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1.3.1 villager movement

A topic by Harry created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 219 Replies: 8
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Hi, I've noticed in this patch the villagers sometimes seem to lose track of what they're doing. In my first world they just wouldn't carry out any work orders like cutting trees or placing roads (other assignments were OK)

So i tried another world briefly and found they'd attend to their duties as normal, but i didn't like my starting location so I didn't test further.

Tried again just now, start location looked nice,  and workers were building no problem, so I continued with it. I got a really strange glitch where all the workers are stacking into a single location so it looks like I have only one villager.  They are very slow to carry out work orders, but they are still doing it.

I realise this is a really weird glitch and my description probably isn't helping you at all in finding out what's going on. I can send the save files or something if you like.

The game is amazing already by the way. I love the regular updates. If you need help with graphical stuff, hit me up if you like.


Strange, they could be hiding from nearby Masklings.

The world file would be helpful in figuring things out.


Here's a world file I made quick where villagers don't seem to be building roads or cutting trees

https://mega.nz/fm/NWImnTJK (temporary session)


I've never used MEGA for file transfers before, does it normally require an account to download?

maybe it's been a while since I've used the site, lemme look into it

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Wasit The Land Of Standing.xbt

I just had to log in my bad!

I appear to be experiencing a similar issue where villagers wont chop trees or remove rocks. 

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I noticed setting the worker amount to ~5 or more mostly resolves the issue. They are still gathering around one point quite often, if they have it in their head that they don't have a job to do. It's like they are considering themselves unemployed even if there's roads or trees to cut. The default 2 worker limit seems to cause them problems. This didn't happen in prior version. weird!


I got a world from RashGoneWrong, and his settlement was located very close to a Maskling camp. Masklings loitering around the camp kept the villagers scared, and not building roads or cutting down trees.

I'll examine the behavior tomorrow and see about making things a bit more manageable. In the mean time a workaround is to train up a bunch of troops and go hunting. You can disband the troops (when garrisoned) after you're done to turn them back into workers.