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Lol what is this game?

A topic by winterdrake created Apr 30, 2017 Views: 225 Replies: 6
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There's a required minimum payment on this game, but there's absolutely no description of what it is. All that's on the game page is "A work in progress game made in Game Maker" and a bunch of changelogs. Not even a single sentence on what the game is or what I should expect if I buy it???


Fair points!
Thanks for taking the time to comment
i'll update the page

why is it paid now?


very few people have paid for the game with pay what you like!

i'm making a demo version now, so there will still be a free one to download shortly

why not make it free but you can pay for it if you want

it's a dollar, I'm fine paying that. But I need a description and/or a video


I think $1 is reasonable for Eatvolve at this point in development
I've created the demo version so that people can still have a go and see if they like it