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When you add boats, I was thinking could you add maybe a pier work designation much like the road but for water? Also just a thought maybe some time in the future a fishing hut for an alternative food source.

I'm not sure how I want to handle ships and docks yet. I've been toying with not having docks at all, since historically most boats were just pulled up on the beach in this time period.

thats true, most ships were handled this way.
The sailing technology changed in the late bronze age where ships got a bit more heavy, probably piers appeared in this period


I hadn't seen that article before, thanks for linking it.

no prob, it is always nice to make some internet searches especially for such interesting topics.

Atleast my search showed that the ppl of this time were not so primitive as ppl might think.
Trade was rly a big economical factor, especially this ship showed that trading routes connected already most regions of europe, north africa and mesopotamia. Seems like our ancestors were already some pretty busy ppl ;)

I got on a series of videos on the late bronze age, and the bronze age collapse, which was pretty much a direct link to this game. So much of fantasy and history seems focused on the medieval and iron ages. The bronze age in general and mesopotamia in particular are rather neglected in comparison.