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YEIY BOATS ARE HERE! my suggestion though is that you need to make a system that makes sure you can produce things without deleting buildings 


when i dismiss it, a hundred more need more housing notifications are thrown at me

i just crashed from that

when it autosaves i get fatal error

your suggestion is the first to be put to work! congrats!

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oh ok im not surprised it is pretty hard setting up online interviews and applications while trying to communicate.

thanks for replying!

P.S i'm excited for 3D gameplay but thats in like 3.0 or something.

it would be great if you hired someone to draw the sprites and a debugger so you could focus on coding more and developement would speed up by a thousandfold!

just a farfetched idea i thought of so it'd be great if you replied!

this is gunna gonna be phun fun!

create a file called ant game and put the data and application files in it boom problem solved

this post has gone silent


finally its october the long wait is coming to an end!

i is going to be hard to cope with the switch to hex based maps since we are so used to square based maps lol

wow did not expect a reply so fast lol

cool! how long until you think it will be finished?