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I think I maybe the first one brave enough to say i played some of this however i seem to have ran into a game ruining bug.

on the first night after saving E-V927 after going to bed i wake up and the game says it is still dead of night And if i try to go back to sleep the game screen goes black i can still move around and do things but i see nothing i have tried to restart the game and this happens everytime.

Truth be told i would get it from here but.

1. I like my games in one place.


2.I use pre paid cards and cash for most of the stuff i buy just to be safe you never know with them sneaky hackers :)

I plan on getting this game once it goes to steam :)

Oh snap maybe it was not just me...

Hi umm I don't know what happened but it is working now I mean sorry if I worried you but it's really odd because it was not a old save or anything but like I said it's working now :) maybe it was a hiccup in the code or something I don't  know :) 

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic permadeath not working?

So settings are saving now :) but after some testing (AKA making a PC and doing a little bit of stuff then saving and killing myself) it seems parmadeath when turned off still happens I tested this 4 times and each time parmadeath acted as if it was enabled anyone else able to remake this issue or is it just my game?

I have tried to change the settings in the config jons file to no effect it would seem the game is just not saveing any of my settings for the game...odd.

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I have 2 annoying issues.

1.My game options do not save if I Exit the game and hit continue this is somewhat a issue since I want to play on permadeath off but I will have to go into options and turn it off everytime I play also I like moving with the mouse and that gets turned off too.

2.I like to play on fullscreen but everytime I pick fullscreen it will stay on fullscreen till I leave my game but then it goes right back to windowed mode.

If this is just my anyone know some fixes?

You can now disable permadeath (saves being deleted upon death) in the options menu.

*Does a silly little dance*


I would love to see a no permadeath option I know some people hate it but if it's a option why does it matter?

Anyway I loved the game only big issue for me was the permadeath  I hate spending time on something only to lose everything anyway just a idea I mean I feel this game is kind of like caves of qud and I love that game since I can disable the permadeath so I would love to see that added sometime.