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sorry about that!
you can also try deleting your save .ini file if it gets stuck in this state:

love it


thanks for your feedback!

I’m sorry about how easy it is to get stuck. I have been working on changing the worm ability to digging through dirt and allowing all creatures to drop through platforms.

I haven’t updated in a while as I want to make sure there are less of those spikes and other bugs for my next release

I’m also working on fully evolving between all creature types, so this will allow flight!

i'm sorry for this! I will be removing these sections n the next release!

i'm not sure when i'll be uploading a new build.
i've made some drastic changes to the game, and currently its quite broken, with large portions missing.
until i have gotten it roughly to where it was before, i think l it would be a mistake to release a new version.
sorry my progress is so slow!

thanks for the bug report! 
I have fixed this, but not released the fixed version as yet!
below is my design for the journal pages 
i have this half way implemented right now

Flappy Sauron Eye community · Created a new topic Cool!

well done!
some ideas, it would be cool to be able to see the next stalactite & stalagmite ahead as you are passing through one, so perhaps a little slower movement sideways, but closer together?
the collision feels a little larger than the eye / obstacle?
something that you could do is to reduce the collision of the eye to ~50% the size,  so this would allow you to scrape through a gap here and there!

awesome! congrats on releasing your first game! I wish i had started when i was younger!

if you bought Eatvolve you will get the final version when it is complete!

sorry about that!

a pleasure

all good

no worries!

I mainly use photoshop! Busy that’s mostly just because I’ve been using it for many years, I recommend

As it’s pretty cheap and it great for games & animation

I have done all the art in Eatvolve, though I’m very slow!  And I’ve redrawn things many times.

If you are more interested in just programming, check out:

There are some cool environment sets here, and often on sale too!

might be a bug.. but I do have a looping world where if you go far in a direction, you should find yourself on the other side of the map

I started by watching some of Shaun Spalding’s videos.

Once I had something simple working,  I would then search for tutorials on other topics to solve each problem I had.

Game maker was great for learning to program.

I’m actually studying a university programming course now, to fill in some knowledge I missed along the way

oops this is another development key for testing that the map is generating properly

final version will have these disabled

not sure when I will complete it.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long

these are meant for testing, but I left them active as it can be fun to play around with them

Thank you! Still working on it. Sorry it’s taking so long 😅

thanks for the heads up!

they won’t fall if they are close to the edge of the view / off screen

Little earlier warning dust,

% chance to spawn instead of 100%

sorry about that! Not sure how I broke the Xbox controller input, 

I’ll see if I can fix them for this build

sorry about that!

I have made them a bit easier to avoid in the current version, but a new update is still a ways off

its true!
I apologise as i have removed hunger from the game,
but my current build is way more broken than this one.

thanks for taking the time to make the report!

I’ll make sure this is fixed for the next release 🙏🏻

that sounds strange? can you send a screen shot?

hiya! Dev version is a zip as i have moved to Game maker Studio 2,
while Eatvolve runs fine on a mac, the process to sign a build for distribution outside of the mac app store is quite arduous!
I'm sorry but i've decided not to go through this for the time being until Eatvolve is complete.

thanks for the encouragement,  I wish i could work full time on it!

Thank you! I am working to improve Eatvolve.
I can't promise perfect but it will be much better :D

I believe this error is due to a missing / corrupted DirectX installation. Please try re-installing DirectX from this location;

If this does not resolve the issue and allow you to play the game, you can also try this DirectX Dependency Fixer;

If neither of these work for you, please let me know!


hey I don’t see your email in the purchase history! Are you sure the payment went through? 

oh sorry! did you try logging in again?
if you can email me

i'll confirm that your email address made a purchase and send you a download key!

still working on it!

Because Eatvolve is a work in progress, sometimes i'm changing things,
 i was originally planning eatvolve as a touch screen only game, but its now mostly been played on pc!

different older builds!

still working on a new build!