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It would be nice to be able to have a running stream of the text instead of the text box resetting, in case I forget what just happened. Meanwhile, I tried to morbidly enter:

fire shotgun at self

But sadly, it didn't work :( lol!

UI suggestion: from what I saw in the demonstration video, all of the in-game text is too small (especially the popup menu when upgrading towers), and the planet names' font + color make them too hard to read well. Picking good fonts, colors, and sizes for players be able to read everything instantly is critical for a sound game. IMO the turret names (Phoenix, Shark, etc.) should take up the entire width of their sidebar. There is certainly enough margin for them.

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Fun. Reached floor 36 with no problem using Roller Pig who is way too overpowered (just hold F the entire time) until I could no longer progress because a block formed in the way of the only path to the exit. Wish the keys D and F were customizable. There seemed to be a memory problem in which the game slows down due to skeleton production but the lag persists even to new rooms. Dying and starting over with a new character solved the issue.

Will this ever come to Android?

Thanks for the sale. I'd like to note that it's kind of weird for the text "Main Seed" or "City Seed" to disappear when that seed is selected.

You know what? This game would be AMAZING as a mobile-phone idle game, with all exploration and combat, restocking, and hiring being automatic (maybe with automated features being unlockable, with the game being manual at first). That is how I picture this cute little product.

Awesome game. My Logitech Gamepad F310 didn't work, though, sadly; only left and right rotated the ship, but nothing could propel the ship forward or backwards. Is there any chance of a fix or menu to map commands?

Fun game, but it has a random chance of crashing whenever going to the next level on my Win10 Home. It reminded me of Rogue Space Marine.

You must have played Hammerfight :D

Oh, okay! Great :) Either way!

Really cool game! This is almost like an envisioning of the kind of game I've always sought to make years ago as a kid (later 20's now, haha). I'd be very interested in writing music for it if you'd be open to collaboration!

Really, really, really cool. Do you have any thoughts about releasing the source code for someone to possibly develop a level editor? This game mechanic could top Steed's Ending!

Yeah, I played ES a year ago! It's probably gotten a lot of updates since then, but I still like your game's graphic style more  :D

Oh, you're right. I thought I couldn't disassemble in the web version, but I guess I didn't do it correctly. Never mind! :)

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:P But I just got a phone call!

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Very cool game. It would be great if you could make the timer pause if I take off browser focus (say, to check a different tab on something unrelated while playing).

EDIT: It would also be helpful if all the mines were revealed upon losing for educational purposes.

EDIT #2: It would be awesome if we could control map size. Maybe Triangulation could be continually procedurally generated and even be made into an endless MMO! For example, here is an infinite Minesweeper MMO:

Very cool game. It would be great if you could make the timer pause if I take off browser focus (say, to check a different tab on something unrelated while playing).

Not necessarily. If you look at the example, you are supposed to be able to pin down the exact point of each bomb using a minimum of three probes (hence the name of the game). If you're not able to click on the exact spot and you're on Windows, use Magnifier:
{WinKey and +} launches the program as well as zooms in
{WinKey and -} zooms out
{WinKey + Esc} closes Magnifier

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Well thought-out game concept! Do you plan to update the online version of the game here with the remastered version?
I just made a gameplay video:

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Really fun game concept (it's VERY difficult), and great music and art too! More explanations could really help; I didn't know that you can only max out 20 meals. "Why is my cook not cooking?!" Haha.

Another bug: I  clicked on "3," and then also quickly pressed 3 on the keyboard (because I thought the cook didn't jump out), and then I saw TWO cooks jump out! Only one remained to continue cooking, though. That was weird!

Lastly, it would be great if the carpenter could stop working once the ship's health is at 20, if you plan to release another update! :)

I just uploaded a YouTube video of myself beating it:

Incredible rhythm sync. Here's a brief gameplay video I made!

Ruh-roh. Picked "Large," moved all my units, ended the turn, and got this

Also, in the instructions, "enemy" should be "enemies."

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Awesome! The brief story was really, really cool, too. I could imagine this being, like, the overarching story for a full-length, 20-hour Oregon Trail-style RPG, dude, or an epic-scale point-&-click interactive fiction game with so many characters and more happening with many subplots on a true-sized annulus. That's a cool term! Didn't even know it existed.

I denied that chief fighter his women, by the way, LOL. I wonder what would have happened if I indulged him.

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I don't know what your plans are for the game (like if you want to keep it just as an arcade game for coffee breaks), but I'm imagining a grand campaign involving big scrolling maps in all directions, land, different controllable ships each with their own turn rates, armor levels, and different armaments, and a colossal story about finding another commando ship that has gotten stranded in enemy territory (or whatever you want! Alien ships, etc.).

The 30+ levels (which would then need save states to save and load progress) would have various land layouts (islands with bridges, chokepoints, and such), maybe text dialogue from characters, and a different scenario per level like escort missions (protecting a fragile ship or group of ships on a fixed route from enemies trying to destroy them). Submarines (with radar pinging) and aircraft come to mind.

There is a lot you can do with what you've got going, and I'd be interested in possibly supplying music and sound effects too.

EDIT: On top of the Story mode, you could also create a Skirmish mode with randomly generated land and an enemy fleet to destroy with your own allies (all with sliders on size of either fleet or arsenals given, to make the match as easy or as hard as players want). Multiplayer online combat or co-op is also a possibility (or hotseat on the same computer, with adjustable keyboard controls). Maybe you could build a level editor for people to just make their own stories and series of levels through. There's no limit!

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I like the graphics! They remind me of the vectors from ABA Games. Ever played Kenta Cho's Japanese shoot-em-up masterpieces? Check out Gunroar in particular:

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Oh. I thought there would be like a "You did it!" once you gather them all, or all the amoebas would merge into a multicellular organism or something, LOL. (And then the process would repeat but on a larger scale... hm...) EDIT: Wow, maybe this could be like a full-fledged game with many levels with room layouts and stuff and your cell creature constantly growing... as a paid app on the Google Play Store... hmm.

Nice! Is there an ending to the game? I couldn't figure out what to do after collecting 15 amoebas behind me (but maybe I missed one and lost track of where the title was, haha).

Windows 10 Home on Google Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit). It stopped taking keyboard input afterwards and I tried playing again only to have the same thing happen shortly after unlocking all five language characters. But apparently that Chrome version is old... I'll let you know about the latest one.

Fun! Until
Not sure of what was going on here, haha

Really well made game! There is one typo in the monologue ("Pity it weigh[t]s so much").

What about passing the assets to other developers who are interested in continuing your work?

Awesome. I was one of the moderators on the WSU forums, and had made tons of mods for SS2. I wish we had the original devs' contact info; I'm sure they'd love your work! Shared it with all the old veterans, too :)

Did you try again? Maybe a lot of people were downloading at it the same time.

You can change the keyboard settings (in the popup before the game starts) so that you can press a key to aim.

Nope. It sounds like a key on your keyboard is getting jammed.

The default setting, but lower "heli sensitivity" by a lot (almost to zero).

Extract the downloaded .ZIP file with a program like 7-Zip and then run the executable.

Extract the downloaded file with a program like 7-Zip and then run the executable.