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i love the rebellion feature

update; Shawn has joined- so if you want to talk to him come on in!

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Created by me; I invite you all to this discord to talk everything Bronze Age! Off topic discussion, modding, graphics, in game help, and more. Feel free to join!

I recommend everyone join it, since I'll be posting about mods, graphics, and changes.

currently, there isn't any roles and you're free to do as you wish; just don't spam obnoxiously, or be annoying purposely.

disclaimer: this isn't official in any way lol

I too agree with the abandoned empires; after having to abandon one of mine, I thought of the idea of ruined empires. It's rather cool.

ah thats stupid

I found that AI definitely knows where you are the minute you build, even though they've not seen your settlement. Especially with other maskling tribes. It seems they share knowledge with eachother, and from thereon it's just relentless attack.

not gonna lie, i like a lot of the graphics! except for the tree's, though. everything else looks so smooth and nice.


Amazing, playing right now!

If you were to release it on steam, I'd surely buy it.

Oh man, that happiness system seems cool.


When in speed 3 the gui becomes a bit unresponsive and buttons don't really work unless you click 100 times.

I'm on low and they attack me nonstop!


Whilst discussing and playing this game with my friends, we thought it'd be fun for a multiplayer feature.

One speed which could be set by the host and/or voted on by the players, and different civilizations for settlements.

I know this is a difficult feature- it's just something to plan for in the future!

Oh just made me laugh. Let me guess, you are using the unit bug?

Sweet. Love the unit selection. It was so tiring clicking around 10 times to move an army.

My city was rather big and I had fine FPS. How long were you playing, like in a matter of years?

In the combat update. All you should do for now is establish walled settlements. Barbarians are easy to kill.

I’d expand more if it weren’t for those damn barbarians!

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Decided to end a save today. Began in like, 500 and worked up 'til 702. 

(used some custom-made graphics)

Unfortunately, I decided not to expand into barbarian lands due to the large amount of them. Seriously, 5 units came to my guys everyday. It was too redundant recalling the units on and off and re-stationing troops, so I just sat them in the wall gap. Overall, very fun game.

Exploration isn't too fun, and it's more dangerous.

Great game, can't wait to play future builds. I'll probably work on a graphics mod for now, or start up another game and try to beat the barbarians.

I have still no idea what to call it.

World Map:

I dunno, I settled pretty close to it.

Great game isn't it?

I see it, but there is no way to interact with it to create limestone mines. Possibly a bug?

Can't create limestone mines for upgrading bakeries apparently.

It's really slow getting copper, and my trade caravans are having a lot of trouble delivering, so upgrading isn't a very viable option.

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Great game overall, but I think a few features could be added.

1. Possibly a time control feature like the old game, normal speed, quick and fast.

2. Building queue feature (for like creating multiple roads, not having to manually create them)

3. More immigrants. I barely get any.

4. More food output for bakeries.

what else is needed for 2.0?

you should release a test build to keep the hype up lol

(just kiddin, you don't have to.)

I was wondering about the future of this splendid game,  and I was thinking about children. Something most developers will have to think about at one point.

Will you be introducing children? 

If you do, maybe more prosperous craftsmen of the town could try and school them, so they can succeed their business.

Anyways, thanks for your tireless work on 2.0, really ecstatic about the future of this game.

Something I noticed, you can see enemies through the FOW by simply inspecting the area they are at.