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Anyone know what the migrant wealth threshold is? As in, when do migrants (or when are they likely) to join a settlement? Is it the total settlement wealth or is it the per capita wealth?

Sidenote: anyone know the highest wealth value structure to attract migrant?

Currently the immigrant spawner aims to reduce your per capita wealth to target number, and will add as many migrants as it needs to do that. The target number increases over the first few waves of migrants. The first two waves target a per capita wealth of 3, the next two target 4, and every wave after that targets 5.

I'm looking to rebalance this, but that's the logic as it stands in 1.2.4

Towers and gatehouses give 3 wealth, tradehouses and barracks give 4. Most other buildings give 2 or 1.

I actually thought the wealth went up if I had more resources in surplus. But now I know how it works :)

With the system you now have, the immigrant groups are always equally as big as the population I have. So each immigrant income doubles my population.

In 1.2 food and logs add 1 wealth per item. I'm planning on removing that, as it seems really easily abused.

I'm currently testing 1.2.5, which will cap immigration to no more than half the population. That seems to give more manageable population growth.

sounds awesome thanks for the info!

How does the usage of the food and the wheat work?

In terms of wealth? Or in general?

Items sitting in a structure somewhere is what counts towards wealth in 1.2.5. When food is consumed the item is destroyed, and no longer counts toward wealth. Food is used by houses and barracks. Every 600 turns (a little over 2 minutes) a house requests a piece of food, and destroys it when it gets it.

Barracks also consume food, but work a little differently. Each warrior garrisoned in a barracks consumes "supplies", this is just a counter in the building. A barracks will request food, and consume it to produce more "supplies". In general, for each warrior in a barracks, that barracks will need 1 food every 300 turns (75 seconds).

Bakeries consume wheat and produce food, on a 1-1 ratio, taking 10 turns each time. Farms consume nothing, and produce 3 wheat, taking 60 turns to do so.

All of these numbers could change, of course.

You explained what I asked :)

But what happens when I don't build houses for my people?
Because when you don't have houses, you don't need much food. Or is this a thing that you are working on with the happiness thingy?

Eventually it will tie into happiness, but right now it just affects the homelessness percentage.

Also it affects how you can sleep at night, knowing your poor citizens are hungry and cold, sleeping on the streets. :P