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Wait, okay, so that's what I thought originally, maybe I'm just confused about the story?

If you do "Hang up", you go to the scene with your therapist, but if you do "Pay", you go to the scene at the baseball field with the character's girlfriend. 

Is this girlfriend a different person? Did paying for the dinner and leaving somehow make the relationship work while hanging up and continuing the date didn't? Am I just being a total dingus and missing something obvious?

Sorry for the billion questions >_<


it's okay! I don't mind talking about the game.

to yr question: they're different women. different names. I totally get the confusion, though; I've just realized that the main HANG UP branch is ambiguous in several places, potentially suggesting a chronology (e.g. all hang ups ends up going therapy -> meds) but the whole game's intended to be non-chronological vignettes tied together with the ending line of one being the starting line of the other. sort of stream-of-consciousness flashes of "your" life, adding up to an impression. more obvious in the main PAY branch! another thing to improve post-jam.