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A topic by FlamingSpark created 92 days ago Views: 182 Replies: 1
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I've been interested in this game for a while now ever since it was back in beta. I really want to play it but my computer is a potato and can barely run any games. I watched a lot of different youtubers play this game and i enjoy watching them play it. I also got my friend to download the game the game and play it he liked it as well. I prefer playing games on console than a PC. I don't think they have plans putting this game on console but i really hope they do. They probably make a lot of sales if they did plus this game would get more attraction. More people would know about it and it would get more popular. One of my favorite genres to play are crafting survival games i like to play minecraft, terriaria, 7 days to day, subnautica and astoneer so i could see myself playing this game for hours. Plus if they did decide to put this game on console i would make sure most of friends get it so they can play with me.

They're interested looking into possibility of console port once game is finished the game on PC. Do bear in mind the team is still small (8 people, 7 of them developers), and inexperienced (their first ever commercial game, no experience with consoles). Raft currently lacks controller support that is crucial for console port and either needs lot of optimization or needs to be restructured in a way that consoles can handle it. Also even with most generous guesstimate, Raft will take at least another year and half to complete (this assumes game story line is no longer than 3-4 chapters, no other major content additions are needed (unlikely) and there is no major system overhauls are needed along the way (not a change)).

So you'll just have to wait and see how things go. Lot can change in couple years.