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It wont let me create settelers, I am having the same issue with deposits nearer me

Will we be able to bulid ofer light blue bodies of water? If so would we need to construct bridges?

It would be cool if you could upgrade bridges to tower bridges that masklings would need to capture to cross

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Cannot build over limestone deposits or near certain moutains

I can not build limestone mines, nor create new settelers. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature that I do not know about. anyone else have these issues?

I got the samm water worlds

Is this the official art for 2.0 ?

Love this game, so much fun. Ive beaten it a bunch of times, best was around 700 or 800 I think. I find that at a certain point you can pretty much fully build the boat and just incrementaly increase your population. alot of fun

I seem to have a large amount of food availible, plenty of bakeries, and tons of availible workers, but it is not being turned into food causing a consistant food shortage

What about keeping the one struccture per hex, but allow roads to pass through a hex as long as it does not pass through a structure

Awsome, I look forwards to it!

fair, it just seemed that having a community of over 2000 people called rochchop village, and a community of 10 called ***** settlement seemed weird. If the name remained stagant but the title changed that would be really cool.

still, this is by far my favorite game on itch, and i appriciate the work you have put in to making it :)

ah also, how does the settlement naming function? and is there any plans in the future to have organic title changing with size and style of city?

Any chance of being able to rotate a building by key, rather than selecting the direction? also any plans to allow rotation of all buildings?

Also, I think impassible mountain terrain would be fun, so that the only way through would be mining. (also awsome mountain fortresses)

love the game, lookforwards to what you do next with it

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Great game, a few bugs:

1: if too many buildings are placed to be built, construction seems to stop alltogeather.

2: some villigars just stand still 

3: towers i tell to keep manned donot stay manned

4: super hords of enamies sometimes come nonestop in some of my games, coming ever minut or so, and buildings they destroy dont get fixed.

5:pastures never get pigs

6: my fan goes crazy playing this game

some things I would enjoy seeing:

build soldires to fight masklings

more buildings

ability to designate certian workers to specific tasks

all in all a really fun game reguardless of the simplisity!

Created a new topic no replay value

I know its a survival, but after countless time grinding to build an elaborate base and than I dont notice my thirst was down so i died and lose everything. Its a cool game, but now nolonger worth the replay due to the lack of any new content, any time i play it again i am forced to do more or less the exact same thing again.