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What are the tags so far? Looks nice

No girls too? 

Has animations or still?


middle scroll button can be for that :D

gets effy when having to press M. also the attack order bugs my whole army :c 

they stop moving and yeah....

hype. is there going to be more factions? would love an advance civilization like the Minoans or a greedy but rich Egypta :D

the site is gone!!


man i want too play this already! looks so sweet. theres this other game called neolithic and its like this but it looks more 16 bit age of empires 1 looking. 

kinda same concept so i think but i cant wait for these games too be finished!!


Yabac community · Created a new topic any updates?

would lvoe for this to be in a working condition. feels good to play these games.

the ninjato or whatever tis claled.  the slanted that looks like a broken dagger? i guess ninja dagger? but katana be cool too.. samurai this chit up!


different but i like. needs a fast forward button. :)

need roads or other bui,dings near rocks. and you need an avalable citizen (blue men on the pop cap UI) :)

just build homes everywhere but on resources.

yes! or one of a type.

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic OMG

cant wait to try this new update!

NINJAS special ninjato sword with special animations? x-D 

fan service but its be cool :v


cool si this out yet?

well maybe have a unit like a small ant column army. like romance of the three kingdoms. 

so they wont be so big. not sure how the workers would be like this though .

well. i see both points. personally i like how it is now. but if you think the hex with proper scale houses is good looking. hope everything gets good. 

so i did rebuilt the trade houses. not sure why they do this. but ill send a save if it happens again :)

true formations are amazing.

as long as the game plays the same. i love building cities up and then moving out to conquer more cities. i wish there was a way to actuivate assaults from the mask persians.

nope. not that. like back and forth like in a spot. like taht guild 2 bug where the cart is psinning but in this case left to right... :/

OMG love it! do so release it. heck the dev should make this official! :D

im losing workers and resources this way. please help?

is there an site or forum for all the mods? i see a mod folder.

late Roman EMpire/BYzantine EMpire armor and weapons? scale armor and a spatha and a helmet? :v


really? shame once i had a modern pc .. now im a potato master.... sad sad ... guess back to consoles.

I have a i7 4770 k overclocked by 10 percent GTX 960 1 TB disk hard and 60 SSD for OS. does this help?

the game is unplayable. when battles happen the game becoames 1fps. why? i want to play so badly. reminds me of the editor of arma...

resident evil 2? xD does this have local coop?

does this havve local multiplayer?