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Axu community » Bugs · Posted in Traits

I must have removed that command. You can look in the xml source files to see all the traits.

If I had the time/energy, maybe. Unfortunately Axu is a hobby project of mine, and I aim to keep the history of the planet static.

This one has been reported previously. I thought I solved it earlier, but apparently some countries have issues with date/time formats. I've put out another hotfix to (hopefully) remedy the problem.

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Sorry for the delay. Busy times these days.

Try deleting your save games, and let me know if that fixes it.

Edit: Pushed out a couple patches to remedy some issues. Hopefully the latest fixes your issue by itself.

Thought I replied to this, my bad. Changed it so she escapes by herself if the player doesn't aid her. 

I couldn't stay away! D:

I've spent lots of time since then overhauling the quest system, so I believe the bugs should be fixed. It is hard to say though, since I can't recall the state the game was in at that point. 

Use the console. Open it with the "End" key, then type:

spawn npc NPCID xoffset yoffset 

So if you wanted to spawn grum one tile to the right of you, you would type:

spawn npc grum 1 0

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On vacation at the moment, so my reply can't be as thorough as I would like. 

I agree that there is a very large difference in reliability between standard attacks and abilities. I'm still unsure on how to deal with this. I know some should increase in power faster, particularly ones that use your weapon to attack, like juke and charge. Enemies seem to be able to take more hits and hit more reliably is due to their stats being more fixed than the player. The damage calculations are identical, though each NPC has it's own accuracy and weapon skill level. Later on in the game, these numbers increase quite a bit. Mutations, especially ones that grant extra limbs, are the "intended" progression path. This, combined with more powerful synthetic limbs can easily make the game a joke. The iodine pills and genetic stabilizers are simply one option for players, not something you need to use. 

Weapon damage takes into account your character's strength and weapon skill into account when rolling for damage. The die roll is additive on top. This is why you are dealing more damage than anticipated. It is then reduced by the target's armor on the hit limb. (Which, in the case of NPCs, is generally the same for all body parts for now) Scalpels have the benefit of being very fast with more consistent damage. I think I need to do another balance pass where some weapons rely more on other stats. Strength wouldn't be too useful when wielding a smaller weapon. 

The save isn't broken thankfully, I just need to make a quick fix. Unfortunately I am on vacation at the moment, but will remedy it as soon as I can. 

I've made it so they prioritize adjacent tiles instead. Will be less strange.

Oh do you mean enemies are teleporting to random positions when entering a map? This can happen if they occupy the same tile as you are entering into while going into a map.

if you have a spear or any mid-range weapon on your main hand, you can't approach NPCs by 1 block

Found and fixed the issue for the next build!

I think the Intrine Arm shouldn't be affected by your mutations since it's not a part of your body

It should be flagged as synthetic and external, and therefore not subject to mutations. I've had some similar issues with other flags not loading properly, so maybe this is related.

shouldn't some mutations, like claw, beck, horns, wings, dorsal fin, be able to be removed on the doctor?

Mutations can be powerful, so having ones that take up slots is a drawback. If you were able to go to the doctor and remove pieces you don't like, getting an optimal build would be much too easy, in my eyes.

...shouldn't you use the secondary hand when you reach a situation that the main hand can't attack while the secondary can?

This is a leftover from old code where you'd have one "Weapon" slot and an "Offhand" slot, with both providing different functions. Since I've moved over to a "hands" system, I still only check the "main" hand while moving. I can see the benefit of checking all available ones before moving too. I'll add it to the todo list.

I once found an Item called Butchery Guide, but nothing happened when I used It

Whoops, a leftover item. You get the butchery ability from Saira now.

Sometimes NPCs teleport through the map

I'm afraid I haven't seen this one. Could you provide an example?

it should disappear after using it rather than keep it on the inventory

Yup, you're right. Not sure why it isn't removing itself from your inventory.

quest to Kill Izasna when I had already killed him, making it impossible to kill him again. I think the game should keep track of the main NPCs killed

Yeah, that makes sense. It does keep track of important NPCs (like Isazna) that are killed already to prevent them from respawning under most circumstances. I'll just auto-complete the quest if that is the case. I put it on the list.

Yeah, that's unimplemented content for now. I must have gotten sidetracked after creating the last working map and forgot to remove the down stairs. For now, it'll create an empty level as a safety net instead of throwing an error that could potentially break the game.

First bug was fortunately reported and fixed. Hotfix will be out later today! Good catch on the second one. I'll take a look at it. 

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Thankfully found and resolved the issue. Putting out a small hotfix to remedy it!

EDIT: Fix is out!

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Thanks for the report! Thankfully I am able to remedy the issue shortly and put out a small patch.

EDIT: Fix is up now!

I generally use snipping tool to screenshot segments. Clicking on the log will expand it to give me some more info. You can also (I think) go directly to the log file, which is more helpful. It is just unfortunate that the screenshot error was at the top this time. Will work next time hopefully. 

Ah that makes sense. Sounds like I need to give more to do in villages, or some kind of incentive to keep them alive. :P 

On another look, (after the jaw pain subsided somewhat) I'm on board with the changes you've proposed. I've increased the amount of ability experience at lower levels, and buffed generally non-hostile NPCs' perception to give more challenge when fighting in villages. Sorry for the grumpiness! Your suggestions are great. :)

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That's the screenshot drawing error.

I honestly don't understand everyone's fixation with attacking villagers and other wandering NPCs. Putting in effort to make them respond properly when I'm trying to complete the story first. They don't have a collective hive mind, and their perception diminishes over distance. If someone wants to spam abilities, they are completely free to do so. Abilities do not need to be leveled up to beat the game, and that is by design. 

Sorry if I sound grumpy. Just had two teeth removed.

1. Stackable items are automatically picked up. 

Sounds like most of the errors are mouse-input-driven. Harder to test since I don't use the mouse when playing. I'll keep an eye out for that. 

1. Could you post the exception the next time you find it? I've been tracking this one down for a while. 

3. I've heard about this one in the past. No idea what is causing it, honestly. Looks like it is improperly drawing a landmark sprite, but I've never seen it myself. 

6. After 6000 turns, most screens wipe and reset themselves, so yes. Exceptions include your home base and any areas with quest important NPCs. 

7. Yeah, that's a side effect from above. I'm trying to figure out a better way to store visited information without creating giant save files. 

8. The amount of limbs dropped depends on your Butchery. I'm thinking of increasing the number, but reducing quality going forward though. 

9. Butcher knife is an artifact item, so it is very rare. Rare items show up more frequently as the danger level increases. 

10. You can have more than one head, so yes. Not sure why you would amputate your head when you only have one ;P 

11. Skills aren't supposed to level up frequently. Their damage is impacted by your stats. Yes, using books is the fastest way to increase ability levels. 

15. See 9. Rare items are only rare if they show up infrequently. Common items aren't removed from the pool.

16. They will if they notice you. Higher stealth characters can get multiple hits in before their target knows where the attack is coming from. 

18. The Soldier doesn't call for help, so that would make sense. I'll do some more work on that. 

Yeah, followers tend to keep their last location upon entering a new screen via staircases. Still working out that issue. 

Thankfully known bug. There should be a blocker over the stairs, but it must have been removed. Fixed for the next build. 

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Where is this occurring? 

EDIT: Found the issue.

I released a hotfix not long ago, so the first bug you mentioned should be fixed if you update. 

Yeah, there isn't anything below that area. Not sure why it didn't have the stair blocker that time. 

Fixed #1 and #3 for the next build. Going to release a hotfix soon.

"Might also be better for them to not get extra Body Parts at the start, and instead only gain them through extra starting Mutations, just to keep things more consistent."
Yeah, this sounds like the easiest way to remedy the issue. I know that some players are particularly interested in having a random assortment of limbs, but to be able to allow for that, while also keeping stats consistent, would be more difficult. Having extra limbs through mutations would make more sense to me. For now, at least.

"...I wonder what happens if you've got the Wings Mutation, and an enemy cuts off the wings, do you still retain the speed buff[?]"

Yes, technically. But having a wing severed would reduce your movement speed by the amount dictated by the body part removed. I have a feeling having both wings severed would reduce your speed by more than the mutation's bonus would give you. You can use the console if you'd like to make specific "science-y" checks.

Alltogether, it seems like I need to put some more thought into the body part system, specifically how body parts interact with your stats. If it doesn't make sense to the player, then the system is flawed.

It looks like initial body construction doesn't factor in wings when calculating speed. If you were to get the mutation "Wings" it would add correctly, but I suppose in this circumstance it does not.

Thanks for the report! Found the error :)

Yeah, that's on my TODO list. You need to give him 4 items with the "Replacement_Limb" tag, and all at once. It is the only quest of its kind right now, so I'm not too worried about fixing it just yet. It will be implemented at some point soon though.

Looks like it was given an ability that was removed from the internal data. Fixed for the next build.

You'll need to find the save file directory and delete previous save games.

It is an error having to do with saving while corpse items are on the ground. The SHand error has been fixed for the next version. Waiting for a stable internet connection to upload the next build. 

Thankfully those bugs have been reported, and one of them fixed. Still trying to figure out the odd behavior with objects interrupting attacks. The Ctrl + Direction has been replaced by a quick way to use called shot (available to all characters from the beginning now). I should definitely have it check 2 spaces away for longer weapons. 

That quest was removed. I was never fond of it, and people kept getting confused. The pickaxe should probably be moved to another quest as a reward though. You're right that it can be confusing.

Good to have you back :) 

Oh right, I'm aware of that bug. Should have been fixed last patch. Quitting the game clears the flag. Should be working as intended if you're running the most recent version, though. 

#2 is fixed for the next build.

Could you elaborate on #5? 

6 is intended. Polearms take up two hand slots, so there's a tradeoff. Man-Eating Plants aren't intended to be very difficult anyways. 

I'll be adding more variations of the Power Plant levels. I don't intend to make it shorter. 5 levels isn't too long in my eyes. 

Axes, for the most part, have the same speed as swords. Larger ones can perform sweeping attacks too. 

Weapon-specific skills are on my ToDo list. 

Merchants are intended to be somewhat rare, and rare enough to make stockpiling gear not as easy. 

If nobody sees you do it, nobody will go hostile. That being said, if you're continuously able to kill villagers next to their neighbors, there probably is a bug. That or your stealth is insanely high. 

Thanks for the report! Spotted the bug and fixed it for the next build.