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Best I've been able to get so far, still trying though. Simple & fun game, really great.

Edit: Best is 600 so far.

Love this so much, the music is great, and I haven't seen a city builder take it in this direction before. Super excited for more development. 

I noticed that when building the pedestrian alleys, if you hold down the mouse it'll place them on top of other pedestrian alleys, and can drain your money in the process.

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I noticed a typo - the description of the large residence says 2 people, when it houses 4.

Other than that, love the game. It has all the best parts of resource/economy style rpgs, with a combat system that feels like a puzzle. Really well done.

Edit: Although, I would like an exit button on the main menu.

Really love this so far. This is just a suggestion, and it really depends more on your attitude toward this sort of thing, but do you plan on setting up a discord server? I know a number of free itch games do that, to better advertise the game and engage with the community around it.

Just wondering if that's on the roadmap at the moment.

It's pretty stable

If you want to play Version 3, the beta has been available (Though somewhat buggy) throughout development on the discord.

I've been trying to, once I'm happy with my base setup, farm massive amounts of fiber to stockpile massive amounts of cola. This entire process, once set up, requires no new resources to be gathered, so long as the bottles/cans were returned. I have a zero-mining setup otherwise; oil for my flamethrower, water for my air, potatoes for my food, simple.

But if cola doesn't return the bottle/can, it hinders my ability to create hundreds of colas, and never sleep again (don't ask why this is my goal in the game, it just is).


Just a suggestion, but could drinking cola give you the bottle back? I've been trying to set up a massive production, and that's been holding me back.

I've been enjoying the game a lot, and I hope it catches on to more people. Just out of curiosity, when do you think the actual domain will be online?

This game is amazing. I love simulation type-things, and the Bob Ross Theme made it so much better. My suggestion would be to add a lot more human features, as that is the main appeal of the late game. Maybe some inter-human fighting, or further advancement? If you're looking for ideas, Simmiland is a really good god game with idle human action. 

No matter where the game goes, you've done a great job.

This really should be made into a larger game. Storms, pirates and such would be amazing.

I'm very happy about this.


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I'm happier than I should be about this, given it was against 2 AI. But I didn't lose a single unit or building.

Whenever someone tries to connect, it says server not responding.

I don't know how to use the multiplayer aside from on local networks. I can play with people on the same network, but not from different different networks. I don't know exactly how to use the ip connect and such. Is there something I'm missing?

Sounds good.

I think different Game modes would be nice. Instead of a rush to become famous, perhaps a conquer everything or trade a certain amount mode?

The first computer I used was Windows 7, and had some stuff wrong with it already. I'm thinking that on the windows 10 it was probably a DirectX file missing.

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Tried again on Windows 10, but got a DirectX problem.

Edit: I'm on the latest DirectX version, honestly don't know what it is.

This pops up whenever I try to run it.

Hoping for Betas as soon as possible. Keep up the good work!

If it was released, I would enjoy it.

Really like the look of this. I'll check if it works for the current version.

Don't know if this is in the Full Version or not, but could there be an endless mode for people who are just obsessed with optimization?

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Simple Mod for building half as effective buildings using the normal resource, that can go anywhere. 

(Everything looks the same)

Edit: The new version comes with Arborists (Still have to fix the image for those, sorry) and Tree Groves. Use saplings from the arborists to make groves, and, ultimately, more trees.

Download Here!


Great game. Took a while to figure it out, then really enjoyed it.

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I figured it out. The file that you download contains the "Merfolk" file that contains the actual mod. Bronze Age needs the folder in the mod folder to contain the information.

Edit: The Canals aren't working, even though in the xml file they're set to swimmable. The game isn't identifying them as adjacent swimmable for some reason, and I can't chain them on land. Aside from that, great job.


I haven't tried, but I don't know why I would. All the built-in mods are in zip files anyway, so clearly that doesn't effect usability.

Does it work for you?

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Having difficulty playing so far - Took the files out of the internal folder and right into the zip file didn't help, Game still doesn't recognize the mod. I'll try in some other versions.

Was this designed for a certain version?

Ooh, I may have found it. Or just something else.

    "m_u_settlers.xml" for the Merfolk Settlers shares it's name with the Maskling Settlers. But I still don't think that would stop it from recognizing the mod.

HA! YES! Pig Chariots to kill everything!

Also, small bug where a bowman was chasing my slinger, then ran into melee range and stopped without attacking.

Would love a pause button and/or a save. Very Good.

I more meant for it to be that once they've stolen advanced resources, they can learn to replicate them using said resources. They'll still have to steal resources to get to this point however, and it would take a long time for them to begin producing even a small amount themselves.

Could you make the masklings be able to build lumperyards and stone mines, but only once they get the special resources you give them, so they can become self sufficient?