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Previews are basically just Shawn showing us what the new update will be like. The actual update hasn't been released yet, and even when it does, it will be buggy for the first day or two while various bug fixes come out.

Thanks Shawn. I guess canoers will have to wait.

Thanks Twonky. Is there a way to change the animation yet?

Created a new topic Question about Modding

Just wondering, is there a way to have separate animations for different forms of motion? Like, lets say you have a canoer unit, and they can walk on both land and water. Is there a way to specify that on land they use the animation with the canoes held over their heads, and in water they'll be paddling?

And as a sidenote, can you alter speed for different terrains? Sorry if this seems weird, just thought I should check.

For the UI, just thought that with the rapidly growing list of structures, there could be some kind of hotkey bar where you can put stuff? Not sure if what's happening in the GIF is the answer to that though. Really just thought that with how extensive the build menu is, if shortcuts aren't on the list yet, they'd be a great feature.
Looking forward to 2.3 shawn!

So Sad it is gone.


I could spend days on that.

Thanks Shawn.

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You can't capture maskling camps in 2.2. Your Units walk up to them, and then stop and wait for orders. No matter how much you move them around they won't attack the Totem. Has anyone else experienced this?

Created a new topic Tyranny Mod for 2.2
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A fun mod that allows you to crush your enemies (and your people)!


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Love 2.2! Already figured out the best way to deal with Riots; well-placed towers.

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Already working on a Mod for 2.2. So many possibilities... I'm starting with something that will allow you to extend your administration, coupled with a spy-type structure that will force your citizens into happiness.

The Spy. Fast and incredibly powerful. Can be supported by an upgraded Intelligence Organization.

The Original and Upgraded Intelligence Organizations (Military). Costly, but necessary to keep up happiness in large settlements.

The Library (Civil). A structure that increases your Administration. Still have to add the upgraded version, than I'll upload the mod.

Happened to me too - my road got damaged and somebody stopped upgrading to fix it. Demolished the road and rebuilt it, good as new.

Already I want to be able to build a "scribe's office" or something for more administration.

Can't wait for 2.2!


Replied to Twonky in Modding Question

I'll try it, but one of the main problems so far has been actually settling in the ocean. I'm not sure if it's possible to instruct a unit to settle in the ocean. Maybe the "not_walkable" for the admin centre will sort it all out. Thanks.

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I'm on Microsoft edge - it doesn't load for me. I have an old computer, but this hasn't happened before.

Created a new topic Modding Question

I've created a fish race, but it's proving difficult to play as them. The swimmable token allows them to exist in the ocean, but not their structures. I can settle in large pools in a swamp, but the admin center itself has to be on land. My goal is to have their settlements be in the ocean. If I can use it in the boat update I can prey on travellers.

But really I was just wondering: is there a better way to make ocean structures than giving them the swimmable construction req. ? 

This is awesome. Just awesome. Kind of hard to play as the Twelpers, but still quite fun.

Maybe you can discover the Diggers when you find their settlement, like their Admin Centre is the cave entrance. They could have tunnels to each other and other fun surprises. Would also be a great mining opportunity.

How about Trolls? Or some kind of fallen human. Maybe an Orc-type being? Something that could exist along with the rival empire.

You could use the waypoints to set up assigned patrol paths. Handy in a massive-scale world, especially once the diplomacy update complicates things.

On a recent game I utterly destroyed the masklings. I mean, I methodically claimed, dismantled, and abandoned their settlements. But now I'm wondering about continuing using that world. I mean, there isn't much more combat I can do. Even if I migrate it into the upcoming morale update and suppress a settlement to create a rival empire, it still won't be the same. Could you throw in some kind of maskling revival? Essentially, they could rebuild a new village, starting from scratch. Unless you have settlements spread across the map, you might not know about it until all your fancy new settlements that don't have walls go up in flames.

You did a good job. A small game with a lot of depth.

Great, thanks!

Looking forward to it!

Wizard Towers.

A single unit with ultra-long range attack, but also one that, in the bottom bar with "move" and "rest" has a "burn" option, which creates a tile of flames.  They would take a while to set it up, and it would be temporary, but it would help with mountain chokepoints and stuff if you haven't built out that much yet.

Is there ever going to be some kind of political aspect to the game? You could, say, offer the masklings 50 wine in exchange for an alliance. Or for them to attack someone for you. Would be cool if each tribe had a name, and whenever you encountered one there would be a pop-up. Then you could say : "Attack FireHammer tribe and destroy (not capture) their settlement. You could start manipulating the masklings into destroying each other, all the while plotting your eventual takeover.

A Viking race of high-health beings that come and raid your settlement, destroying a few buildings in the process.

Also, if you were to add some kind of upgrade tree for towers and archers, where they could either get better, or be fire archers, would be cool. The fire archers could do massive damage to ships and wagons, as well as structures.

What if your new player empire were able to send nobles bearing gifts to other empires that you'd made before? Politics would be a neat expansion.

Would the nobles be able to kind of be like advisors, popping up to alert you of something their house is not happy about?  It could be kind of like having a tutorial built in.

Would the Nobles be able to have their own disloyal nobles, thus causing a massive civil war between dozens of factions simply because there wasn't enough alcohol?

Awesome game. I got 2 big guys!

Yeah. It would be neat if there were larger tribes with lots of settlements, and then there would be larger battles between tribes.

Also, is there a plan to throw in a DF-like option to abandon an empire and then still have it in the world to interact with?

Created a new topic YEAH - SUPERNATURAL

Seriously, though, I am excited. there's so much room for making supernatural-themed games and very few even exist.

wish someone would work on this. loads of potential.

Looks good, but the WASD controls are broken. Press them and you travel that way for like a  minute.

I've noticed tribes having multiple settlements, but also there being multiple tribes with the same color. This can get reeaallyy confusing. Could you look into making sure maskling tribes can't have the same color? Or if they do they're all one big group?

Side note (When modding how do you make a race that auto-gens and isn't just created by you playing it? Is that in the javascript file?)

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Will masklings have some kind of ships in the boat update? Because even in tiny worlds there tend to be multiple inhabited land masses and it would be neat if; after you conquered all the tribes if you didn't advance them enough they would be retaken by invading seafarers.

Maskling walls. Maybe wooden barricades? I tried out masklings on test mod and died many times. It seems to me like they need some kind of advancements. Perhaps some kind of 800-day building upgrade to barracks? Would also be neat if they could build new totems to expand administration.