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the game is really good but i think it isn't godd that you are undeer attack when it is night!! I hope you guys can bring some mods in to the game, for example creatif mod

Unfortunately, as explained in store description, there is not going to be further development as student group that developed it has since scattered.

What about passing the assets to other developers who are interested in continuing your work?

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Passing the torch would require agreement from all 6 members of the team as they share the ownership and copyright of game and assets. I'm sure they talked about continuing between themselves before they split up considering Anchored won several awards on Gotland Game Conference last year among them "the most commercially viable project" and "overall best game" awards. So if they could not get into agreement about continuation between themselves, I find it hard to believe they'd be interested to hand over the project to third party. Still it doesn't hurt to try so knock yourself out.

Best candidate to ask is probably ask Semih Parlayan who's contact information on his home page linked on the store page. He's the main programmer of Raft, another popular game on itch, btw.