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I figured it out. The file that you download contains the "Merfolk" file that contains the actual mod. Bronze Age needs the folder in the mod folder to contain the information.

Edit: The Canals aren't working, even though in the xml file they're set to swimmable. The game isn't identifying them as adjacent swimmable for some reason, and I can't chain them on land. Aside from that, great job.


I haven't tried, but I don't know why I would. All the built-in mods are in zip files anyway, so clearly that doesn't effect usability.

Does it work for you?

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Having difficulty playing so far - Took the files out of the internal folder and right into the zip file didn't help, Game still doesn't recognize the mod. I'll try in some other versions.

Was this designed for a certain version?

Ooh, I may have found it. Or just something else.

    "m_u_settlers.xml" for the Merfolk Settlers shares it's name with the Maskling Settlers. But I still don't think that would stop it from recognizing the mod.

HA! YES! Pig Chariots to kill everything!

Also, small bug where a bowman was chasing my slinger, then ran into melee range and stopped without attacking.

Would love a pause button and/or a save. Very Good.

I more meant for it to be that once they've stolen advanced resources, they can learn to replicate them using said resources. They'll still have to steal resources to get to this point however, and it would take a long time for them to begin producing even a small amount themselves.

Could you make the masklings be able to build lumperyards and stone mines, but only once they get the special resources you give them, so they can become self sufficient?


I'm wondering how to put something into a new AI behavior script that essentially makes it so the admin centre just "exists" and, as population increases, offloads them as settlers (It's for a Zombie Mod). I'm just asking how to boot out the settlers. but any extra advice would be appreciated (I'm not the best with JavaScript).

There's a terrain art glitch for the pods. Only noticed when I turned off hex borders, so not a big deal.

        Also - What are the plans for reworking the Twelpster?

Thanks Shawn.

Due to the new storage values, you need to have at least 3 spaceports to stock up enough metals to bribe the pirates. Maybe there should be some lower metal costs for the pirates, or a higher storage space for your settlement.

Very Cool. A bit difficult to get started, due to the complexity of production chains, but really enjoyable once you're on your feet.

Small Bug: An Abandoned Mill still gives a bonus.

Yes! Downloading as I type. So glad I went on to check.

I do think that would be nice, but a problem might be building placement. The arrow keys probably couldn't handle hexes, and it would mean that building placement itself would require the mouse.

Although I do think a few more hotkeys are possible.

Looks Great!

By the way, what kind of expansions are planned for this? I'd love more spacefaring races.

Found a Bug:

I think you forgot to remove the "No Structure" Build requirement from the upgraded plasma turret, because it says I need an empty hex to upgrade.

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(I think I may even prefer it to the original.)

Thanks. I was just wondering about it being in one larger file.

Looking forward to the new update.

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Sorry, I was a bit vague with that one.

When trading, the ships or wagons have to go to either the admin centre or a trade dock, or a Tradehouse. I just thought the Warehouse could double as a way to receive resources from the coast without having boats or putting your admin centre on the shoreline, or as a way to receive resources from anywhere on your borders without having a massive surplus of people with wagons.

Thanks Shawn.

(P.S. is there a more multi-mod compatible way to add resources to the game, like through mutators?)

I have 2 questions about item capacity and trading. 

1 - Could you make the item storage count less abstract? I'm talking about how the amount of an item a settlement can hold is based upon the production. It's a bit unrealistic for a settlement to store more wood because they produce more. Essentially I'm looking for some kind of Warehouse-like building that increases item storage.

2 - And could it be a trade checkpoint too?

Thanks Shawn.

Interesting. Also, if you can make peace with the masklings, perhaps Giant Rats could be the domestic creature link between pigs and horses.

I too have found a few forms of continental islands where even in Unfair difficulty the landmasses are too small for masklings

This is a lot of stuff! Looks awesome so far, very civ-like graphic style.

A more scaled-down riot could be resource debuffs.

   For example;

100%+ happiness - all is well.

75%-99% happiness - 25% less resource production.

50%-74% happiness - 50% less production.

Under 50% - riots.

The current enemies, the masklings, are a very simple enemy designed to add some challenge to the game. Eventually there will be rival humans with ships of their own, and possibly several different races.

But for now, deep water is an obstacle only you can cross.

Thanks Shawn.

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Ok, it's good. But the graphics don't look the best, compared to the 2.3 ones.

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Maybe you could introduce a charcoal smelter? It could convert 5 wood into 15 fuel, or some other sort of large output item. You could have to use the fuel for upgraded bakeries and smelters, as a price for their superiority. There could also be a coal resource scattered about that would work also.

I was originally intending for them to be a good scouting unit, but for the speed I gave them it was kind of insane how overpowered they were. As long as you started in a mountain region, all you needed was some stone and wood and you could defend your citizens and keep them happy with 1 or 2 intelligence organizations. I'm hoping to make it a little more balanced.

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or, you could upgrade a pasture to sturdier animals like oxen, and use those to upgrade your trade caravans, who will then move faster and maybe have a bit more health.

Speaking of trade caravans, The movement AI is still a bit annoying. They keep walking off the road, which is a more direct route, but movement costs make the path I took time to build better. 

Sounds interesting. I'm still thinking about the idea of learning other races' technology and adding it to your own, but your train of thought also seems pretty neat. What if, you had to do things to keep both cultures happy? Monuments would quell the human morale needs, but maybe the Masklings would want mini-totems all over the place? Those would be the negatives of a 2-race settlement, but maybe if it allowed you to use both structures, it would have some rewards too?

Also, maybe the more masklings you have in your empire, the better diplomacy will be. It would be neat if that was represented in the world map sidebar. It would show population, then individual race's population (If there will be more races added in the future) and the percentage of your population they make up. It could effect their opinion of laws, diplomacy - even trade could be affected if the new races brought new resources and structures to the table.

Then when the AI empire comes in, your main advantage is really that you have the technology and resources of multiple races forming one large empire, a borg-style utilization of everything you can use to bring down the enemy, who would probably just be busy destroying anything it comes into contact with.

I'm working on a new mod right now, but the 2.3 version should be out in a day or 2

Thanks. I'm going to release again for 2.3, and hopefully make the spies less OP.

(5 edits)

I've been thinking along the lines of this:

In terms of the masklings finding you, once the diplomacy update comes out there could be alliances formed between tribes, and some conversation could be exchanged about where you are. Also, I like the arena idea as a potential game mode for just practicing your strategic ability. super-small (10-hex wide) maps and placing in warbands would be a neat little feature. Also:

There should be some really advanced abandoned settlements laying about. You can capture them by simply building admin centres in the region, and it all is then yours. It can present a whole new side to "resource discovery based progression" if there are super advanced resources like Iron that can only be gotten from this one set of ruins, whose buildings are non-replaceable. Also, I feel like at the next opportunity to redo the maskling AI, it would be neat if you reworked it so that if they took control of one of your settlements, they would actually use it. Instead of just sitting there being confused, they could use your barracks to deploy archers, and use your towers to shoot your units as they attempt to reclaim your settlement.

Another potential side to this is; what if after capturing a different race's settlement and owning it for a while, you start to learn how to replicate their buildings? Say you added a new category, Experimental. If you've captured a maskling village and owned it for a while, you might get an alert saying "Your wise men have had an idea regarding Rat Riders and believe they may be able to breed them!". You will then have access to a high cost building in the experimental section, that may or may not work after you build it. Regardless, you can try again and again until you have a successful prototype, and from there can rule the map with maskling rat riders.

But the same could be true for the masklings. If they invaded your city for long enough, you could drive them out, only to discover they've begun to replicate your technology, upgrading their totems for more administration, building brickworks, and after that, walls, slowly growing to become the same kind of empire that would be capable of defeating you. I feel like this would be a neat change for the masklings. They would be far more sinister this way, going from the annoying tribal people to the annoying tribal people who will learn your technology and use it against you. 

Sorry if this comment is kind of long, I just started typing and wrote a lot. Enjoying Boats and looking forward to Nobles!

P.S. (There's a small texture bug in 2.3.0 where if you place a wall at the edge of the map, it connects off to the infinite emptiness at the edge. It looks like this:

Thanks Shawn.