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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

0.74c - Can't load saved game

A topic by Scratch147 created Feb 06, 2019 Views: 150 Replies: 2
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Hey! I'd like to start this off by saying Axu is a great game, and I'm having loads of fun with it.

But I've run into an issue with loading my most recent save, every time I try it gives the message "MissingMethodException: Cannot create an abstract class 'CComponent'."

If this means that this save is toast then, I mean, that sucks, but if there's any sort of fix that'd be super rad. Thanks regardless, even if this does mean that that character's gone.

The save isn't broken thankfully, I just need to make a quick fix. Unfortunately I am on vacation at the moment, but will remedy it as soon as I can. 

That's great!

Don't worry! Take all the time you need. It's important to take a break/vacation sometimes, let the mind rest and all that.