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A member registered Jan 21, 2017

Recent community posts

How do i write in the chat while i am playing the game?

why are some barracks sometimes not operational?

i don't know how to use the Light Chariots. I build the Royal Barracks, but i cannot use the warrior elite soldiers?

Can you program the game for apple?

What is the next update going to be about?

is there a chance to play a game with unlimited administrations? For example in a mod?

Can you just build one town in one region? or can you build one twon over two regions?

Love the new update. Keep the good work up

ok thank you very much

where is the directory?

I get always a bug when i want to load a world of mine. The bug says:"Fatal Error. Bronze age encountered a fatal error. The exception has been reported, and we will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.  Check itch.io for updates, as the problem may have been fixed already.

The game autosaves regulary, so you should be able to resume playing without much lost progress."

what can i do to fix the problem?

ohh nice :)

When is the next update coming? i'm really looking forward to it

How big is the world? (map)

me too

I hope you can play this game together (with somebody else) in the futur

i really really like this game, you can spend 20 houres in this game and it doens't get boring.

Such a nice game. Really i love the game

the game is really good but i think it isn't godd that you are undeer attack when it is night!! I hope you guys can bring some mods in to the game, for example creatif mod