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couldn`t find a button for it, might have missed it 50 times though, thanks for the help

Maybe a other idea could be a quest log, or if it already exist a easier way to find it because I have no clue what to do with my quest

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Hi I really like the game but I noticed some bugs, mainly with selling items.

1. If you (for example) stand on a greathammer and pick it up the hammer puls you in the air, it is enjoyable but most likely unintended, also items tend to fly off if you pick up something underneath them.

2. selling doesn`t work with pre made items, I premake items because it speeds up the process and gives you some extra money for the short time but it tends to be buggy. At first I put my items on rack next to the door this, however stopped customers from taking the item, you could swing the requested item in thier face forever before they took it, if they took it at all, now I leave my items in the back, next to the crafing bench and this happens no more.

3, incorrect sales. I don`t know if this only happens with pre-made items but sales are incorrect, if I check the sales log I see daggers that appearantly had gaurds, normal polearms grips that get sold for fancy polearm grips (note that the price remains $10 and this always happens, a naming bug) a dagger that has a large hammer head (also gets sold for $30) or Greatswords that get sold for $8 cause the blade isn`t recognised (also happens quite often). The polearm grip is a naming bug but all the other buggs are bugs in the sell process, daggers are sold for more cause of the (none existant) gaurds, sword have hammer heads and greatswords loose thier blades(note, only greatswords lose a part, the blade, further parst get switched, same value or more expensive or non sword items get a one hand gaurd V2 added)

I hope this is usefull, keep up the good work

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The migrants get attacked bugg and game crashes is fixed but there are some new.

1: if a pig is on top of a construcktion site they will stay there, no villager can reach them and the only way to get them away is to destroy and rebuild the building.

2: Maskling camps. Maskling camps have a large bugg, In a old post I read that you could deconstruct maskling camps in the inspect menu, I tried and it actually works, the masklings decontruckted thier tent wich then became construcktion grounds, they attempted to rebuild the tents, which they couldn`t and since then I never got an attack from that camp (I also don`t know if it got rebuild, but the hammering noise stopped.)

3: in the Settlemend info menu you can tell them to store, for example 600 food...... doesn`t work, same with mudbrick and wheat. Why doesn`t it work, that`s because if you tell them "store mudbrick, food or wheat" they start farming mudbrick or wheat, but not the needed amount but way more, with mudbrick for example I told them to store 600, they went to produce mudbrick, alot of mudbrick and when the brickworks was full they finially started moving the brick to the storhouses, not ending up with 600 stored but with 2200+. Another wierd think is is that storehouses have 40 spaces but I have storehouses with not 40 stored items but almost 250 items per storehouse.

If there really are that many comments that it get disorganised it might be a good idea, the pre-existing comment would dissapear but a organised message board wil easily make up for it in my opinion, but do as you must.

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Hi, I really like this game but my newest world keeps getting a fatal error. In this world I only have one settlement with 66 inhabitants but for some reason the attack alarm goes of after which the game gets a "fatal crash". Restarting the game doesn`t work and it happens every time, the wierd thing is the second after the alarm I get messages of a villager has been hurt just before the crash, almost like the masklings spawn in my settlement causing the game to freak out and crash. EDIT: A migrant group spawn really far away from my settlement in the middle of a maskling army, they attack and the game crashes.

A other small bugg I came across it that you can build roads under trees and that if you destroy roads on a mountain or beach the block always becomes grass, no matter it previous block.

I also have some ideas.

 1: If you expand your village into the woods you get alot of wood which you can`t really use and just sits in your storages, maybe wood could be used for upgrades like soraxa mentioned but it could also be used to build boats for exampe or possibly even to build wood platforms that make it possible to (somewhat) solidify the ocean making it possible to build (smal) buildings on them.

 2: The mountain which appears to be in every world could also have a function, for example to build somekind of heavily secured fort or  transform it into a stone and mineral mining outpost, getting acces to more recources for higher tier builds or army upgrades.

3: I often get myself a bit in trouble when I build larger areas, I, for example destoy the starter farm and backery to build plan and build a bigger project which when I build it often builds everything a the same time meaning that farms and backery`s get left behind till everything is about done. My idea for this is that you can prioritise buildings in the inspect mode to make sure the important stuff gets build first and later the less important buildings, could be handy.

I know these are large ideas that might not fit in your idea for the game, but it are some of the things I could think of that might be capable of being added and if you don`t like it, leave them, the game is already really enjoyable and the only thing I can say is good job and keep it up.