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Hi I really like the game but I noticed some bugs, mainly with selling items.

1. If you (for example) stand on a greathammer and pick it up the hammer puls you in the air, it is enjoyable but most likely unintended, also items tend to fly off if you pick up something underneath them.

2. selling doesn`t work with pre made items, I premake items because it speeds up the process and gives you some extra money for the short time but it tends to be buggy. At first I put my items on rack next to the door this, however stopped customers from taking the item, you could swing the requested item in thier face forever before they took it, if they took it at all, now I leave my items in the back, next to the crafing bench and this happens no more.

3, incorrect sales. I don`t know if this only happens with pre-made items but sales are incorrect, if I check the sales log I see daggers that appearantly had gaurds, normal polearms grips that get sold for fancy polearm grips (note that the price remains $10 and this always happens, a naming bug) a dagger that has a large hammer head (also gets sold for $30) or Greatswords that get sold for $8 cause the blade isn`t recognised (also happens quite often). The polearm grip is a naming bug but all the other buggs are bugs in the sell process, daggers are sold for more cause of the (none existant) gaurds, sword have hammer heads and greatswords loose thier blades(note, only greatswords lose a part, the blade, further parst get switched, same value or more expensive or non sword items get a one hand gaurd V2 added)

I hope this is usefull, keep up the good work