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first time player here

Overall a very fun game and I hope the rumors that you plan to quit working on it are not true as for bugs I can only think of 3 bugs I have ran into on

1. There is a unknown signal I can't seem to process to level 3? everytime I try the signal gets deleted?

2. the first kurfur  I got despawned or something on the radar it says it is a little bit north of me anyway got a new kurfus and he has yet to desspawn

3 And lastly kurfur will not fix one of the servers in the base. My guess is something in the code makes it so he does not "see" the server so it's like it is not there.

anyway i'm on 7.00010 I think you may have a update past this but worried I will screw up my save if i update

OK real question are there plans to lower the trip rate like I feel it is way to high maybe make it a low chance of falling over?

it means I like the funny little mushroom man.

Fetish Game :)

oh seems i was wrong boys

yeah seems we were lied to boys unless it comes out in the next month plus like 2 days.

cool idea i watched markiplier play the game sadly it seems most people think you are into fat fetish stuff now due to the mother being....yeah anyway.

Does anyone know how long this game is overall?

it has promise

looks like a furry made this game....

never played the games would i understand this games plot?

looks fun :)

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Looks fun it really does but I will wait to play. since i only really play finished games.

PS fun fact i think the search is confused since this game shows up if you put inflation in as a tag very odd.

Oh this game looks so cute just saying I have not played the demo since i don't like having to wait if i really like a game i would rather get the full game but just wanted to say I'm 100% getting this when it gets out!

so umm silly question but does anyone know where the key of regret is?

Hi just wanted to say i beat the game today and it was 20 hours of good fun but if i had to complain about anything there are a few parts of the game i don't understand stuff like way was the one monster in the playground good but would turn mean and attack people?

And the other thing was what was so funny at the ending of the game?

But overall a blast to play :)

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Oh i see will just know so far i have really loved your game and you did great work on it!

Also 5/5 stars :)

Hi i don't know how much more of the game i have I'm 8 hours in and made it to downtown and so far i just want to say a few things.

1.Great game I really like what i have played so far only issue i would give it is I wish some of the passive skills increased damage not just HP/PP also skills seem a little expensive but over all a great game.

2.This may sound rude but why did you not ask for money for this game? It is high grade and i feel worth some money also i see no copyright issues unless i am missing something.

How long is the game if you don't mind me asking?

I'm guessing the game is dead real shame but life happens right?

I like playing however i had to stop do to a odd issue of whenever i entered a battle my game would flicker really bad for like 3 secs and it was hurting my eyes.

However it was fun reminded me of earth bound shame to game said i would like some fox or something at the start wanted to meet that character maybe if the game is still being worked on once it is done and screen issue is fixed i will try the game once more.

I think I maybe the first one brave enough to say i played some of this however i seem to have ran into a game ruining bug.

on the first night after saving E-V927 after going to bed i wake up and the game says it is still dead of night And if i try to go back to sleep the game screen goes black i can still move around and do things but i see nothing i have tried to restart the game and this happens everytime.

Truth be told i would get it from here but.

1. I like my games in one place.


2.I use pre paid cards and cash for most of the stuff i buy just to be safe you never know with them sneaky hackers :)

I plan on getting this game once it goes to steam :)

Oh snap maybe it was not just me...

Hi umm I don't know what happened but it is working now I mean sorry if I worried you but it's really odd because it was not a old save or anything but like I said it's working now :) maybe it was a hiccup in the code or something I don't  know :) 

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic permadeath not working?

So settings are saving now :) but after some testing (AKA making a PC and doing a little bit of stuff then saving and killing myself) it seems parmadeath when turned off still happens I tested this 4 times and each time parmadeath acted as if it was enabled anyone else able to remake this issue or is it just my game?

I have tried to change the settings in the config jons file to no effect it would seem the game is just not saveing any of my settings for the game...odd.

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I have 2 annoying issues.

1.My game options do not save if I Exit the game and hit continue this is somewhat a issue since I want to play on permadeath off but I will have to go into options and turn it off everytime I play also I like moving with the mouse and that gets turned off too.

2.I like to play on fullscreen but everytime I pick fullscreen it will stay on fullscreen till I leave my game but then it goes right back to windowed mode.

If this is just my anyone know some fixes?

You can now disable permadeath (saves being deleted upon death) in the options menu.

*Does a silly little dance*


I would love to see a no permadeath option I know some people hate it but if it's a option why does it matter?

Anyway I loved the game only big issue for me was the permadeath  I hate spending time on something only to lose everything anyway just a idea I mean I feel this game is kind of like caves of qud and I love that game since I can disable the permadeath so I would love to see that added sometime.