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Yeah, I still have to setup pathfinding on the world map. It's not intentional to have any area inaccessible yet, And it's only unlucky times where the ring forms. 

I've removed the need to move on the local map through tundra in 0.5 3, but there are still issues with switching between them in odd cases. Thanks for the report!

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Are you playing on 0.5.3? I thought I fixed the invincible enemies bug, but I could be wrong. The world map tiles losing their notes is something I'm working on, as well as writing your own map notes. Not sure what happened with the level regenerating with you inside a small isolated area though. 

Not a bug. You have to interact with the statue with a digging tool equipped. The default key for that is space.

Strange. Thanks for the report! I'll look into it. 

What do you mean stop spawning? The enemies already on the level disappear? 

Wow, looks like your save files are huge! 123,000 kB! I've never had one of mine go over 1,000! I think that's why it's not loading correctly. I'll have to do some culling for sure.

Thankfully both known and fixed for the next version :)

Reloading with "R" has been around since firearms had ammo :P

which operating system do you use? The file path is determined by that. I can help you through it  

Can you send a pastebin of your log file?

I did notice the level up glitch, but a bit too late to catch for 0.5.2. Shucks. I think there's a different internal list being generated from what's being displayed. I'll check on what's causing it to shuffle on escaping. Gotta default to none if you press anything else. 

The log file you sent was clean, meaning you didn't have any errors. Did it finish saving before you quit? Seems like it ran into an issue, tried to course correct, failed. I think this might have to do with the large number of screens it's trying to save. Non-important ones should be culled. 

Yes, this is totally a planned interaction, and a big bonus for both flying and energy damage. :) 

Whoops, missed this topic coming up. I'll look into sorting items by type for throwing. I can see that being quite tedious having to scroll down every time. 

I appreciate the concern :) Axu has been in development for around four years now. During that time I've definitely pushed myself too hard at times, and that's probably due to my OCD, and my need to address issues as soon as possible. I've been through a couple bad burnouts, but always make it back! I try to make time for rest, especially after a string of releases. 

There's a fullscreen toggle on the main menu. I'll look into the other stuff

OS? Version of Axu?

Could you take me through your process? It's working fine on my end.

The 1d3 is the melee damage. Throwing damage is calculated seperately.

Still an issue with 0.5.1b? Could you take me through the process where it doesn't save?

At this point, no. Most versions break save data, as I add or remove variables from the file. As I get further along in development, that will be more concrete though. 

screen cuts off the log where I could find the issue. 

Axu community · Posted in save bug
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Having trouble reproducing it. The error message seems like it's having trouble saving an item in an NPC's inventory. I'll take a closer look. Did you post this on the Discord? I think I saw a similar bug there, if not the same. EDIT: It was in another bug post. My bad.

Strange, I thought on "fetch" quests I placed a quest marker at the recipient's map tile. Guess not!

Good catches on the carry capacity bugs! I'll fix those as soon as I can. I'm very happy to hear the performance has increased :)

Merci beaucoup!

Definitely not intentional! I'll fix that ASAP. 

Yeah, it is too powerful in its current state. I'd like to keep it relevant, at least with weapons and other heavy gear, but the skill definitely needs a nerf all over. 

For the next version, you're able to equip throwing items in the firearm (renamed to ranged) slot. So you'll just press the fire key to throw instead once the correct item is equipped there. Stackable items already in your inventory are also picked up by walking over the tile, so that solves two gripes :)

I had thought the throw key (default is T) would be good enough, but selecting the right item to throw is still tedious every time. This will still be the main way to throw non-throwing items, as I don't want to clutter the actions menu too much for every item. 

Quite possibly. Thanks for the report regardless :)

Is this after dying once then reloading an old save, or is it just not working alltogether? Make sure to make a save before dying. I'll do some tests as well to make sure it's working as intended. 

Axu community · Posted in Zoom in?

Working on it. Think I found the culprit!

This will take me a bit to put together. Some of the fun is not knowing how these systems work or interact, but if you really need to know...


"could you give a list of the stat effects and the meaning of status effects?" 


  • Strength: Increases physical damage.
  • Dexterity: Increases ranged damage and accuracy.
  • Intelligence: Increases damage with non-physical abilities.
  • Endurance: The chance to resist status effects, and decrease their time.
  • Speed: Increases the number of actions you can do per turn.
  • Accuracy: Increases your chance to hit with both melee and ranged weapons.
  • Stealth: Lower chance of being spotted by enemies.
  • Heat/Cold Resist: The amount of resistance you have to these two temperature-based damage types.
  • Radiation: The higher this is, the more likely you are to mutate.

Status Effects:

  • Haste: Speeds you up for the duration.
  • Slow: Slows you down for the duration.
  • Poison: Deals damage over time while you are above 1 HP.
  • Bleed: Deals damage over time more slowly while you are above 1 HP. Instead of a duration, it has a chance to stop every 3 turns.
  • Regen: Heals you for a certain amount every turn for the duration.
  • Stun: Skip turns.
  • Confusion: You have a chance of walking in a random direction while active.
  • Blind: Your sight range becomes 0.
  • Grounded/Prone: You cannot move, but can still attack. Has no effect on what body parts can/will attack (yet, at least)

"how does armor actually work?"

  • It works on a per-body-part basis. If your Left Arm is struck by an attack, but you have no armor there, then you will take the full force of the blow. If you have equipment covering that limb, the damage dealt is subtracted by that equipment's armor, plus any innate values.  Many traits or mutations offer a general +1 to overall armor, like Scales. (The number in "[" or "]" braces on the character screen beside each part is its armor value.) 

"how do shields work? i seem to block a lot more but it doesnt have stats so whats the calculations behind it and how do i know what shield is best?"

  • The tier list is in the item's description. "Decent", "Good", "Superb". Could use colour coding or something. Seems like many glaze over the details. 
    • Decent: (2 x offhand skill) Chance to block.
    • Good: (4 x offhand skill) Chance to block.
    • Superb: (8 x offhand skill) Chance to block.

"what effect does being in water have?"

  • If you're not flying, it will slow your movement. That's it so far.

"is there a way to lvl up skills like lightning bolt similar to how you lvl weaponskills?"

  • Some skills gain levels through use, yes. 

"is there a lvl cap for weaponskills?"

  • They cap at 8 for the moment.

"and any other that might be helpful?"

  • Generally, higher numbers are better than lower numbers, and better descriptors have better numbers behind them. 

I haven't changed those values themselves, but I have noticed decreased chance to knock enemies over with shield bash since the last update. I'll take a look at what's changed. :)