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Great game, a few bugs:

1: if too many buildings are placed to be built, construction seems to stop alltogeather.

2: some villigars just stand still 

3: towers i tell to keep manned donot stay manned

4: super hords of enamies sometimes come nonestop in some of my games, coming ever minut or so, and buildings they destroy dont get fixed.

5:pastures never get pigs

6: my fan goes crazy playing this game

some things I would enjoy seeing:

build soldires to fight masklings

more buildings

ability to designate certian workers to specific tasks

all in all a really fun game reguardless of the simplisity!

Created a new topic no replay value

I know its a survival, but after countless time grinding to build an elaborate base and than I dont notice my thirst was down so i died and lose everything. Its a cool game, but now nolonger worth the replay due to the lack of any new content, any time i play it again i am forced to do more or less the exact same thing again.