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A member registered Jun 21, 2017

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I was at Mid Summer 624 and I think it starts on 530 so 94 years. That's longer than I thought.

I played 2.0 and was enjoying, until I found a maskling "village" after that everything went down hill because they started to attack every unit I had, that was not in the city, whether it was near them or extremely far away. Also because after a while I started seeing more and more huge hoards of masklings and less and less frames to the point where it was unplayable. Other than that it was pretty good, didn't really get far enough to find many/any bugs or come up with a feature that people might enjoy in this game, keep up the good work. 

Plz fix the losing money every time a sale is made around the mid 1980's eventually. it happened to me in 1987 even though the rating was 100/100.

Do you think you could add population growth that is not based upon migrants moving into settlements. 1. Because whenever I send soldiers past where they spawn they stop spawning forever. 2. Because their spawn eventually moves so far that they have to walk past a maskling camp and a few die a lot sustain injuries. 3. Because it starts to take them so long to arrive that they sometimes get ambushed by masklings. You could add in a system were a very small percentage of villagers spawn in settlements each year or two, but this is just a suggestion.