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I'm still working on some of the crashes, but am not able to catch every one, since I'm unable to replicate quite a few of them. There were some issues with combat, and saves getting increasingly buggy as you continue through the game. I haven't had a crash in a long time, and mostly see it on OSX and Linux, which I am not able to test on at all. I think the current experimental has the attached debug log, so look into that if you're interested.

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Sorry for the late reply! I wanted to make sure this was possible in a feasible amount of time. I'm happy to say that creating new areas will be possible. (COMING SOON!) I'm now reading local/world tiles from the StreamingAssets folder, so you can edit and add those as you wish. The basic workflow will go like such:

1) Edit the world map image to add the 16x16 sprite used for the new location. There's an empty row at the top, but you can always expand it. If you need more than 10. The index is read left to right, bottom to top, so place the newest tiles as far down and left as you can. The first available one would have the index of 80, just above the tent-looking tile.

2) Create a new local map, and change the Map Type to "Custom" (At the bottom of the drop down), name it whatever you want.

3) Edit WorldTiles.json, putting in the small amount of data needed by the system to determine how to place the new location. This includes the names of all possible local maps, the amount of times this area should be placed, and the tile index (from the image).

4) That's it! The system will automatically place the specified amount of this location on forest or plains tiles. If you need desert, swamp, tundra, etc, I'll need to create some new logic for finding open valid locations.

An example of the data file:

"Blurble1" is the name of the map, minus the extension (full name would be "Blurble1.map") This would place a single location called "Blurble" in a random position with the tile ID of 80. When entered, the map "Blurble1.map" would be loaded. If more names are specified, it'll pick a random one.
Right now, I'm working on sending static NPCs directly to a Tile ID instead of giving it a name for locations. Areas below this would be the cave as per usual, unfortunately. I'll have to do something similar with underground areas.

Positive elevations are stupidly hard-coded out, but I'll do my best to make it possible. Old code made silly constraints.

Wow, I haven't encountered that before. My Linux-Fu is pretty weak, but I'll look into it to the best of my ability. The game is meant to be played at 16:9, and the UI scales to that. Are you trying to play at half width on purpose, or was this the result of attempting to change resolutions to say, 1280x720? 

What was the context of the crash? There have been reported issues with some combat encounters in corridors, which has been worked out for the next version. I've also been tracking a very strange seemingly random crash with large save files too. 

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If you're putting in IDs, that would explain it. Try item names. 


"give Sniper Rifle"

Switched it to take both for the next version. 

By all means, spam away! I'm always open to functionality that makes modding easier! 

I hadn't even thought of using console commands. That's a really good idea. I'll also add in functionality to remove mutations and traits. There is "unmutate" I believe (Not in front of my computer at the moment.) But that is random. 

What item are you trying to spawn?

Found the issue, and corrected it for the next version.

I'm not sure how it'll work at this point. It's purely hypothetical while I focus on fixing bugs and adding features to the main game. Making new functionality for say, a progress flag, would require scripting to do anything outside what's already hard-coded. Either that, or the if block json objects to check if a certain one is present at any given step. 

It could be possible to also set function references that are called at various events. So if a weapon has a OnHit event, it will call that function with a set of parameters in the data file. That would require a little bit of busywork on my part, but could definitely add depth and flexibility. 

Sorry for my rambling! I'm not looking for an extra set of hands, but I would love to hear about systems to ease the modding community. 

I'll fix up some bugs and include that change in the next hotfix hopefully tomorrow. 

Yeah, thats quite a tall order, and something I was hoping to port over to Lua or some other runtime scripting language. I'll see what I can do though, even if it's not as flexible as you propose. It would be nice to create wholly new functions and logic statements without recompiling. 

As for the documentation, that I can do. I had that in older versions, But with sudden changes, it was quite the task to keep it updated. Now that things are more solid, I could certainly add that again. One of the changes I've been meaning to add was to swap the enums of quest flags, locations, etc to string values read from the json file itself. 

Unfortunately, that part of the world generation is hard-coded at this time. I'll make a reference for both the closest and random mutant village if that helps? What other ways can I make it easier on you guys?

I don't have any concrete plans to release a paid version, but I might after I'm out of Alpha and into Beta. It all depends on how confident I am with the game's playability as a paid title. I don't have anything special to offer anyone who donates, as this is just a hobby project for me  

Shoot, this again. Try deleting your saves/settings in the main menu (at the bottom right of the screen) and let me know if that solved it  

I did notice that one, and it's only while clicking. Not when navigating with the keyboard. 

Good catch! I'll see what I can do about fixing it :)

Wrong link! Changelog is here: https://sites.google.com/site/axudev/experimental-changelog

Absolutely. There are some areas which are, by default, are more difficult than others. I don't plan on taking the time to add such legends throughout the world, especially procedural ones. I would mostly scale the difficulty by biome and distance from the center. That way, the Tundra and Desert would be among the more difficult areas to traverse. Of course there would be pockets of very hostile areas scattered about, like Swamps and such. Good idea though. 

Noted. I'll get on that!

"all the severed body parts i get are terrible compared to my normal ones, and its near impossible for me to find a good part in healers"

All severed body parts have the same stats for now. I'm still working on that area of the game. Healers are supposed to have limbs for emergencies, not ones to directly upgrade your character. Body structure is still very early on, And will hopefully be much more flexible in the future. 

What version? 10 spawn, have their positions checked, And you only need 8 to complete the quest.

Just to clarify, like lifchicker said, I have fixed this issue for the next build, and am just waiting on cleaning up what I have to release on Wednesday.

By not having a level cap, I would have to make much more content to suit post-late-game characters. That may be feasible down the road, but I'm having trouble balancing even a finite and incomplete game at the moment. If this were more than an after-work project, I would definitely consider it, but that's not the case. I wish I could cater to every play style, and every kind of person drawn to Axu, but the unfortunate reality is that I cannot.

I do like the idea of increasing the strength of body parts, but I don't want to have players get too cozy with a set of limbs, and never experimenting with other body configurations. It's a very precarious balance I still haven't worked out.

How often does this happen? Do the enemies attack back, or just stand there? What weapon are you using?

  • "slight change in the leveling system, to have it have a cap level but add a stat point distributor or skill distributor

Interesting idea. I'm not sure if I'm going to go down this route, but it's definitely worth a look. I'm hoping for a low power curve for the game, but as I get further in development, it becomes increasingly impossible. I think being more liberal with stat points would be okay.  

  • "the arena needs more work too, like i have to use a ranged weapon to kill the enemies and i can only do one day for some reason."

You're supposed to teleport into the arena to fight, then get transported back if you win. I broke something in the quest system for the last update. This will be fixed for next time. There is also only a series of seven quests in the current version. Being able to do more randomly generated waves bases on difficulty is in my notes. 

  • "more enchantments, leveled and more diverse enemies, and an upgraded companion system."

What do you mean by enchantments? Weapon modifiers? Enemies and better companions come with time. My focus has been on QoL and fixes recently.

0.5.4 so far has full localization support! It will be released fairly soon. I'm cramming as many QoL changes and bug fixes as I can while I'm at it. 

Good catch! Thanks :D

Not a bug. You have to interact with the statue with a digging tool equipped. The default key for that is space.

Strange. Thanks for the report! I'll look into it. 

What do you mean stop spawning? The enemies already on the level disappear? 

Reloading with "R" has been around since firearms had ammo :P

which operating system do you use? The file path is determined by that. I can help you through it  

Can you send a pastebin of your log file?

Yes, this is totally a planned interaction, and a big bonus for both flying and energy damage. :) 

Whoops, missed this topic coming up. I'll look into sorting items by type for throwing. I can see that being quite tedious having to scroll down every time. 

I appreciate the concern :) Axu has been in development for around four years now. During that time I've definitely pushed myself too hard at times, and that's probably due to my OCD, and my need to address issues as soon as possible. I've been through a couple bad burnouts, but always make it back! I try to make time for rest, especially after a string of releases. 

OS? Version of Axu?

Could you take me through your process? It's working fine on my end.

The 1d3 is the melee damage. Throwing damage is calculated seperately.

Still an issue with 0.5.1b? Could you take me through the process where it doesn't save?

At this point, no. Most versions break save data, as I add or remove variables from the file. As I get further along in development, that will be more concrete though. 

screen cuts off the log where I could find the issue.