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Oh, that's what I mean; those platforms could get you the $ needed to complete the game, through fans! The biggest problem would probably be marketing, and you could already have a lot of them through places like

By "seeking support," surely you mean a platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, right? I'm sure many people would eat this up and be willing to help!


Oh, man, we love it. It is such a fantastic blend of two games. This needs to have sounds, more animations, and a free ad-filled version on mobile app stores + a no-ad paid version, and then you're set for life! lol.

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This is an amazing fusion of concepts. I'm wondering if stepping into a mine can make you auto-bounce back and make you unable to step on it again. Sometimes I can accidentally pass through a mine to a dead end and then have to double back over it, which costs me 2 lives.

EDIT: I'm also wondering about why the game is marked as "Released" instead of "In development" if it's still undergoing updates. It's missing sound effects, for example.

I'm not sure of to whom you were referring, but I do have an Xbox controller (which my SO uses). It's just imperative IMO in general game design for all menus to use arrow keys, Enter, and Escape, regardless of the actual player controls.

This game could totally use Overcooked's method for two players on keyboard! It uses WASD + Left Control/Shift/Alt, and arrow keys + Right Control/Shift/Alt, along with a couple of other keys.

I caused a bug: the X saw the S and @ at the same time. It went for the S and I couldn't direct @ any more, who ran to a corner after getting scared from the X, who for some reason stopped being able to see @. I had to hit Esc to restart manually (and I also never figured out how to get it to go for the S and had to skip this one, lol):

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Is this game still in development or is it not getting any more updates? My thoughts:

  • Fork is fascinating, probably the most interesting side power that I've seen in a roguelite shooter as of late!
  • Null Pulse is awkward to have only one sound effect for its four shots
  • The first boss's remains should show a tutorial popup telling you you can pick up the items; I completely missed them because the popup only shows when you stop moving (and I thought they were loot so that they'd auto-pick-up). Alternatively, the popup text could be configured to show when you pass over stuff, even if you don't actually stop moving.
  • It just needs a lot more effects/media. The game feels incomplete because of lack of audio, muzzle flashes, etc. There is a ton of potential but it seems like an alpha or beta that I'm playing so far.
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I found a bug, too, at least in single-player mode:

  1. bounce a crate so that it kills yourself
  2. if there is a bug behind you, the crate should also kill it but doesn't

That sucks that you lost your most recent version, but thanks for listening to your fans, still!

Oops, I see it now; should've read through the whole list!

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I have very ambivalent feelings. While I don't think I would not recommend this to someone, I can't overlook these issues that give it a 2โ˜…/5:

  • +1โ˜… for amazing media (graphics & audio/presentation)
  • +1โ˜… for decent unfolding story
  • -1โ˜… for overpricing (this isn't worth >$10 due to the UI issues)
  • -1โ˜… for clunky UI
  • -1โ˜… for bugs/typos

What would raise my rating to 5โ˜… (and for people who have never played, there are spoilers present):

  • Make it clearer (on any level at all!) how much food you should feed Talma, even just a stomach-growling sound, before you actually need it. Someone in a Steam review said that Talma can't die from starvation, which seems unfair to players trying to actually survive as opposed to those just trolling around and still getting to see the same ending (I'm guessing).
  • Add a "Click to open" instruction for at least the first unopened letter that you check. It was not clear that you have to click any space in letter addresses to read them; I ended up with 3 unopened letters until I finally decided to click around in my confusion. Players' understanding shouldn't be neglected like this.
  • Give a settings option to highlight whatever-thing-you-clicked-that-Talma-is-currently-going-to-interact-with, including movement spots, and keep it lit until Talma reaches the spot.
  • Be able to queue at least one action ahead of time, while midway through passive actions (for example, if you click a gate while Talma's filling a watering can, she should go to interact with the gate next; as it is, your click is wasted and you have to manually wait until the can is done watering). I know that this can be easily done because the gate-swinging already queues clicks, and it's important because there is idle time that can be used more efficiently (for example, the well cover actually closes itself; Talma can start walking while it's closing, but people might not know that).
  • Fix the bug that causes a goat to occasionally "skate" with no walking animation while you try to milk it, which currently breaks your milking and forces you to re-milk. I also encountered other goat-interaction issues (not being able to milk nor pet with no dialogue as to why).
  • Fix the mid-action mouse-over icon bug:
  1. Water a plant, or plant a seed
  2. Put the cursor over the next plant-to-water/seed-to-plant while Talma is performing the first action, above
  3. The water/seed icon should appear once Talma is done and ready for another action, but it doesn't show.
  • Give a settings option to invert the inverted scroll wheel when reading letters, and make it scroll faster.
  • While milking a goat, it doesn't visually make sense why you have to milk one more time even when the white progress bar is already full.
  • It was confusing to see mail disappear out of your hands if you took it from Laszlo and proceeded to grab something else without reading it. It would help to have a brief text notice saying that you pocket the letter to read in the house.
  • It was super-awkward to see a wolf get stuck and glitch its movement behind the tree stump behind your house.
  • When conversing, I would put Laszlo's mail icon in the front or middle, because it could get forgotten due to bartering.
  • One-time text that pops up saying that your watering can can keep watering plants until it's empty would be really helpful.
  • It was really awkward to see the billy goat teleport instantly to Laszlo's side instead of it walking over to him (even if it'd have to walk through the gates)...
  • Fix the numerical count typo "These 1 cheeses..."
  • Fix the clicking issue when you click to fully read something that Talma comments on: gamers typically do this to read the full batch of text at once instead of waiting for it to spill out, but Stillness causes the commentary to re-spill itself.
  • Talma began to awkwardly laugh randomly the night after the takeover dream... is that intentional?
  • Fix Laszlo's footstep sound (he once came from the right side, but the footstep audio came from my left speaker).
  • Be able to count somewhere how many shotshells you have left. There is literally no way to know apart from memorization or discovering that you've run out.
  • Be able to see an overview of your letters. If I want to check through them to see if I got any from Eimi, I don't want to have to keep click-dragging down to click the "previous mail" back arrow one at a time per letter.
  • Make it clearer that the bucket can hold multiple goats' worth of milk at a time; it takes on the same graphical appearance of fullness, which is deceiving.
  • Add a muzzle flash to firearm use.
  • "Reset item positions" shouldn't take at least your currently held item out of your hands!
  • It would be a nice touch if the sound of rain was muffled whenever Talma is indoors.
  • The credits for Laszlo's voice actor incorrectly doubles the word "by."
  • It would be nice if holding left-click would scroll through the credits faster instead of immediately exit the game.

It was also never explained why the chickens gradually disappear: old age? Wolves weren't always present...

    Oh. When  I got my first rope, I somehow accidentally managed to throw it to the upper level where I was supposed to get to by climbing it, and it deployed up there to the ceiling. I have no idea of how I even did that, haha.

    Is there no APK of this lovely puzzler?

    Warning: spoilers!

    This is SUCH a fun casual shooter. I never thought that a self-reloading handgun could do so much damage, haha. The pixel art is so great, the explosions are incredibly well done, and the awesome music and fitting sound effects pretty much carry all of the rest!

    I can tell your team had a lot of fun making this game. There was so much detail, such as the shrinking of the pixelated kid when walking up to the mansion in the opening scene. I loved the diverse scenes like the car-to-car combat, the holdout scene involving 3 turrets, and the beginning scene of Story II (which was hilarious!).

    Will further updates be done? My reservations are quality-of-life matters, such as:

    • There is no indication of whether a cutscene is in effect and when you should assume control of a character. Having a brief WASD popup (at least/especially at the beginning of the game) until the character moves would be nice.
    • Some dialogue advances through E, while other dialogue auto-advances, but there's no indication of which will happen. The inconsistency was weird, and the automated dialogue was way too slow (such as when you try to disturb items in the mansion and are chastised by the butler).
    • When it comes to accessing computers, it would have been nice if there was some animated down-arrow indicator or something similar  telling you to mash E instead of just press it once or hold it down like in other games; I was confused for a bit as to why nothing was happening.
    • After defeating the three bosses (which equates to "after dying a lot"), I was able to make a duplicate call on the telephone box about the bosses-to-kill, which shouldn't have happened.
    • The indoor scene when you're supposed to go back outside only to find out that you're surrounded: I did not understand that I had to leave. A more obvious prompt would have been nice, like ("Hmm, there seems to be nothing here for me").
    • It's really weird that the Escape key does not invoke any kind of pause or anything at all, nor can the volume of either the music or sound effects be adjusted. After the first recollection involving the hat, I was scared that I'd lose my progress if I simply Alt+F4'd out of the game (I'm glad that didn't happen).

    If these kinds of quality-of-life factors could be addressed, I'd absolutely bump up my 4๐ŸŒŸ rating to 5!

    The controls aren't clear, and now I'm stuck...

    Is this game still receiving updates? I have a few problems to report:

    • "commited" is misspelled in the opening monologue.
    • I also tried going back to sleep as my first action, and then I couldn't see my mouse at the main menu so I had to quit the game.
    • Then when I restarted it, I assume that I died or something so I had to start a new game but the opening cutscene is so long yet I couldn't find any way to skip it.

    The Windows version's tutorial is bugged; will it ever be fixed? I have a screenshot showing how I could not finish tutorial level 3 nor any of the ones after it because the side dish failed to materialize (can't seem to attach it here though).

    Yep, I've had to kill it from TM each time. And no worries about the timing; I'm in no rush! Thanks for addressing this!

    Why does such a mouse-heavy game not have a mouse sensitivity bar in the options?!

    I don't know what to do. Even for the newest version that I just now tried, the game window never popped up. Malwarebytes Free does not perform active checks (that's only premium) and it wasn't even running at the time of launch, and none of my other security software gave notice of anything. This situation sucks... but at least it seems to be just a problem with me and not a lot of others.

    Yeah, I played as the pigs and brought down the Wolf's reputation to 0%. Then the next event would have sent him into the negatives, but it wouldn't let me, and even then the game still continued! I guess there is a minimum number of turns or something before the game ends.

    Yeah, this game has no steampunk theme at all. It's typical sci-fi. Having some steam occasionally vent out of your units means nothing. It has to involve steam-powered weapons, trains/airships, etc.

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    The .EXE keeps closing itself within a few seconds after launch. And yes, I already tried running the included DirectX setup (which refused to install itself due to a newer version already being installed). So I can't play the game on my Windows 10 Home.

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    Putting this here because Itch reviews are currently inaccessible to the public. Below is my 1โ‹† review:

    This was by far the most disappointing turn-based experience that I was unpleasantly surprised by. Way too much effort was put into looks and merch, and not enough into the actual gameplay experience. There was:

    • no tutorial of any kind, which may be fine but the fact that there is also no manual is flabbergasting.
    • no overwatch/guarding system like in the first Steam Marines, so if an enemy was spotted around a corner with not quite enough action points to reach and deal damage to it on any significant level, there is nothing you could do but flee or sit still, and maybe guard if you have four APs left.
    • no way I could see to turn your soldiers without taking a step forward, so you literally can't turn them around to face the other way if you have two APs left.
    • nothing that told you that reloading is done automatically between turns.
    • nothing that told you that you have to re-right-click on an enemy to confirm an attack, once it goes into the weird zoomed-in mode.
    • no list of keyboard shortcuts anywhere, whether in the game, a manual, or on the website.

    The list of woes goes on:

    • "Toggle Overlays" keeps reenabling itself after every turn, even if you turned them off due to visibility hindrance.
    • Right-clicking on tiles and doors is finicky and inconsistent with the mouse.
    • Marines' inability to shoot an enemy is the exact same set of speech bubbles, regardless of whether they are out of ammo or whether the enemy is out of range, so you could never actually tell how far their range is.
    • Audio balance and quality is inconsistent; monster "hurt" sounds are disproportionately loud alongside gunfire, and lack the echo that other sound effects have, really jarring oneself out of immersion in the game.

    I will update this review if any of these factors is addressed, but I can't recommend this to anyone in its current state.

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    I'm glad that another patch is underway. There are little typos here and there (especially "crewmen" being used as a singular noun), and it was never made clear that your starting ship seems to only have space for a refrigerator or a stasis chamber but not both; I have no idea of how to solve my crew members' lack of sleep. The tutorial also makes zero mention of WASD, which would really help.

    EDIT: The more I play, the more I feel like there are lots of bugs in this otherwise-impressive game because I try to click on trash to loot on worlds, even if I have two characters selected who both have empty inventories for spare stuff, and then the trash, like, grays out and becomes unclickable forever. What's going on here?

    Additionally, it would be really nice if the crew equipment screen changed dynamically to whoever you currently change your selection to (if you select an individual at a time).

    Oh, I believe you should, yeah! Maybe contact the dev somehow to confirm this.

    If you mouse over the ship launch buttons in the bottom-left during play, it warns that it can only take four crew members.

    Steam keys are not given if you don't pay full price for any products on

    This game is sort of a hybrid of tower defense + real-time strategy. Have you played any of these types of games?

    You have four workers who can morph between different roles, whose descriptions show when you hover your mouse over them in the top-left. Type 1 is the Defender, the only one who can attack enemies, for example.

    Use the workers to harvest as many resources as possible across the planet. Have them attack enemies, heal each other, and build turrets/repair the ship as needed. Don't lose your ship and try to not let anyone die. Build one turret next to your ship per (threat level - 1). Then at the system map, use the resources you gathered to upgrade your stuff.

    You can go down the list then: there are literally thousands of games out there that charge as much as or higher than From Orbit that don't even have half as much content. Go rail on them.

    You should also only be referencing games that were made by one person. Deponia was made by a 90-employee company. Not all devs can be one-hit wonders like ConcernedApe behind Stardew Valley, nor should they be expected to.

    That said, I agree that From Orbit is overpriced for its content. I thought the black hole at the end of the system map was just one segment of eight, but that was the end of the game. So, I'm glad I was able to play it at no cost, but I'm also not complaining.

    There's no guide apart from reading comments here, probably.

    The extractor is best deployed on deposits >100.

    Enemies don't drop loot when dying; any resources you may have seen were already sitting loosely on the ground around them. It's up to you to gauge whether it's worth going after them.

    All of the resources are optional and are only there to prepare your crew for the final level.

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    I agree with the lack of a tutorial, but about everything else, did you actually beat the game? A lot of this is addressed the further you go.

    For instance, take the choice of whether to build an auto-harvester for an ore node with 29 ore in it. Since the extractor costs 25, this deeply cuts into the player's income.

    Don't build extractors for any deposits <40, or maybe <50, ore. If you want to go for 100% clean planets with no losses, you eventually must rely on extractors, especially for deposits >80.

    I have thus far not encountered a time where it felt like building a turret or harvester was the correct choice, which is sad, because they seem like such an interesting part of the game.

    I think you definitely have not beaten the game yet. If you can leave every planet without turrets with zero losses + 0 deposits left, you're unbelievably good or got insanely far den spawns.

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    Okay, but I could not even see/reach any tutorial. Do I have to keep mashing Space Bar or something to reach it? Neither arrow keys nor WASD worked in the main menu which was my biggest concern. If it's at the start of action, I'll have to wait for access to a gamepad.

    I caught a few typos in the tutorial that I could send over, and the tutorial got stuck when I tried to place ships in Barnacles' presence; nothing worked and I couldn't deselect the ships nor access any menu buttons. Is the game still taking any further updates? This was a tutorial-breaker.

    Does this game forbid screenshots or something? I've tried to take multiple ones via ShareX and the entire screen goes light-green whenever I try.

    I pressed nearly every single key on my keyboard and still couldn't navigate through the menu. It was really strange to find J (or K or L, one of those) to be "cancel" and Space Bar to be "select." But there are no instructions anywhere: not on this page, not in any nonexistent Readme, and most ironically of all, not in the game itself... and the game's been out for literally over two years.

    I don't understand game design concepts like this. You can always fit at least 3 players on one keyboard with configurable keys.

    I didn't really have a problem with Z as much as the fact that Enter is "Cancel" in the main menu! That's sooooooo backwards, haha. Still this is a really fun game overall.

    Nice sounds and relaxing music. Will there ever be a "Z"/Undo feature added? That's the only thing this kind of game is missing!

    The enemy designs are really cool! I particularly like the enemies that launch chasing projectiles. Here are my thoughts, mostly quality-of-life matters:

    • There needs to be a clearer indicator of when exactly you can use your special powers. I thought it was when the orb on the upper-left side fills up, but apparently this isn't enough to launch a new green turret (for example). Clear segments showing the number of available uses would be very helpful.
    • When my ship explodes, I want to see it go down with a bang. It's very emotionally anticlimactic to see it basically just disappear. The high-score screen also shows too quickly after I lose my last life, I feel.
    • When I level up, it would be nice to have some kind of notification text of the changes (more powerful shots, homing lasers launched when dashing, etc.), unless you intend for this to be discovered.
    • I'd like an option to set the fire-main-weapon key to be a toggle so I don't have to keep holding it down.
    • There should be clearer animations indicating whenever a power orb has been successfully picked up or disappears.
    • Being able to unlock new color palettes as you continue to die would be a nice, standard incremental-arcade touch.
    • Some enemy hitboxes don't line up, like the first giant two-eyes boss (shots pass through the sides of the eyes).
    • It would be nice if the tutorial explained that your green deployed turrets are invulnerable.
    • The tutorial should display whatever controls the player has set in the options. If a gamepad is not connected, it should show the keyboard alternatives.
    • I don't think the game should force exclusive keys when reconfiguring the controls; it should only pop up a warning that overlapping controls have been assigned. For example, I personally like rRootage-style firing, in which you automatically slow down when firing (which is basically Z + Shift combined). Either that or add a slow-down-when-firing checkbox.
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    Is this game still taking updates? I found multiple typos that I'd be happy to submit.