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The migrants get attacked bugg and game crashes is fixed but there are some new.

1: if a pig is on top of a construcktion site they will stay there, no villager can reach them and the only way to get them away is to destroy and rebuild the building.

2: Maskling camps. Maskling camps have a large bugg, In a old post I read that you could deconstruct maskling camps in the inspect menu, I tried and it actually works, the masklings decontruckted thier tent wich then became construcktion grounds, they attempted to rebuild the tents, which they couldn`t and since then I never got an attack from that camp (I also don`t know if it got rebuild, but the hammering noise stopped.)

3: in the Settlemend info menu you can tell them to store, for example 600 food...... doesn`t work, same with mudbrick and wheat. Why doesn`t it work, that`s because if you tell them "store mudbrick, food or wheat" they start farming mudbrick or wheat, but not the needed amount but way more, with mudbrick for example I told them to store 600, they went to produce mudbrick, alot of mudbrick and when the brickworks was full they finially started moving the brick to the storhouses, not ending up with 600 stored but with 2200+. Another wierd think is is that storehouses have 40 spaces but I have storehouses with not 40 stored items but almost 250 items per storehouse.

Made a note of those, thanks!