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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

I don't know if there are plans to add this but it would be nice.

A topic by Ryan7251 created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 190 Replies: 5
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I would love to see a no permadeath option I know some people hate it but if it's a option why does it matter?

Anyway I loved the game only big issue for me was the permadeath  I hate spending time on something only to lose everything anyway just a idea I mean I feel this game is kind of like caves of qud and I love that game since I can disable the permadeath so I would love to see that added sometime.

Yes, this is something I've added for the next version. :)


Maybe a other idea could be a quest log, or if it already exist a easier way to find it because I have no clue what to do with my quest

Press J to open the quest log :) Make sure to check the controls to see what's available.

couldn`t find a button for it, might have missed it 50 times though, thanks for the help

moved this topic to Suggestions