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A member registered Jun 19, 2017

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Bug: When reclaiming maxed upgraded limestone mine, all resources cap at 70 from 220 and the resources produced of all resources are dramatically lowered into the negatives. 

Pop: 87 idle: 7 after: pop 88

happiness before bug: 127 (100%) after: 21 (-24%)

food before bug: 64 (72%)  after: 4 (4%)

Housing before bug 115 after: 4

Storage before bug: 220 after: 70

Administration before bug: 0 After: -1

I'm guessing this happens because negative administration. 

Cool, definitely will check it out!


Thanks! Very helpful. I like the new updat, but are you planning to add things that allow increased infrastructure that goes above the max upgraded administration center amount? Or are you planning to keep the amount you can build limited per settlement?

Is there a way to restart your world, or be able to see the seed number after you start the world game?

Here are some thoughts about the new version.

1.) When using the maximum fast forward button, the masklings seem to attack the settlement(s) way too fast. They reach the settlement(s) before you can establish any defenses. This happens on a medium map for both low and medium hostility.

2.) There never seems to be both copper and limestone in the same biome. Either that or it is rare. I feel that having both resources in the same biome would be fun.

3.) Trading. The trading seems to not work. Either that or I misunderstood how the it works. Simply telling the cart to trade with settlement A (with the resources ready to export) and setting settlement A to export resources to settlement B does nothing. 

4.) If there could be an option to turn the masklings on or off when generating the world, that would be neat. Mainly, if someone wanted to play the game simply for expansion. This relates back to number 1, where the masklings seem to be locating the settlement(s) too fast and with enough masklings to make you wonder how they found you that quick.

5.) good game, seems like there could be a bit more  adjustments that could make the game have more objectives and generally more enjoyable. The objectives so far: 

expand settlement

eliminate masklings 

Question: Does the world have a limit or is it infinite? I've been trying to explore all of the map with my soldiers.

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Ah ok, i'll try to remove some farms and see if it works(it did, thanks)

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The settlers get stuck on the road and are stuck in "traveling to farm" mode even though they are next to it. (almost all my settlers are stuck trying to enter the farms)

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What are the pigs used for?