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STEAM version - Mac compatible?

A topic by StarRico created 15 days ago Views: 94 Replies: 1
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Hey guys, I've been playing the Raft earlier free version which is MAC compatible. I'm aware that the game is made in Unity which is also generally MAC friendly. Can anybody confirm that the STEAM full game is MAC friendly? It only has the windows symbol on it and I don't wanna waste £15 quid on it otherwise. Cheers

The Steam version of Raft is Windows only as stated in the system requirements on the Steam store page and developers are first and foremost focusing on completing the game on Windows platform. While they would like to support more platforms in the future, they can't give any promises. More than likely decisions about other platforms will have to wait until Raft is near or at full release which will probably take at least another year, year and half.