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you can  build a monument too boost morale

you need to download and install net. 4 7.1

the mod isnt updated , yet.

had the same problem to  but it works so do it

a) sorry i simply wanted to bring it to your attention, but since it's mandatory to  something else below i just came up with something quick, my sencerest apologies Shawn. 

b( good, cool and superb!

c( yeah you need more for other important things, not just the game mind you! also your free time, dont neglect yourself.

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic THE WIKIS BROKEN

fix it

it says that you have to add unit data to the spy yourself

i need it for the new version!

is it a easy fix? i hope so



will the caravans be fixed?

and in 2.2.2

what will be in the next update?

(1 edit)

thank you

by the way when is the new update coming out?


its still in 2.2

is scp 999 the cute orange blob?

not needed i upgraded!

32 bit now?


the newest one and i am using wndows 7

it crashes wehn i start it up

is it 32 bit yet?

it always amazes me how long game development takes. and Cheers! for a good 1,5 years more!

because it only came out last week!! ya doofus.

well it was kinda planned to offend somebuddy to then make them dumfounded when i actually meant it.

i love this game and your game deserves to the most popular one on in my opinion. but now, lets get to the point.

the thing the ships spin so much that when i go to look inside my ship and look at my crew (love that touch by the way), if the ship isnt perfectly straight or parallel to the screen, it kinda gets nausiating after a while if you could kinda adjust the screen mid game kinda like google maps on mobile i think that would help reslove the issue.


P.S how long have you've been working on this game?

this game makes me sick to my stomach.

is it 32 bit?

32bit yet?

is it 32 bit yet?

can you make it 32 bit

why not make it free but you can pay for it if you want

why is it paid now?

well having one ready wont hurt

do you have a patreon? it would help.

is this more of a hobby or full time job for you?