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Lawrencelot's mod (WIP)

A topic by Lawrencelot created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 709 Replies: 21
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Hi all, here's my work in progress mod:

the idea is to edit the original artwork, keep a sort of Mesopotamian style, and add details to the artwork. Current progress:

  • Finished: Terrain, Road, Resources and trees, House, Lumberyard, Storage
  • Finished but needs polish/rework: Brickworks (polish), Farm (rework)
  • To do: Units, Pigs, Effects, Carts, Bakery, Mine, Maskling tent, Military buildings, Pasture, Pig breeder, UI

Files are available here: 

I'll make a proper mod file when everything is finished, but for now you could use just the terrain+trees as a separate mod for example.


Very nice, I look forward to seeing this progress.


Not sure I like the concept of transparent fields, and IMO you need less contrast on the terrain tiles like the sand and the deep water. But I like the buildings.

Thanks all.

Yeah I also don't like the transparent fields the way they are now so I will redo the farms at some point.


Looks a lot better than the stock graphics, nice work!


Thanks Shawn!

So, it took me a whole evening but the farms are much better now. Added some irrigation canals (don't think there were plans to add those as a game feature?)


I've toyed with the idea of adding irrigation, but I don't have any hard plans.



Pasture, Bakery, Walls, and north facing Tower finished. Walls and towers are more West-African style than Mesopotamian, but they seem to fit both a forest and a desert environment.

Will upload the new files when the towers are completely finished.

cool! how long until you think it will be finished?

These are busy weeks for me but  in October I have a bit more time. So hopefully by the end of October.

wow did not expect a reply so fast lol

I actually didn't check this site in a week or so and decided to look (didn't get a notification or something), then I saw that you put a new comment here 5 minutes earlier XD

finally its october the long wait is coming to an end!

It's looking great. Looking forward to it.

this post has gone silent



Bronze Age has been rather quiet lately. I've been busy working on 2.0 and there hasn't been a release in over a month.


Yeah I'm waiting for the developments of 2.0 now, I'll have to redo some stuff but it won't be too much trouble I think


I suppose it really threw a wrench into your plans, huh?

Sorry about that, hopefully 2.0 will be worth it.


Haha no problem, I didn't have time anyway these past weeks. And with the new version I'll probably be busy playing it first, looking forward to it!

hey i just wanted to know are the files from the begining still relavent ooorrr no?


No, sadly things have changed too much.