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different older builds!

still working on a new build!

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Thank you!
I am planning to add a checkpoint system! although it is inspired by rogue-likes & is meant to begin from the start each life!

I'm sorry I haven't updated the build in almost a year! I am still working on Eatvolve.
Many things have been broken / unfinished and i don't want to upload a new build with a lot of bugs.
I've struggled a bit juggling Kids, contract work and the game development, but i am hoping to get to a 1.0 release within another ~6 months
Here's a sneak peak at some recent work!

is coming!

I think the eggs do nothing in this build, they might lock in abilities, or be used as a checkpoint not 100% sure
the other beetle has a secret ability! ( its not active in that build )

thanks for your support!
any bugs should be in both the demo and full version.

can you send me the error name? 

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in the current build

many controllers are supported
wasd  / arrow keys for movement,  
S & Down Arrow  for Eat or Dig
space to attack

my apologies!
assignable keys for all inputs is planned in the next release
There are many bugs to squash first!

hey thanks for making the video!

the glider gives thorn immunity, however some thorns are not spawning the correct collision.. its on my todo list to fix!

hey sorry!

I’m working on a new Mac build,  but I’m not sure when it will be ready, happy to refund you.

inspired by c64 games! And the pause menu especially 😅

Hey bobbo

I believe this error is due to a missing / corrupted DirectX installation.
Please try re-installing DirectX from this location;

If this does not resolve the issue and allow you to play the game, you can also try this DirectX Dependency Fixer;

If neither of these work for you, please let me know!


things are likely to change a bit, but i'll update the controls listed on the main page!

Hey thank you!
for sure listening to feedback has made Eatvolve a better game
A lot of things are likely to change as i keep developing, lots of things to fix too!

yep its true!  i haven't got the end game completed yet.

Heya! i'm not sure how far away the next update is, hopefully this month though.
I'm working on some large things such as eating at anytime!
however this means i need to update the ~60 possible player body sprites and it takes a while!

I'm sorry this build may be incompatible with Mojave!
I'm moving to gamemaker studio 2 and i'll be able to make a new Mac build from there.
in the mean time if you'd like a refund please let me know!

boss is at the top of the tree! 

Yep still planning to bring the starting form changes back after some re-work!
ah! you found the cheat key. I'm thinking maybe this will unlock after defeating the boss once? not sure though

they are all  deadly but the glider gives you immunity to them!
sorry about the bug.. some % of them are not working as intended

Thank you!
The breeding mechanic is being re-worked at the moment, so it actually does nothing in game right now, 
I assemble levels out of large chunks that are made manually,  so its semi - random
i'm sorry about the bad starting area! I've still got some work to do to make sure this cannot happen
demo now actually is the full game just with a life time limit, i'll update the page!
yes triple jump was a bit too strong i think, as it let you shortcut a lot of other things, it may return for another wing type tho!
i'll be adding more effects from eating other stuff in future updates

this will have a secret function added !
but as yet does nothing

you can throw them at enemies to stun them!
there is another thing to discover, but its a little broken at the moment.
I'm re-working this system in a future update

cool! Glad to hear it 😊

thanks for the reminder,
I've just done a bunch of testing to confirm this can no longer happen!
next version will have this fix

Hey Doctor Flare

I believe this error is due to a missing / corrupted DirectX installation.
Please try re-installing DirectX from this location;

If this does not resolve the issue and allow you to play the game, you can also try this DirectX Dependency Fixer;

If neither of these work for you, please let me know and i'll be happy to refund the purchase!


thanks for the report! 

I’ll make sure this is fixed for the next release

the demo is also updated! please check that out ;)

thank yoooo! 😊

thanks! and sorry about that, update is available!

hey thanks,  i'll put a timer onscreen for the demo version!

Hey! sorry thought i had answered this, I'll look at android once the iOS version is out!

I'm hoping to have a fix uploaded today!

thanks very much for the bug report!i'll make sure this is fixed for the next release!

im working on the spider!  although it wont be finished for the next update sorry

sorry about that shell bug! I'm not sure if i have solved it yet... 
I need to rewrite my whole creature interaction system as it has a few other issues too.. hopefully soon!
I've fixed the reset bug! sorry about that will be gone in the next version

i'll see about android once the game is out on iOS!

cheers :D

hey thank you so much!

I want to add more to it also ☺️

Please tell people about it! 🤓

I’m working on a new place for the evolve & egg menus, so the Mac version is older sorry!