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Dang, the browser version crashed on week 8!

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: indirect call to null
































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Great roguelite concept, but the enemies become just so immensely strong by waves 6-7 that I just don't see how anyone could possibly keep up. A video tutorial of someone beating any level would be great. It would also be nice to see a fancier, serif font.

Other than these matters, I'd say the biggest remaining problem is that once you buy a tower into your bottom bar, you can't reread what it does before deploying it (my memory sucks!) So instead of clicking to read, I would suggest popup boxes to appear on mouse-over, to much more quickly access info as needed.

I think some ways to build a lasting community around this game would be to add a map editor, or even a seed-based random maze generator!

For some reason, index.html doesn't do anything...

I envision a sequel with horizontally scrolling, marathon-size levels whose result plays an entire actual piece of electronic music. I would LOVE this.

Please release a 2D version of this for Android!!

Totally forgot to upload this earlier, which was done before the more recent updates:

Interesting design! It would be awesome if there was a longer campaign with a far wider variety of shipments whose successful delivery determines which turrets and upgrades you can use for future deliveries. Great, smooth programming!

This giveaway is set as download-only, though. There is no way to claim it.

No way, do not feed EA any more money than they already have!

What I disliked about it is that there is no ending. Objects simply repeat. I thought there'd be an ending.

Any chance of a web or Android version?

I found that I needed to press Shift-1 and Shift-2 to use weapons for some reason on Win11. Interesting title! It would have been cool to hear sound effects as well.

You're right about making it your own and expanding on the concepts. I like this more than VS because of the interesting features like ranged enemies and terrain. It was also cool to see at least one boss change behavior based on remaining HP (or time or something). There are a few problems, though:

  • Typo: It says "Feather: increases speed by %5" instead of "5%'
  • If you keep kiting a horde around a mountain/forest, eventually several enemies get stuck inside it, so the pathfinding could use work. This is especially (too) effective against bosses.
  • I thought it's a bit too easy compared to VS in that I never got down to even half health at any time. Perhaps later enemies could deal more damage to make it tenser.
  • The bosses didn't actually align perfectly with me horizontally to apply their horizontal attacks, but it looked like they were trying to. Was this intentional? I wonder if giving them diagonal and/or vertical attacks might solve this.

Impressive for just 3 hours. If you are looking to improve it, it needs two things, maybe three:

  • Fairer enemy generation (so that if you're right at an edge, an unavoidable enemy doesn't spawn right next to you)
  • Slowly auto-heal over time to really turn it into a marathon game
  • A very gradually expanding map, so if you're very deep into a run, the map has zoomed out to be so large that you're basically a pixel among an ocean of enemies lol. That would be crazy!

It was in the Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality.

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It was very nice. I like the educational aspect of the game as a novice to cooking. However, there was a text bug in day 2 that caused all of Nainai's responses to immediately display off-screen and force me to scroll down to read them, and then the next ones would all appear at once the moment I picked a reply.

Then I took a photo of my food while eating it and was able to restart the entire conversation beginning with naming the food. So there are conversation bugs, but the cooking was amazing and very fun!

Oh, was it the pricing? I already had it through a bundle that mixed free + paid titles so I didn't realize. In that case, mosey on over to One Finger Death Punch 2!

Something was updated 13 hours ago; was the game updated?

Something got updated 7 hours ago but I don't see what it was; what happened?

It doesn't seem to allow me to buy any of the spare weapons on the ground despite me having the money for them.

In that case it's missing the Play Store link in this entry. Many games with mobile ports have store links in their profiles here.

All right, I now see that the downloadable PC version works just fine; it's the browser version that's at fault (either that or Edge 99.0.1150.39 or Win10 21H2). Thanks and sorry, I should've tested that earlier!

Okay, I thought there was a bug because I acquired multiple spells across all of my playthroughs but have never been able to trigger them. Perhaps some sort of reactionary "This spell won't do anything at this time" or something might help, because I've never been able to get any to work. Anyways, interesting game! I'll try the spells again later.

The spells seem to do nothing upon pressing 1, 2, or 3. What are they supposed to do?

That's the weird thing, though; I had a gamepad connected and P1 was assigned to the keyboard and there was no evidence of P2 existing nor being able to control it. I guess I'll try a disconnect and reconnect later.

I can't figure out how to get into 2-player mode at all anywhere in the game. Does it have to be unlocked by a certain number of single-player worlds first?

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It says v1.1.7 but the ZIP file contains a folder that says 1.1.6; was there some sort of version conflict? The actual game shows 1.1.7 in the upper-right corner, at least.

Did not know that Nifflas worked on this game. Is there by any chance some kind of dark mode for the color palette?

Is there any trailer or gameplay footage available?

Do you have any video footage of the game available?

.RAR files are a type of compressed folder, like .ZIP. The most popular program to extract all compressed folders is 7-Zip:

Is there no way to turn off the music?

I don't think Yankai's is allowed since it's for non-free titles only.

Sweet update! But it looks like I found a bug:

Oh, okay. I saw no official Android button link on this profile to that which was what made me unsure. Thanks!

Will there ever be an Android version?

It sounds like you came across a possible bug. Were you able to figure it out?

But then what prevented it from being a 10/10?

Looks great! Looking forward to its release!