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Do you need any C# programmers to help bug fixing or will this game stay a solo project? I love playing this game, but squashing bugs and thus creating a better play experience would be even more enjoyable.

Also, is this game going to be free forever, like Dwarf Fortress? (I've read DF will be donated to a museum one day)

This will probably stay a solo project for the forseeable future, I work with a team for my day-job, and it's nice to have a code-base all to myself for the evenings. 

I haven't decided, funding-wise. I don't want to pull a bait-and-switch, but some sort of funding would allow for hardware purchases to support porting to different platforms, or hiring an artist to do the visuals justice. I'm leaning towards keeping the base game free, however.

A patreon would work. If people want you to have money for this game why not?