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Replied to XxswegxX in Bug Reports

Are you sure you're running 0.5? I removed those enemies from the arena battles last update. 

Replied to rakov in Bug Reports

Definitely accidental, as I uploaded the wrong folder. I updated it to 0.5! Let me know if you are still having the same issues with the real new version.

Oops! I uploaded the wrong folder before. It should be fixed now. Linux had the same issue.

Replied to Lars Dahl in Bug Reports

Thank you for all this! I'll have to go in depth later on.  A bit pressed for time at the moment.
In regards to no quest being given to you after the Ore pieces, that's the last quest in the line at the moment. The story is still in the works!

Defense is limb based, and items equipped only protect the limb they are on, so a defense stat does make sense, but on the limb screen (I could have sworn I put that in there...)

I'll do another reply once I have some spare time. Thank you again! :D

Posted in Changelogs


- Changed save directory to a more usual spot.  - Fixed a UI error based on the new status effect "Regen". - Many objects are more effectively pooled, reducing garbage and increasing performance.


Switched many UI windows over to Unity's new UI system: - Throwing item panel. - Ability window. - Item tooltips. - Loot window.  - Shop menu. - Alert window. - Quest completion window. - Side panel.  Options Menu:  - Added an option to toggle weather on and off.  - Added an option to remove the vignette effect.  - Added an option to turn off particle effects (including damage numbers)  - Added an option to disable outlines on walls and water. (increasing performance) - Edited some tooltip text to fit the new system. - Better HP/ST bar graphics. - Options menu now segments audio/visual/gameplay/misc options. - Made the Sandstorm effect a little less invasive. - Various performance improvements, mostly every-frame checks. - Grounded enemies don't play the hit animation. - Edited quest dialogue to flow a little better. - Tracked quests show up at the top of the journal. - Tracked quest names show up as another color in the journal page. - Fixed an exception when generating caves. - Crashed ship objects will no longer randomly show up in prefab maps. - Added a variety of custom caves to find within mountains. - The "Charge" ability now properly specifies the amount of tiles you can charge. (Ability level + 3). - Added another layer of protection preventing stationary enemies from moving. - New static maps. - New objects that can be placed in the map editor. - Switched keybinds from strings to keycodes to prevent translation time. - Merchants now have a budget, and cannot buy more goods than they can afford. - Merchants have their inventories shuffled at regular intervals, rather than per-screen load. - Merchants gold gets resupplied at the same interval, and scales a little with world danger level. - Adjusted stats of mid-game enemies. - Bio Cores no longer need to be equipped to use. Mutant characters with their back slot covered weren't able to use late-game armor because of the slot dependency. - Armors with armor values less than 1 are not counted towards proficiency blocking. - Regen Tonics now heal you over the course of multiple turns, rather than one huge block at once. - Removed sprites of characters swimming (temporary). - Removed the secondary keybindings (temporary). - Keybindings save between games. - Fixed some issues with digging over tiles you shouldn't be able to dig over. - Tweaked quest finished testing. It should fail less often when trying to talk to Quest npcs. - The Vigilante profession no longer has the "Sprint" ability to start. This was a change made for testing that I forgot to retract. - Creeping Tendrils now use the "Unarmed" skill. - Character profession name is now loaded and displayed in the character screen. - You no longer get a message saying your inventory is too full upon death. - The "Breaking Inhibitions" quest will only show up if you still have the Prisoner Inhibitor at the point where you get the quest. - Akk-Lune moves to the Ensis Stronghold Exterior once you complete his quests. - Reduced the amount of slow that can occur on a character in Tundra to 1 per turn.

Replied to vsviridov in Bug Reports

The Y coordinate is messed up, yeah. It's fixed in the next version, which is out soon :)

Thank you :) I lurk on SA every now and again, and didn't realize it was on the roguelike thread there! 

Huh, that technically should be possible already. I'll take a look at what's preventing that particular keybind from being unavailable before I release 0.5! 

Good catches :)

I've gone ahead and fixed a few of these issues. The Areana teleportation was an oversight by me. The Test Subjects have the ability to teleport, so I've swapped them out with another enemy type.  I'm still working on items and other features being placed into walls, as it shouldn't be possible. Obviously I've missed something!

Thank you so much for the report!

I haven't done much advertisement due to the fact that Axu is still not close to completion. There are three YouTubers who are continuing series, or done some videos on the game, an amount I am happy with for now. Development has been slow recently due to life going off the rails, but I hope to release 0.5 soon once I've ironed out the rest of my bug list. Motivation has never been a problem for me, just lack of hours in a day. If you know any other content creators, I think it looks better to not have the developer suggest they look at a game. :) 

Thank you for your kind words! Axu has been a labour of love for almost four years of part-time development. It means so much to me that others can experience and enjoy what I have created, and continue to work on. :)

That is planned, yes :) I've just been fighting with Unity's scrollbar system in its new UI. 

Axu's modding capabilities are still very work in progress, and are not very malleable at this point. I was more focused on adding or removing content to mods, so replacing items is quite tricky. I really like the ID system you mention, and will start on that tomorrow.

I do plan on having LUA as an option for modders in the future.

P.S. Don't worry about your English. You speak very well. :)

Replied to Soonapillow in Bug Reports

Thanks for the bug reports! A couple of these have already been fixed for the next update, but I'll double check to make sure it's working properly. :)

In the options menu, open the "Misc" tab, click the toggle to enable the console.

Once it's enabled, you can press the "End" key to open/close it at any time in game :)

Thanks for the kind words! It sure is :)

I put the game on hold for a little while to sort out some stuff in my life, but I am actually looking at the code as I type this out! 0.5 doesn't have a release date yet, but I can't see it taking more than a couple weeks, a month at the absolute most. An artist has offered their services to me, so the world is already looking 100x better than before! I don't think the next update will have the complete art overhaul, but it will definitely be a good start. Compared to previous patches, this next one might be pretty content-light by normal standards, but I've managed to do some needed reworking on how the game is saved and loaded. It also marks the halfway point to 1.0, which is really cool in itself. :)

Posted in Unable to play

Try deleting your save and settings tiles. Paths are on the main page. :) lemme know if that helps.

Replied to p609 in Bug Reports

Wow, you've covered so much ground, and seen so many NPCs that you're out of memory when accessing the file! :P

.I'll slim down save files, and start doing some culling of old areas to remedy this. I started a save and had it roam the world for 20,000 turns, saw the same results as you while attempting to start the game. Saving and Loading, as of a change 15 minutes ago (available in the next release, hopefully soon) screens are loaded at the moment you enter them rather than all at once.

Thanks again for the reports :D

Replied to p609 in Bug Reports

I see you've stumbled upon the "remorse" feature of Axu. Your character feels guilty about the creatures and people they've murdered, so ghosts from the past haunt you.

Kidding, that's definitely a bug. Must be some kind of exception occurring before death, causing the object not be be destroyed.

Glad to hear it's running well other than this issue though :)

Posted in Changelogs
(Edited 2 times)


UI / Screen:

  • UI Panels ported to new system:
    • Yes/No Prompt
    • Character selection screen.
    • Character stats panel.
    • Item actions panel.
    • Equipment slot selection.
    • Dialogue Window.
    • Status effects display.
  • Switched from one large mesh to 45x30 tile objects with sprites. This increases performance, and allows a greater versatility in how to display the map. (Local map)
  • Got rid of tile borders.
  • To show walls vs walkable ground better, many areas have had their colours reworked.
  • Items can now have unique display names. This is used to show what kind of severed limb has been picked up, or the name of the person who was attached to it.
  • Added support for multiple resolutions of sprites. For both NPCs and tiles.
  • HP/ST will no longer scale off screen with larger amounts.
  • Sell costs of items now display properly.
  • Fixed some shop oddities.
  • Stumps' names show up as red in the equipment screen.
  • Fixed some mouse issues with the equipment panel.
  • Added an option to the main menu where you can change screen resolution. Very limited for now. The new UI system doesn't scale as well as I thought.
  • Smoothed character and zoomed-in camera movement.
  • Shop panels display stack amounts of multiple items.
  • Loading icon more prevalent.


  • Decreased the stat values of normal severed limbs. Attaching and re-attaching these will only be a bad thing for your character.
  • Increased stat values for high-tier replacement limbs.
  • Increased the cost to attach limbs.
  • Severed limbs now remember their equipped items if they are unable to be removed from the limb itself (like the Prisoner Inhibitor)
  • Re-attaching a severed limb with items like above instantly re-equips that item.
  • Stone or Crystal body parts aren't severed with slash damage.
  • Bandits will appear less often in the early game. (Before completing the first dungeon)
  • Paths slightly favor cardinal directions over diagonals, so the player won't attempt to open all adjacent doors while pathing.
  • Spawns capped and scale better with world's danger level.
  • Removed shop money limit. This got in the way of higher-level characters, and only caused annoyance. Skyrim, anyone?


  • Implemented Shift + Key Keybindings!
  • Added resources back into the game.
  • Added a set of mechanical wings that can be worn on your back.
  • Added a new type of body part that can be attached without a limb slot in place. These mechanical limbs increase stats, and add an extra slot to equip items to.
  • Added a Book Merchant to the Ensis interior area. He sells Tomes.
  • Unique maps for ruins.
  • Added two new area types: Dead Forests and Mutant Villages.
  • Added five new NPC types, including a few late-game large enemies.
  • Two new factions with unique dialogue and regions.
  • Added diseases.
    • Leprosy makes your limbs fall off one by one until cured.
    • Crystallization causes your limbs to slowly be coated by a thick crystal, preventing them from being severed. -DEX, +DEF
    • Limbs can hold diseases. If re-attached, grant that disease again.
    • NPCs can also have you contract the illnesses upon their attack. Can be negated with various resistances and high Endurance.
    • Diseases can be treated by doctors for a high price.
  • Version control for save files.


  • Fixed some typos.
  • You can now click the "Continue" button on alert windows, and be able to move without pressing Enter or Escape.
  • Fixed vim keys directional defaults.
  • Fixed the continue button on the main menu not handling clicks.
  • Both the main menu and character creation screen allow the use of up/down arrows to navigate their menus.
  • Attaching an arm gives you back your Offhand slot.
  • Hunger and weather are now properly reset when starting a new game.
  • Quest items should no longer be dropped by regular enemies unless they're supposed to.
  • Teleporting shouldn't send you back to the same tile anymore.
  • Blocking with shields actually has an effect on damage, not just the number that pops up.
  • Failing quests now removes the quest icon.
Replied to p609 in Bug Reports

Do you have any previous save data from older versions of Axu?

The path would be Users/Your name/AppData/LocalLow/Ravensong Games. If you have save data, try deleting it. I'll check this out after work. I attempted to erase version specific bugs, but it may have backfired.

No need, that issue has been fixed for the next release :) It has to do with status effects, and the dictionary not being initialized at run time.

Replied to Desendude in Bug Reports

Thankfully, the second one has been fixed for the next release. There were a bunch of things wrong with the shop panel.

I'll get rid of the world map quest marker upon failing the quest.

Thanks for posting :)

Thanks for the large post! A large chunk of these issues is having not played the game that far in myself, haha. I've added a cap to the number of enemies that can exist in a world screen, and decreased the text size of the HP/ST labels if they're over a certain size. You say that just the prefixes don't show up in the inventory screen? Just the item name, or is the whole thing blank like HP/ST?

> "Random teleport ability bug: in fact it's not random but usually brings char to same very spot over and over."

Huh I hadn't noticed this. I'll see what I can do!

> "putting a cap on merchant wallet imo was not a good idea."

Noted. I meant to expand on this later on, with wallet sizes increasing with time played. Haven't gotten around to that yet. I can see how this is annoying.

> "player was able to pickup items from special menu, not running around."

I haven't played that game, but I can see this being a time saver. I'm not completely sold on the idea, but I'll play around with it and see how it feels. Manual collection feels like one of those "standard" features in most roguelikes, so I'm a bit wary of changing it. Who knows, maybe I'll love it.

> "initialy the map is covered in black and player needs to actually explore it."

This is on my todo list already, and I definitely agree. Waiting on tearing out some unoptimized decisions I made early on in regards to world map display to do this.

> "Also some marks indicating npc's / mobs / items on the ground would be nice. Like small red dot if there're enemies "

Same as above, planned but waiting on my lazy butt to fix some bad decisions ;) This would also help show what you have already explored.

> "mechanic / blacksmith NPC who can reforge mundane items into those with prefixes."

Specialty merchants like this are in-progress at the moment. (Like book merchants to aid in gaining abilities) Neat idea with reforging though. Would most likely be placed at high-level areas.

> "Like bring a breastplate and make holes for demon wings or reforge sword and shield for claws, etc."

This depends moreso on the balance I want to strike between being a mutant, human, some kind of cyborg, or a mixture of two or three. Restrictions can add flavour to a particular build, but it's just that. A restriction. Telling a player "there's no way to do that thing you want to do" is a pretty terrible design decision for a game like Axu. I'll keep it in my notes for the future.

> "replaced left hand with ensistic one and can't use off-hand anymore."

That's a bug, unfortunately. I think I found the culprit and worked it out. The system wasn't counting the number of arms correctly. Non-hook hands should be able to hold an item like any other, and Ensistic stuff should only add to your power.

> "make artificial high-tier wings, second artificial head with tactical AI (bonus to Int / Acc / Vision - you name it)"

You must be in my head or something, attachable mechanic parts has been in my design document for quite a while. :P

Thanks for the bug reports/ideas! This stuff is super helpful to see what my players want in Axu :) (because I unfortunately cannot think of everything

Replied to Shazamm in Bug Reports

Huh. That's strange. The only thing selecting the quest does in the journal is sets it to your tracked quest. Must be something else going on here. I'm assuming it's saving and loading fine for you now

Scaling individual enemies isn't planned, but easier Bandit encounters are. At this point, running away is a viable option. Early level characters will have a tough time navigating the world, and that's by design

Not a bad idea. All of the mechanics are in place, minus the surgery skill (I'd use a roll from existing skills, no need to add a third set of misc ones yet at least). I want to reduce both the effectiveness and number of severed limbs you come across. Losing, say, an arm might cost you 3 strength, and attaching it only regains 2.

Maybe I'll come back to this once I implement diseases such as leprosy and such. Swapping out limbs might have a much more of an advantage then. Right now it wouldn't do much but hurt your character.

Posted in Weapon damage

My explanation was very math-y, but it becomes easier to grasp if you think in dice. Roll X number of dice, and each die has Y sides.

Posted in Weapon damage

They're treated like dice rolls. If you have "XdY+Z", "X" is the number of dice, "Y" is the number of sides on each die, and "Z" is the bonus on top of the roll.

So the range of damage is (X+Z) to (X*Y+Z). 1d2 would be 1-2 damage, and 2d2 is 2-4 damage. Numbers tend to gravitate towards the average between min and max.

I took out materials until I can improve the building system. It wasn't very robust, and materials were more random than I'd like (other than wood)

They will be back in for 0.5.0 (next release will be a large one, so stay tuned!

Posted in Font too small

A little update on this. The newest version 0.4.5 began a multi-release upgrade to a better ui system with larger and clearer text.

Created a new topic Changelogs
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Here I will post changelogs from the main site.


  • Added a safeguard for loading keybindings from previous versions that didn't support Shift + Key keybindings.
  • Got rid of the death animation for enemies. The wait time between an NPC's death and the destruction of the gameobject associated with them could be the culprit of "ghost" NPCs remaining even off screen.
  • Teleport won't put you in the wall at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed "x(item amount)" from showing up twice in the tooltip and inventory screens.
  • Traits under the character panel take up less space.
  • Decreased saving and loading times.
  • Added a debug option to increase the turn counter.
  • On the main menu, if there is no save data to load, the Continue button does not show up.
  • Switching scenes changed to Async Operations to have less jagged transitions.
  • Reduced the save file size drastically by seeding all local screens.
  • Fixed an issue with quest target NPCs not appearing after a reload.
  • Equipping items no longer sets your inventory over limit.
  • Some blockable tiles cannot be dug through, like trees or cacti.
  • Ice walls, when dug through, leave an ice tile.
  • Poetry lists are now only filled when generating a poem.
  • The camera is pixel perfect now. Because of this, I had to have zoomed in as the default.
  • The camera now clamps to the sides of the screen.
  • While 'l'ooking, the camera follows the cursor.
  • Details in 'l'ook mode now show in the correct position, and are clamped to the edges of the screen.
  • New sprites for tiles and NPCs.
  • Autotiled water, swamp water, desert, and sand.
  • Added a slider for the "Traits" panel in the character screen.
  • The sliders on the inventory and shop screens now follow the currently selected number automatically.
  • The window no longer resets to fullscreen upon death.
  • The resolution of the window now scales to your screen if fullscreen.
  • Wave 5 of the Arena quests no longer has Test Subjects, who can teleport out of bounds, to kill.
  • Grounded characters can no longer move.
  • Replacing limbs via a Doctor actually takes the money away.
  • Time spent reading items now properly relies on your Intelligence rather than your Endurance.
  • Removing the Prisoner Inhibitor now boosts all your stats, as intended.
  • Severing limbs properly adds/subtracts stats based on its equipped item.
  • New quests.
  • You are now prompted to save before exiting to prevent save scumming.
  • Removed crafting menu, craftable items, and resources. They weren't adding anything except complexity to the game.
  • The Enter key on the keypad now works as an alternate "Select" button. It cannot be rebound right now.
  • Many many more changes/fixes/additions I forgot.
Replied to Shazamm in Bug Reports

Good catches. Creeping Tendrils as a weapon should be considered unarmed, not polearm. I'll fix that after work today, same with the extra limbs clearing mutation-specific weapons.

Bio Cores do need to be changed, as you can't use high-level armour or weapons without one, and wings or a fin do make that impossible. I have a few ideas on how to make this better, though I'd prefer not to add a whole new slot just for Cores.

  • Make more bio core items that attach to other slots.
  • Bio Cores are automatically used when in your inventory. You just give up one space in there instead.
  • Bio Cores "clip-on" to weapons/armour.
  • Powered equipment uses charges upon use. Bio Cores are consumables and act like Fusion Cores for rechargeable items. (Not keen on this idea)
  • Bio Cores can be equipped in any slot, but take up the whole body part.
Attaching limbs to an area that wouldn't support another limb isn't something I have planned. It's a cool idea, but ultimately will lead to massive lists of parts over time. Maybe I'll find a way to balance it in the future, but for now the idea isn't too tempting. I like the "dice roll" that is the mutation system.
That being said, I do have a really cool idea for how parts can be of use to you beyond waiting for a limb to be chopped off. Familiars will be built using various parts in a Frankenstein-like fashion upon finding the correct NPC, and giving them the best parts you can find. The character's stats and body structure would be completely up to you, and perhaps multiple creatures can be created, giving you an army of eight-headed, four-armed, no-legged monstrosities. Or whatever you'd choose to make. This idea isn't too far in the future either!
0.4.5 will be released tonight (tomorrow morning for most, since I'm on the west coast of Canada) after I get those mentioned bugs ironed out.

Posted in Great Game!

Thank you so much! It means quite a bit to hear those words, especially from a fellow developer who knows the motivation struggles. :)

I'm not sure if/when I'll be monetizing Axu. It doesn't feel right to do so in its Alpha state. Perhaps beta and beyond, or even just pricing expansions. I'll have to find out what feels best for me

Posted in Keybindings
(Edited 1 time)

I actually had no idea they weren't saved between games..Thanks for pointing this out!

Thank you very much :)

EDIT: This has been fixed as of 0.4.5

Posted in Font too small

11.6" and 1920x1080? Unfortunately the font doesn't scale with the window or camera size. (Yet)

Once the console is active, press "End" to access it.If you type "help" or "?" It should show you a full list of commands :) It's mostly testing stuff, and some could potentially break the game if used improperly. But have fun!