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Wow, awesome job! This is probably the world record!

Just make sure you've quit the game, it is a windows file limitation that you cannot delete a program that is currently running. Other than that, the files in the zip (and one text file in your localappdata) is all the game files.


Wish there was an indication of which direction your car is facing, would clear up a lot of confusion

Very fun, thanks!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it's always nice to see someone make a video on my games! :) 

Hey, yeah, sorry, that was a glitch! It's fixed in the current version.

I wrote about how the game is played on the main page, but I can summarize here, too! 

The game is played with the mouse. Clicking uses your current tool, and the mouse wheel scrolls between the tools you have unlocked. The green bar at the bottom represents your progress to the next upgrade. It'll progress when you place tiles, or when your flora and fauna mature or eat. The main page for the game has a field guide that explains what each creature does and eats. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Seems kinda gay ngl

Please don't hate me I'm literally a trans woman <3

Awesome! They really added nice atmosphere behind the text!

Can I use these in my game's trailer even if I'm not using them in the game itself? Need something pretty to put behind the text splashes.

So cute and full of personality!

I didn't realize there were multiple volumes of Retro Fantasy! Take ALL my money!

Beautiful, will definitely be using this.

Sure, I just released a little demo :) 

Just what I was looking for! Happy to make this purchase and will definitely be using this in my game.

I figured it out, I misunderstood what "Speed" Meant. Speed is change speed, I was setting that to zero and messing with the other knobs. My bad!

No matter what I change in settings, the frequency graph is always a straight line. Didn't this used to have rising and falling frequency? I think it's broken or I'm dumb.

This looks great! Enjoy my money, I'm going to add these to my game :) 

Unfortunately there will be no more updates to the game, sorry!

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We checked it out on TTS tonight. The art is so pretty but the instructions were a bit over our heads. A gameplay video would be really appreciated to make it more accessible to people who have short attention spans and are bad at math🥺 Also it looks like this type of game would really benefit from a grid that's perfectly aligned to the squares on each card, rather than having to super carefully place the cards on top of each other. Congrats on your release though!

Ooh better follow you then! Look forward to it!

Looks awesome. I might try to import this into tabletop simulator to play with my partner online!

For Game Maker Studio, Apple doesn't let people publish to mac os unless they have a physical apple computer, unfortunately. If you would like to donate $2000 for an apple computer, i will look into it 😉

Thanks for the support! I am probably done programming games for the near future as Game Maker Studio did a major overhaul update and I'd have to re-learn how to do everything. I don't have time for that, so I've been focusing on other creative outlets.

Try placing a blue tower as your first tower. It'll prompt you to build a red as your second tower, and the timing somehow lines up that way for me. I have no idea how the bug exists in the first place, but that may be a workaround.

I just tried to recreate the softlock, and what in the world? This bug didn't exist when I released the game in the Spring. Dozens of people played it and had no problem. But now I'm experiencing the exact same softlock as you.

I have no idea what's happening with your windowed vs fullscreen mode, I can't recreate that at all. But I guess the game is unplayable until I have time to dig back into the game's code and re-compile everything, which I don't have time to do right now. Sorry :(

Haven't heard of this from anyone. Could you tell me more about what's happening?

Glad you like it! ☺️ The game is finished and will not be recieving any more updates.

I'm considering this game complete unless someone finds a major bug. Thanks for playing!!

You can't.

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Thanks for playing!!

I'm not sure what you meant by resolution options. You can already view the game at 2x size, 3x size, 4x size, or fullscreen. What else would you want?

Ah, i see.

Unfortunately multiplayer servers aren't free, and setting up online multiplayer would be an expensive multi-month process. So I can't say it'd be worth the time or money investment . Sorry!