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This was a really fun read! Even though I have trouble reading due to ADHD, this was more than captivating enough to get me to read the entire thing. Thank you!!

One silly question, what's up with smoking oestrogen in "The Pearl?" Is it just like "hrt but it makes you really high?" Is it like a special Estrogen Weed?? Would I get high if I smoke my hormones??? The people (me exclusively) demand answers, ma'am.

It looks like by running the game directly and not through's launcher, I was able to get it working. The game restart, actually, and this time instead of having my default name be like, "itch.ioplayer456543" or whatever, it was my name on my computer. But yeah, I think it's just that running it though's launcher made it get confused about something.  I guess I kinda answered my own question, in that case. Thank you, though!!

Yes, that is how I found out about the document in the first place. 

I'm going to try running the game directly, rather than through's launcher, and see how that works out.

Honestly, I really love this series. Part of me just wants another game where it's like "all of the characters just have a nice gay day together and work out their issues without anything u͕̣͎̳̰͜ņn̫̦͖̪͙ͅa̲͉t̫̠̙̱̯̙̣u͕̥̜̠͖̤̖͘r̞aĺ͚ happening," but that's just me thinking queer thoughts. In any case, thank you for working on this series! It's been really fun to play through thusfar.

I downloaded the game through the application, and I am unable to find the document with the code to the safe. It's not in my own documents folder, nor can I find anysort of "documents" folder in the app itself. Does anyone have an idea where I should look? So sorry to start a whole thread just for the one question, but I wanna make sure I'm not like, missing out on parts of the game,

Great game, and tbh I love these characters. I'd love to see more in the future!

Trans flag said trans rights

Fun little game! I don't really see how it falls into the main theme all that much just from the side of gameplay, but yeah! It seems like there's a few ways you could go with this thing in the future. I like the idea that the fish is piloting the uh, "fish tank" and that it's using up its own water, but as-is the only penalty for using up the water is just instant death when you use up the last bit. Maybe if you were to expand upon this in the future, you could have it so that the water is a resource that can be used for multiple things?

Also, I found the different colored water an interesting idea, although possibly could be a bit better implemented in the future. Yellow didn't seem to do anything, red seemed to just be a slow bullet, and the green bouncing bullet just reflected back to you, not bouncing off the walls with any other sort of reflection (although that requires some weird math if I recall)

Still, I like it! Thank you!

No problem! I'm sorry technical difficulties got in the way, I'm interested in seeing what the game looks like, and look forward to being able to play it when possible.

Seems more like a demo than an actual game, so I can't really rate it fairly.  In any case, thank you for submitting! 

I'm actually p curious about that sawblade thing, especially because you decided to use it for your thumbnail. What's the idea behind it? Is it more of just testing something out, or a thought on some future project? 

Pretty fun! A very simple game, but still quite enjoyable. I'd say that the main thing that I noticed, though, was the way that the screen just suddenly switched from gameplay to the bright-red game over screen, which kinda gave me a bit of a headache. Other than that, good job, especially on your first jam game!

I'm getting a notification that I can only run this game as like an administrator which involves giving the application my password and stuff, and while I'm 95% sure this isn't malware or anything, I'm still a lil uneasy about it, sorry! Any possibility you could re-upload this in the future?

Can't run the game either. Using the app, and even tried running the file directly from the file explorer with no luck.

I really enjoyed it! I think it needs a bit of polish, but yeah!

Fun game, but the controls are a little iffy. This seems like the kinda game that could be played on a keyboard and mouse, and in terms of the controller's uh, controlls, it's weird having the left stick/right bumper for one character, and right stick/left bumper for the other. Honestly, I think the main thing getting in the way for me is simply a hardware issue on my side, as the controller's left bumper is kinda crap, but still.

In any case, thank you! I'm rating this one real high <3

22 deaths! fun game <3


I really want to try this game, but when I press "launch" via the app, it doesn't work, and if I try to run it from the folder, I get an extremely zoomed in perspective. Is that perspective supposed to happen? Or is it supposed to look more like the screenshot?

Wait, okay, so that's what I thought originally, maybe I'm just confused about the story?

If you do "Hang up", you go to the scene with your therapist, but if you do "Pay", you go to the scene at the baseball field with the character's girlfriend. 

Is this girlfriend a different person? Did paying for the dinner and leaving somehow make the relationship work while hanging up and continuing the date didn't? Am I just being a total dingus and missing something obvious?

Sorry for the billion questions >_<

Can't run the game for some reason :(

The game keeps freezing for me in the very intro. As in, sometimes it freezes before I can put in my name, sometimes it gets to "that is an interesting name" and sometimes it freezes in the middle of that line. With some lil fixes, I'd love to try it out!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I wish that there was a "restart" button like you mentioned so you don't have to close out of it and stuff. I still don't get 100% of the story atm (I'm gonna continue playing it), but I really like it. 

The few notes I'd like to add are:

  • Add a small little optional trigger warning thing at the beginning of the game. I know some games have that, where the title screen thing has "start" and "show triggers", so that if you want you can see the trigger warnings ahead of time. 
  • Add a restart function, yeah, but also a "back" button so that you can kinda run through some of the other choices without having to do the whole thing again. Just a small little thing!
  • Make it more clear what your options mean. The biggest example I can give is on the date, where "hang up" seems to be like, end the date, whereas "pay" seems to have it so you continue the relationship? idk if I'm just confused about that or whatever.  

But in any case, I really like it!!!! I'll be honest, I was kinda searching through the submissions for a game like this where it's a little more narratively focused and where there is some form of queer stuff. I'd really love to see more things like this in the future; your writing style seems very real and like, accurate to the emotions and stuff. 

I'm gonna play through this a few times again, and hopefully come across a happy ending or two, if they're there.

Please... please explain to me what you mean by juice. I'm dying over here. Why are you looking for juice. Why do you need there to be juice in a chess game. Turn on your location I just want to talk.

Quite fun! The character felt a little stiff, possibly just because of the lack of acceleration/deceleration or whatever, but yeah!

Unfortunately ran into a similar issue...

I really wish I could rate this, but I can't seem to actually play it. So sorry!

I love it! I'd like to leave a few thoughts on what I love and where I think there could be some room for improvement, if that's alright! (also I'm not a developer so feel free to yeet my comments into the sun):

Atmosphere: I honestly love the atmosphere of this game, ESPECIALLY as shown in the title screen. One thought though is that the "overworld" music is a little unfitting, and could perhaps be made a bit more meloncholy or adventurous, depending on where you want to go?

Shifting: I like how you did the shifting in this! It's cool to see "shadows" of creatures in the other dimension. My primary concern is clarity. Although I LOVE the little animations and such, as it is implemented, it looks like you are changing the world, perhaps with some sort of time-travel thing, whereas from what I understand, you are trying to go for entering a parallel dimension or something similar. My suggestion would be that when you shift, that "circle" that starts to close on April expands from her in the first place, changing the scenery around her. If it is within the technical limitations, it would be great to see things outside of the circle be the "normal" world while everything on the inside is the "demon" world. That way, it looks like she has an aura around her that temporarily alters the terrain to be more like that parallel world. I have a lot of thoughts on other ways you could make this more clear, but I don't want to bombard you with any more than I already am.

Combat: The combat is quite fun! I think the only issue here is clarity. Would it be possible to make a "hit" sound when your weapon strikes an enemy, not just the enemy hurt sound? That way it feels like your weapon is connecting with the enemy, not just phasing through them. Also, I feel that in a lot of ways, shifting is MUCH more effective than dashing. After all, enemies can't hit you in the other dimension, and it's just as fast as dashing is. One last little thing would be to perhaps make it so that the last attack in the combo feels a bit more different than the others, like maybe a slightly different sound, having it push back enemies, and a delay between finishing the combo and starting a new one.

Movement: Again, I love it! I hate to be nitpicky, but would it be possible to implement something like little dust particles while walking? And I definitely think that adding something like a small dust cloud or something when dashing would make it feel much more "real". Also one last little nitpick which I know would be a huge pain in the ass, would it be possible to add sprites for moving in the diagonal directions? It's not just for looks, it would also make combat more enjoyable, as you'd be able to attack diagonally rather than in just the 4 cardinal directions.

Animation: I hope you're ready for just unending praise, because goddang!!! There are so, SO many little things here that make the game feel so alive and interactive. The way that the bushes and leaves drift, the little bob on the character's movements, the way that you can see them lean into the weight of their attacks, the way the screen shakes when you strike an enemy, even the little animations for your "stamina" being used up and returning, all feel really awesome! 

I'm sorry if I came across as overly negative with a lot of this stuff!!! There was a lot that I liked about the game, and I am really excited to see how this game progresses. As-is with the framework, I could see myself paying at least maybe $15 for what I predict the full game would be.

I really love the game... it has an excellent atmosphere, and the bottle system is magical. One big complaint I have about the game, however, is that the boat tends to go too fast. There's no way to slow the boat down, besides frantically paddling backwards. 

Ah, thank you so much!!!! For some reason I don't have any gear icon next to the launcher, and trying to get to the download page was a bit of a hassle (thanks itch :/)

If it's okay with you, mind if I delete this thread? I don't wanna cause clutter for everyone else looking through the comments.

And once again, thank you!!!!!!!!!

ah, uh, sorry to continue pushing this, but do you know how to download the patch using the app? it seems that I can either download version 1.02 OR the patch. is there something I'm missing? Thank you for helping me with this!!!!!

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i found the error :p

no idea how this happened. thoughts on how to fix? I'm worried if I try to re-install my data will be wiped

Hey! Just bought the full game, like 10 minutes ago. Only problem is... for some reason I can't enter into the sewers? I get a cute "mew loading" screen, then

Loading Error
Failed to load: data/Map024.json

tried restarting the game, didn't work. Also idk if my old trial tickets were also supposed to be traded into stuff like the newer trial tickets were.

(1 edit)

Hey, this update is fantastic! but uhh, for some reason, the screen keeps freezing on me. everything else in the background seems to be working just fine, but the screen keeps freezing. twice at the end of a battle, once while looking at my card book, and once while in the conversation giving the "pup" back to the sheep. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit.

edit: happened again during a fight against a red-eyed cluster

gotcha, thanks!!!!!!!

Hey! uhh, idk if this is intentional or not, but my old save data is not really accessible? like, the game seems to recognize that I HAVE old data, but when I try to load it up, it just starts a new game. Just wanted to know if that was intentional or not!!!

Is there any chance that this will be revisited/polished up at some point? I really enjoyed playing the game, but there are some issues that keep me from playing too much. If not, that's totally fine! Good job on the game!!!

This is a really fun puzzle game! My only complaint would be the UI/controls, in that it's hard to look around and move without a proper mouse, plus the screen size is quite small. If it's okay, could I request at the very least that we could move the camera around with the arrow keys or something like that? That would be a huge improvement. Thank you!!!! <3

hey!!! yeah, i recently made a twitter. Idk how to like, actually use it very well? but i @'d you. I have the slightly edgy twitter handle of zLearningToLive because depression and stuff. but yeah!!!

Just gays being gays being in love with your art style and also supporting each other emotionally

(Also this is blue-and-confused from tumblr and if u wanna talk lemmie know, I also really want to support you; as I've said before, your art and games has really done a lot for me in so many ways. I'm kinda in the mental hospital rn and having something like your games means the world to me. Plus I'd love to continue to bombard you with questions about your adorable world!!!)

Hey!!!!! I showed this game to some friends on Discord and everyone LOVED it. Everyone set their icons to different characters in the game multiple times, even the people who never change their icon ever. This game is so so so so SO cute, and absolutely everyone loved it. Yesterday I played Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet with one of the friends and they fell in love with your art immediately. We're gonna start playing the Treat games as well!!!! Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3