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if you wait in front of a block and a beetle charges at you, it will smash the block!
but i hear you, & i'm making it easier to get into the 2nd biome for the next release

no worries ;)

haha 😂

i like the idea! at the moment i'm thinking its the only one that can fit into tiny gaps, burrowing could be cool though

To get to the new biome in the current demo, get a beetle to smash a block, or get to the top & drop down.
As I add more to the game, i will also unlock more in the demo version!
Hope i can earn your $1 !

Posted in Insipritation?

I have watched a play through of E.V.O. recently but didn't know of it before starting on Eatvolve
my main inspiration has been Spelunky ! 
so while there will be a main line through the level & a boss,
there will also be freedom to try different approaches, what creatures you eat etc

Posted in phone version?

I'm working on the iphone version at the same time as this windows one,
once they are complete i'll have a look at android!

hehe i appreciate the sentiment ;)

here is my base set of animations;
48x48  sprite
4 frame idle
8 frame movement, first frame is also used as 'land'
2 frame jump
2 frame glide straight
2 frame glide down
2 frame fall
1 frame dead
there is also 3 frames after this for stunned creatures, and the crab and beetle have different anims for shooting & charging
i'm going to have shuffle the frames around once i get the lizards wall climbing working 

Posted in 1$

No worries, hope that i can entice you to buy the new version!

Hey sorry i might have broken the birds ! i'll make sure they are working again for the next version

Posted in Money Issue?

Hey please contact https://itch.io/support if you are having payment issues!
i haven't seen any 10 or 15 dollar purchases come through
in the mean time please try the demo ;)

Posted in BUG FIXED

new demo does not have this error! although apologies birds seem to be AWOL again

Posted in Virus???

please try the latest version!

i'll fix the demo shortly sorry :S

Posted in Game Play

Hey thanks for playing :D

Hey Lion, thanks!
i'm not sure how the phone app will be priced as yet.
Please think of this version as Early access!

i think Avast is just overzealous! as its just an exe downloaded from the internet!
i can make an installer if you'd prefer?

Posted in Free

Thank you!
ah sorry 😨
please support me developing the game further
I'll make a new demo once the game is further along

You aren't seeing the buy now button?
That's weird! this is what i see on the main page when not logged in


Posted in Release notes

- Bird eating fixed
- icon added

Thanks for the report
Bug fixed in latest version, I'll look into getting my build number into the crash report !

Posted in Release notes

- Wider display window made default
- Stats screen added to menu
- Breeding breaks hearts too!

- level generation fixed
- Disappearing lizards fixed

I think $1 is reasonable for Eatvolve at this point in development
I've created the demo version so that people can still have a go and see if they like it

Posted in Free

Demo version now available!

Created a new topic Release notes

Moved release notes off the main page

- crab breeding bug fixed
- bird eating bug fixed

- on screen move keys hidden by default
- breeding now affects evolution automatically
- attacking bird indicator
- lizard added - no ability gained yet
- new level chunks added
- new sounds & fx polish
- many bugs fixed

- Gliding up!
- Babies follow
- Platform edges fixed
- Bullets respect shells
- Egg menu hint

- Beetle horns are now dangerous
- Bird wings now work the same way as Butterfly wings
- re-enabled shooting
- Collision improved

- Player can now grow a horn & smash blocks

- Beetles now charge, get stuck in walls and destroy blocks
- a better mix of creatures
- can eat birds again

- complete overhaul of collision, less getting stuck in walls
- creatures can now climb
- hold jump to double / triple jump

- breeding now unlocks options to choose your starting creature
- creatures are more adventurous

- babies are based on your phenotype at conception
- snail shells now provide protection from other creatures

- babies hatch from eggs

- added snails
- added eggs

- yet another tweak to progression, eat anything to evolve / change
- added worms to eat
- some bug fixes

- many new body forms
- new progression system
- new levels added

- New music by coda
- Evolution sequence changed up, eat 1, then 2, then 3 to evolve
- New Evolution states added

- Additional maps added & existing maps tweaked
- Additional Evolutionary paths enabled
- Map borders cleaned up

- Score reflects actual distance travelled
- Birds restored
- Additional maps added & existing maps tweaked
- Frogs more interactive

-Roughly halved active memory, less objects, more tiles

Thanks Again!
i've altered the effect ( signifying your shot is charged & ready to fire)
next build will be out shortly

Posted in BUG FIXED

Yeah! something new to eat !
still working on the ability tho

very few people have paid for the game with pay what you like!

i'm making a demo version now, so there will still be a free one to download shortly

Fair points!
Thanks for taking the time to comment
i'll update the page

Posted in Virus???

thanks for the heads up!
i haven't been putting my build number in the correct place inside Game maker Studio, will make sure to do so in the future
I'll have a look into the unknown developer ! not sure

thanks for the detailed report!
the outline around the character is to indicate evolution, as you change to your new form,
so not intended as a shield! ( though you are invulnerable while evolving )
the wings should also be blinking between the two different types, i'll sort this out in the next version!

I'm still working on how the abilities remain / unlock as you change form,
at the moment you have a 5 creature ability history, even though visually its only 3
but i'm planning a different in-game method of locking an ability as currently its not obvious enough!


Posted in bug

It's probably windows UAC that nags you with each new version?
as i am not an official windows developer with a digital certificate
i don't recommend turning UAC off though, if you can live with the pop up?

here are some other options on how to deal with it?

no i like it heaps !
naming your favorite creature is cool idea 😄

aw, i don't think i'm well known enough for a patreon 😥
maybe once eatvolve is finished!?

Posted in bug

yeah! still a lot of work to get the lizard finished, but i thought it would be nice to have something new to eat
I'm not sure why your pc is giving you that warning sorry.. overzealous antivirus?

thank you! :D

I work on Eatvolve in my spare time, my day job is freelance 3d modelling & animation
would love to make it my fulltime thing tho!

Hey thanks for playing :D

Bat wings, spiked shells, and pincers i'd like to do all of these,
and carrying your young is an interesting idea, i'll have a think on it!
i'm planning for an in game reason to lead them somewhere :)