it? Is it something to do with Bernadette necro girl?

Does something bad happened to my favorite Mizuki(cat)? You have a picture of her bleeding.... even though I don't see it in the game.

? Progress now?

Awesomeness!  Have you redone the characters yet? I so want to see how they look in hs2

Yesh not losing Charlotte is awesome

So cute. I meant the characters....

awh the newest h scenes don't have a climax. They just rudely just end.

Awh man its not showing...



Yucky hairy.. :P

yes! Dark mode and on android