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This is a very interesting CCG. I'm shocked that I had never heard of this game before so I'm glad you added it to the Palestine bundle which was the only way I found it.

I liked it overall and think that it even has commercial value, but I feel like there should be more complexity (like being able to fit all/some cards with a second layer of defense, so you can still only use them once before discarding, but they can take a second hit, or something like that) to really persist for more marathon playing. Being able to upgrade cards and adding relics with constant status effects could put this on a commercial level akin to Slay the Spire.

  1. The most important thing to do is to briefly explain the mechanics of the game to first-time players. The best games do not depend on a website description outside of the game itself to understand how to play it. There was nothing explicitly in the game that said that your cards are your health (even if it's quickly apparent).
    1. And when I first fought, I didn't understand what was happening because the enemy spider continued to fight even though its hand and AP were both at 0. Normally in games, health at 0/7 = already dead, so it took me doing an entire second run to understand that you have to send their hand to the equivalent of -1 to actually win. Could this be explained in-game somehow? I feel like the last heart should beat desperately, visually and with a heartbeat sound, to indicate that they're still alive and one final hit is needed to send them to their grave.
    2. It was never made clear in-game that if you are able to survive while all of your cards are in the graveyard, they return to your deck (and same for the enemy). This would be extremely helpful to show as some tooltip on the first time, when you have all of your cards in the graveyard and have no idea of what to do.
  2. Various typos in the story snippets:
    1. "Everything grows more quiet… " ► "quieter"
    2. "… throws the remains to the ground and approach you… " ► "approaches"
    3. "A pulsing pain starts to throbs…" ► "throb"
    4. "… as she draws her bowstring taught…" ► "taut"
    5. "It snarls fire and snap its jaw" ► "snaps"
  3. Keyboard controls for mouse-less playing would be awesome. I would love to be able to just use Left/Right to select cards, Down to use them, and Up to end my turn, or something like that.
  4. The cards could be color-themed or artfully styled so that we can more quickly identify what they do (attack versus defense, support, etc.). The tiny little notch at the bottom-middle of uncommon cards isn't obvious enough. Coloring the entire card a gentle light-purple,-amber, etc. would be a nice quick fix.
  5. There doesn't appear to be a way to check what statuses are currently in effect (such as lichen curse, etc.); you just have to keep reviewing the history, or just memorize it.
  6. There is no clear definition of what "Burning" means. I had played Iris and the Giant prior and thought that it correspondingly meant, "Do not play this card or you'll get hurt," but instead it meant the opposite. It would be very helpful if the card had a description of this status effect typed onto it instead of just the word alone, even if it may seem obvious (or else graphically light the card on fire, I guess).
  7. It would be great if the music changed to a victory tone after you defeat the final boss, instead of continuing with the same grim music.

Despite these qualms, great game and execution, especially for a solo dev!! 👏

Fun, like Cosmoteer on the fly! However, no enemies appeared in sector 6, so I couldn't advance. The movement controls became weird when my ship became massive, too, in such a way that I could only move if I moved diagonally; pressing just one key alone did nothing. This could be really cool with more types of weapons, sounds, and improved UI (like just right-click to cancel targeting).

It doesn't seem to explain this, and it'd be so helpful if it didn't. There's WASD, arrow keys, IJKL, numpad!

Very interesting minigame. I especially liked the work done on the real-time ambience; it was very cool to see how the game independently kept track of birds' scores in real time, even when you weren't actively spectating at their tables. Some ideas:

  • A few times, it didn't actually rate me as scoring a win, even though I won; play just continued on until the board filled up to a tie. This was very confusing early on.
  • At first, I didn't understand that birds wanted rematches and just left after I finished the first round, since they seemed to take a bit too long for me (I'm impatient lol). So I think after only your first game ends, a brief text popup saying "X wants a rematch!" would be helpful.
  • At first, I didn't understand that you have to walk down to the bottom to end the day. One brief popup saying "All the birds have gone… walk to the bottom to end the day" would be very helpful.
  • If the birds' crows could vary just slightly (like by 5-10% in pitch) so we're not hearing the same, exact crow from two different birds, that would be very cool to hear.
  • I would love to have the ability to cheat by clicking quickly and having different birds go mad in a rage.
  • The ambient sound from squawks at other tables is really cool. I would take this a step further and allow us to hear their distant table pecks, too.
  • It graphically looks awkward when a non-sparrow AI pecks the upper corner where its sparrow opponent is. I wonder if maybe the sparrow could be brought back just a little.
  • At the end of each day, you should be able to optionally click to view a chart that shows your total victories vs. defeats, including stats per bird and whether cheating was involved.

Thanks for including this in the Palestine bundle; I might have never known of its existence otherwise.

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Great stuff. For Slay the Spire fans, it's almost like just a constant balancing of relics.

Points of improvement for the full release:

  • It could use way more sound effects (like when you press buttons or roll the slots)
  • It could probably be more/fully keyboard-operated for the most part, other than item removals
  • The music could be more complex (I don't know if you're seeking composers, but I'd be interested if so!)

I experienced this too but it seemed to fix itself with a quick Alt-Tab out and back in.

Scored 1310 after learning to focus on using Miss Flame more, thanks to you. Mr. Flower's matching the enemies' color is definitely a bad game design aspect, but this minigame is quite interesting otherwise. I could definitely see it being developed further as a full-fledged game if there were levels with more interesting, noncircular tracks for the two characters to move along.

Is this game ever going to be updated? It's extremely interesting but I wish that the game didn't speed up since the polyominoes are enough of a challenge by far. I wish I could keep going with it longer!

I opened up the inventory and am trying to press C to cancel out of it and nothing's happening… it seems to be stuck…

A lot of work was clearly put into this, seeing how it even has voice-acting for the campaign, so I really wanted to like it, but it's just plagued by too many issues:

  • Some typos in the dialogue and occasionally different lines spoken in the voice-acting than the shown script (like a word skipped/added).
  • There doesn't appear to be any sort of quick-jump key like C&C's "H" ("Home") to quickly select the capital ship; I have to use up a number assignment like 1 on it.
  • The voice-acted scenes immediately jumping into the battlefield view as soon as the last line finishes with no warning was abrupt; I also thought the "Chapter #" headers would fade themselves out over time, so I wasted time waiting for nothing since there was no "Click/Press Space to continue" prompt.
  • One of the biggest discouragers was how there was no indicator that research cannot be steadily gathered in the campaign. I went back to the tutorial twice in my confusion until I finally came to the comments page here to learn this.
  • Another major factor hurting the game is the overlapping graphics, which make it very difficult to tell what's what in densely populated areas. If they don't already, maybe idle ships whose graphics overlap could move to empty space so that their graphics aren't on top of any others'.
    • There was also a lot of space debris in general that was overwhelming to see and try to differentiate in terms of what is what. I think having an option to have the outer graphics of whatever-is-moused-over auto-highlight would be super-helpful. For example, I couldn't even tell if an object that was outside of my ships' firing ranges was hostile or not without clicking on it to see if its corresponding circle was red or yellow; if that could be shown in advance with just a mouse-over, that could solve considerable UI confusion.
  • More contrast in the build icons would be appreciated, or simply enlarging them, because they're hard to figure out if you're unfamiliar with their order and can't utilize the keyboard shortcuts accordingly. In fact, maybe that menu bar could be twice as large, and just retract in a quick animation when a builder is not currently selected.
  • Somehow my capital ship randomly disappeared in one campaign level, so I had to quit and restart since I lost all of my production capacity/resource ceilings.
  • My artillery guns keep moving forward even after they've fired, so they end up going into a suboptimal range and exposing themselves to shorter-ranged enemies; I had to keep micromanaging them every time they fired.
  • The unit-guarding was a bit odd; when I told some units to guard another, they just seemed to point at it and keep following it as closely as possible (as in, with the sprites even touching), and, in the chaos of conflict, I couldn't really tell how quickly they reacted to enemies attacking their guard target. To make up for this, I was hoping I could put them on patrol routes, but I don't think there is that capability in this game.
  • I can't tell how many people remain on space stations; sometimes it seems inefficient to keep a mobile habitat at a space station if one is continually near or at the crew ceiling, since it effectively wastes the station's resources because you can already create new crew on your own. Maybe the best fix for this (other than showing the remaining station count) would be to have habitats only begin harvesting from stations at a fixed, maybe player-specified % (like once you're under 60% of your total crew capacity or something, until you hit 60%; then it would stop and resort to the habitats' on-board crew reproduction, to save the stations' crew for more urgent times).

Apart from these matters:

  • I thought it was very cool how almost one's entire base other than turrets is mobile.
  • It was nice to see the RTS style of control (with number assignment, unit double-clicking, and attack-moving) perfectly executed here. Fewer RTSs get this right than it would seem.
  • The auto-harvesting by the miners, etc. was great, too.
  • It was refreshing seeing the LUA DLL lol.
  • The game loads insanely fast, which definitely can't be said of many RTSs out there!
  • Lastly, it was cool to see how even the campaign levels' maps are randomized, which is super-rare in the RTS genre (although of course there are no walls in space, lol, which makes it quite a bit easier to render this).

Awesome, but I wish it remembered my progress across browser sessions through cookies!

It looks like there was an update today, but no dev log to accompany it, so I don't know what was updated...

Great list of improvements! I'm sorry, but any gradual acceleration when your character starts to move from standstill (and vice-versa) doesn't appear to be showing for me at all, despite enabling the advanced movement as well as bending the joystick very slowly. Was this added yet? Thank you.

Very interesting concept that could be improved in some ways:

  • Be able to walk around while on foot with either of the joysticks.
  • Have the balloons cast shadows on their strings so they don't look oddly white all the way up to the top of the balloons.
  • Be able to hold onto two balloons at the same time. Although this may make the game easier since technically your weight would be halved per balloon, so each balloon could each last twice as long, the critical issue is to avoid accidental grabs:
  1. Be holding onto balloon X.
  2. Try to grab balloon Y.
  3. You think you didn't grab balloon Y (didn't hear the grab sound due to the environmental ambience), so you let go of the controller button and try again.
  4. In step 2, you actually did already grab balloon Y, so when you let go in step 3, that was actually your lifeline.
  5. Die because it wasn't clear enough that you had grabbed it, even though you were still holding down the trigger button for the previous balloon.

So I guess it's either hold-two-balloons or make-grabs-more-obvious, like with a sound effect, some sort of flash animation, text, all of the above, etc.

Looks like it was added!

I'm guessing you didn't play past the first area, because it's only once you're in the wilderness when you have to do a lot of backtracking to use new firearms to open up previously inaccessible areas.

I hope it can get restored soon!

My gameplay:

I found some rare bugs, but have still been enjoying the heck outta TfG!

is there any way to play this with 2 players when one is on the keyboard & mouse and the other is on one gamepad? Whenever I plugged in a single gamepad, it seemed to double these controls for the same character…

No problem; just wondering! Will the APK here continue to be updated?

Hello! I received an email about obtaining an Oculus key, but I don't see any "Oculus Key" button on my download page. Is there a mistake or is this offer only for non-bundle buyers (since I picked it up in June 2020's bundle)?

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It froze again, in the exact same manner. Both times, I had dropped MSAA to zero and possibly tweaked something in the "VR" setting under it (basically reducing graphics to try to save battery life). Maybe this could be solved if TfG could ask the user, at launch, if they want to reset all video options first (if they're not already at the defaults).

Then I reinstalled and played it with the default settings, and I could continue with no problem. But then I eventually came across a strange screen-shifting glitch; the whole world in my vision kept jittering, even when I wasn't moving. I seemed to be able to stabilize this back to normal by checking the Oculus menu multiple times.

By the way, would you potentially be looking for a voice actor for those first lines by the AI? I'd be interested!

EDIT: I've lost accidentally dropped guns through walls. It would be nice if guns cannot pass through walls or floors. I didn't know what the module to the right side of some saferooms does, so I tried to put a gun in it which made it get eaten by the wall…

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Sadly, the mouse cursor goes outside of the window's boundaries (in WebGL, at least) and then that prevents me from rotating my aim any further until I reset the mouse position manually each time. Interesting concept, though!

Yeah, but I'm concerned that this will just happen again. I even changed the Guardian area multiple times and it still flicker-froze. I think I'll wait for the next update first, to see if that might inadvertently fix anything.

Anyways, fabulous concept with the Escher approach, needless to say!

I just tried playing the game for my second time on my OQ2, and now it won't load at all. It gets stuck in one frame the whole time and never reaches the main menu. I see a little bit of the customized Guardian-like rectangle at the bottom of the screen but that's it; the view is constantly flickering and doesn't rotate with my head. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall? I don't know of a way to clear Unknown Source caches or something, and I have no idea of what caused this, which is a dang shame because it was so amazing and I don't want to lose my points from my first run…

What happened? Development died?

Unbelievably smooth, the best (though so far only 😅) rendition of VR Tetris I've played!! My only complaints are that there need to be loading bars so that we don't think it froze, and there should be arrows pointing you to where to look for the first few seconds whenever a new scene is displayed. But as for the actual gameplay, awesome execution!!!

Is there any way to get this as a .APK to directly side-load onto an Oculus Quest 2? My PC is too ancient to run VR at the moment!

This looks so cool, but my ancient PC can't run VR games! Is there a way to get this in .APK form to side-load directly into an Oculus Quest 2?

Huh, it's working now, at both links! I'm not sure of what happened, but I was on Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.818.8 (Official build) beta (64-bit).

Is there a .APK version of this for Oculus Quest 2 side-loading? I can't play VR games on my ancient PC, sadly…

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to get this demo to work on an Oculus Quest 2 before considering purchasing the game, but I don't see a .APK anywhere. Is there one available of this demo? Thanks so much.

I was actually wondering about also having a max-speed slider, because I feel like the character moves slightly too fast for me when the joystick is pressed all the way. But the gradual ramp up/down would be way more critical if only one of these could be done. Thank you so much!!

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This game's tutorial has been the first thing that I show to friends as their first VR experience, and they've all loved it! I see it's still "in development"; is there a road map of its next steps available anywhere?

EDIT: I want to report a bug I've noticed: the main menu's target practice seems to have an invisible wall which stops quite a few rounds from hitting the farthest-away targets; bullets aimed at them tend to form a bullet hole in mid-air that's even closer to the player than the closest targets are.

EDIT #2: Now the tutorial got stuck… after taking down the first four targets, it never popped up the aiming explanation on the left, and froze forever there (with the shooting range still fully interactive for your gun and vision, but with no way to exit). I'm not sure of what happened. This was shortly after I finished one or two Viking levels for the first time. Help!

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Ugh. I wanted to but could not continue playing because of motion sickness from the joystick movement.

@ErThu Please, please, please consider adding an optional setting for users, when moving the joystick, to experience a very gradual slide up to the target speed (as well as when it's not tilted: back down to standing still). Just a 0.5-second gradual speed ramp up/down would most likely do it for me, although potentially up to 1 second would be helpful just in case. Right now it feels like 0.1s, if that, and it's intolerable; I'm still reeling, half an hour later after trying it.

Adding this + a slide up/down to the target speed for rotating the camera with the other joystick would be super-useful, too. Please add these two sliders to the beta before going commercial so I can test them and see if I will still experience MS. Thank you so much!! It's such an amazing beta otherwise!! I love how so much can be interacted with, even the shopkeeper in fatal ways, lol.

It won't appear to load, sadly, but I'm not sure of why… it's just a black screen, even after having disabled my potentially intrusive browser extensions.

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Nice! Thought you might appreciate… "Portuguese" btw:

Does anyone know what was changed?

I see that there was an update 2 days ago according to this page's information box, but no dev log to accompany it. May I ask what changed?