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No problem. I recommend you post on Steam forums in the future as forums for Raft are no longer maintained (and this is for discussion about the free prototype in the first place). Even I check the site only now and then.

It seems there will be rudder in the next update:

It's mate with Unity so programming language used is C#.

You should be able to find more floating around.

You don't. There is no save function in the game. But then again, it takes only about hour to complete all the content that is available in the game.

The development of Raft moved to Steam more than a year ago. Raft prototype available here on itch is no longer update nor supported.

If you want the current version, you can find it on steam here:

As for the issue is most likely graphics card related. The prototype requires DirectX 11 compliant iirc. If you're running laptop with integrated graphics chip, it probably doesn't (fully) support DirectX 11. Do note that just having DirectX 11 installed does not mean your graphics card supports it.

Find out what model graphics card you have and check on the net what DirectX version does it support. You could also try updating your graphics card drivers.

By buying the game on Steam:

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That game and it's developer is in no way related to Redbeet Interactive. The developers are aware of it but there is little they can do about it. Mobile marked is quite literally littered with Raft clones (so far two have made it into Steam). Just go see Google Play Store and search using "raft" and "survival" as search terms in the games category. You'll be surprised.

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last item in the bottom building menu (screw). empty tin cup.

You need to make a cup, use that to get saltwater from sea. Use the saltwater cup to fill the water purifier. Put planks in. Once done. Use cup to get that water and drink from cup. Rinse and repeat.

I think that's how it went with the prototype. You can also search for over 1 year old raft videos. Those should be from the prototype and there should be plenty of them.

Please submit a bug report so the developers can take a look here:

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Download works fine for me. Scrip blockers etc. may block the download though so if you have umatrix or the like, do disable them before trying to download the game. You may also try different browser if you have such installed.

There is not going to be any further updates to the prototype/demo. All further development is going toward the commercial Steam version. The Steam version of Raft already has Creative mode along with Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties.

That error indicates that your graphics card does not support the shader model required by the game so only way to fix it is that you and others affected get newer/better graphics cards.

Why should it be removed? is full of incomplete and abandoned games and demos of commercial games sold elsewhere so why would Raft prototype be a special case?

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There was never option to buy the game, it was always free on You could however voluntarily donate to help the development. And no, having donated towards the version does not grand you free copy of Steam version. So yes, you have to buy the Steam version if you want to get it. It has been on sale several times so you can wait for next sale if you don't want to pay the full price. Last time it was on sale was during the Lunar New Year Sale in January with 20% discount. It'll probably be again on sale during the Steam Summer sale at the latest.

“Will players who have played or donated on receive a free copy of Raft on Steam?”
We very much appreciate all the support and feedback we have gotten from our community, however, playing or donating to the itch prototype will not grant access to the Steam version of Raft.

As I explained in another topic, multiple parts of the Steam version, including the multiplayer, depend on Steam API, servers and features to function (game will crash the moment it can't connect to Steam and will not start without it) so only thing they could sell here would be Steam keys. Selling only on Steam also mean they don't have to deal with multiple stores and they only have to monitor feedback on Steam forums.  Not supporting Mac/Linux means they only have to compile, test and maintain builds for single operating system and don't need to support multiple graphic renderers (DirectX 11 for Windows and OpenGL for Mac/Linux). They also don't need to have Mac/Linux PC's to test on in their office.

Do remember that they dropped Mac/Linux support during the development of the prototype and last version released for Mac/Linux was 1.04 while for Windows it was 1.05b.

Brief history of Redbeet Interactive and how Raft came to be:

Redbeet Interactive

Redbeet Interactive is a very small studio of three people founded in 2017. It is based in Skövde, Sweden and consists of two graphics artists and one programmer who all attended the game design program at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. The studio is currently developing Raft, which is its first project. 


Raft started as a student project at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland fall 2016. A group of three students spent around 15 weeks half-time to create a prototype for a survival game set on an endless ocean. Said prototype was released for free on December 19th, 2016, right before christmas. While the group was home on Christmas break, Raft was starting to get noticed by more and more youtubers and gained a lot of traction on 

By the end of May the prototype had been downloaded over 7 million times and was covered by several major youtubers such as Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and FGTeeV. This type of response came as quite the shock to the developers. They quickly decided to keep developing Raft into something bigger and better. With their sights set on a Steam Early Access release in 2018 they met with Scrap Mechanic developers Axolot Games in search for an investor and publisher. With their common passion for survival games both parties felt this was a perfect match and soon after decided to work together. With the support of Axolot Games, the team founded the studio Redbeet Interactive, moved to Skövde and continued the development of Raft.

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False positive most likely. The archives I've downloaded (both 32 and 64-bit) had none at least according to my virus scanner.

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Several of your suggestions have already been implemented in one way or another in the Steam version of the game.

Shark can't attack foundations and collection nets reinforced with foundation armor.

Most tools have upgraded version made from scrap or metal. There is also upgraded grill and water purifier among others. The official Raft wiki, while bit outdated, shows most of the new things introduced.

There is Peaceful mode where hostile animals don't attack the player or their raft.

Next large update will introduce tamable animals and animal pens among other things like personal armor and backpacks

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Because it requires Steam to run as several parts, including the multiplayer, depend on Steam API to function. All they could sell here would be Steam keys you'd still have to activate on Steam in order to get the game and play it.

There already is a creative mode in the Steam version of the game. There will be no further updates to the free prototype offered here.

Raft game folder should look like this:

Raft data folder (V1.05b_Raft_Win64_Data) should look like this:

That might be because the raft prototype is no longer being developed or updated (hasn't been for almost year and half now) and the developers are busy working on the commercial Steam version of the game:

If you've extracted the archive correctly, you have following files in your raft game directory:

V1.05b_Raft_Win64_Data (folder containing all the game's data files)



If and other data files are in the same folder as the executable (they need to be in the V1.05b_Raft_Win64_Data folder), you've extracted the archive wrong.

I'm pretty sure there used to be wiki for version but can't find it anymore. It has probably been replaced by wiki for Steam version


Raft community · Posted in afsg\sg

Go to store page, scroll down until you see four download links between install instructions and community.  Download the one suitable for your system. Do note that any ad or script blocker may block the links from working so temporarily disable them in case the links don't work.

“Will players who have played or donated on receive a free copy of Raft on Steam?”

We very much appreciate all the support and feedback we have gotten from our community, however, playing or donating to the itch prototype will not grant access to the Steam version of Raft.

“Will players who have played or donated on receive a free copy of Raft on Steam?”
We very much appreciate all the support and feedback we have gotten from our community, however, playing or donating to the itch prototype will not grant access to the Steam version of Raft.

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The prototype here is free, the Steam version costs money.

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Sounds like your computer is overheating and shuts down to prevent components from being damaged. You should try limiting fps and trying to lower settings.

I also suggest you post in Bug Reports sub forum on Steam instead of here. I doubt devs check this place much anymore if at all.

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Yes. There's over year worth of development since prototype was abandoned. For one, you sail around with your raft in Steam version while in prototype your raft is static. There are various weather conditions, small islands to explore and there's stuff under water around islands. There's also plenty of new tools, equipment and things to build. Steam version also has CO-OP multiplayer support.

You can not. Best you can do is send the save to one of your friends and they host the game while you're not present.

Raft save game location: C:\Users\[Your username]\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\User\User_[SeamUserID]\World

There are problems with shaders and other problems making builds for Mac/Linux. Devs don't currently have the manpower (it's 3 person team) to test, debug, fix, compile and maintain any other builds besides Windows.

“Will Raft release on Mac and/or Linux?”
We are first and foremost focusing on Windows. We would like to support more platforms in the future but due to certain parts of the game making porting more difficult we cannot at this time give any promises.

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Once you've researched everything and found the end game goal, only thing left is build bigger and better raft. Currently anyway. If you're not into base building, you probably go through available content pretty fast. For people who like to build, content lasts as long as they don't tire of it (remember all those gigantic building projects on Minecraft like 1on1 model of enterprise or working computer in game or hundreds of other massive things people build with it).

Just to clarify. You did not buy it, you made voluntary donation to support the developers. raft has always been free with option to donate. And no, those who donated wont get a key for Steam version.

“Will players who have played or donated on receive a free copy of Raft on Steam?”
We very much appreciate all the support and feedback we have gotten from our community, however, playing or donating to the itch prototype will not grant access to the Steam version of Raft.