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Posted in Wont launch


Posted in Wont launch

Hey Sam i've done a bit of googling,
this post has a few ways around the error if you are comfortable with moving a file around?
Please let me know how it goes!
I will make sure there are no space characters in my file path for my next upload!

Posted in Wont launch

Hey Sam
Sorry to hear that! I'll have a look into the issue and see what i can advise!

Posted in How can I help?

Posted in How can I help?
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sure! would love some levels in the game not designed by me :D and I will add you to the credits!
If you want to sketch out something i am happy to adapt that to the level format i'm using?
Each third of a level can be mirrored left / right, and swapped with any other.
So because of this I need the three 'pass through' sections indicated in white on the tiled editor screen shots to always be in the same position.
The middle one is always accessible from above and below, while the left and right ones can either be accessible from above, or below, or both

I would like to have the greatest variety of the starting section ( currently the bottom of the dirt area ) so if you'd prefer to just design that section that would be a great help too!

The other Biomes are still in flux, i haven't locked down the rules for which joins need to be accessible as yet, though they will end up being similar.

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thanks batmobilly! I do plan to release on Steam once the game is all complete, I will do achievements, but not sure about cards as yet.

Posted in Next update?
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I have a day job, so sometimes development is slow, I wish i could spend more time each week! but have to pay bills
I'm showing Eatvolve at PAX Aus in a couple weeks and have been focused on trying to improve the game!
I will update the itch page with the same build i am taking to the show.

Posted in How can I help?

hey I'm sorry i wasn't clear enough!
the sprites are tricky, as i want to make sure they are all in the same style
would you be interested in doodling some levels tho? something like the page below
the bottom half of this page became the level i pasted up above!

Posted in How can I help?

Cool i like the golems ?
it occurred to me that best help would actually be some level designs!

I am using Tiled editor to make my levels, and although i create them as one entire thing,
in game i stitch them together using a different piece for the bottom, middle and top
Would you be up for sketching out some level pieces? i would love to have a way more of these, especially for the starting piece
(with the yellow square below)
Let me know!

Posted in How can I help?

mebe some sprites ? hehe

Posted in why a demo?

there are breeding & evolution restrictions in the demo version!
i think at the moment its lizards and crabs?
new releases will have more added while the demo will not be updated as often

Hey thanks!
I will make all creatures accessible in the egg menu!
maybe in the next release
i'm going to add naming your creatures too 
Thanks for the bug report i'll fix that for the next release

Posted in new update


Buying any version here on Itch grants you access to all future versions!

Hey thanks for playing
Eatvolve is a work in progress so there are a few bugs, and there is no end game as yet :S
I'm working on it nearly every day though! 

The starting form having the correct abilities should be fixed in the next release, 

The DNA allows you to change your body at will, once you become that creature completely
press TAB or click on the icon to open the menu there.
I'll make a little tutorial for the menu at some point

Hey Thank you!
I'll have the body type bugs fixed for the next release!
& i'll fix butterflies at some point ;)

thanks so much! 😊

whats your twitter Patch?

inventory was all good
i have a generic usb gamepad i will try & let you know!

my xbox1 wireless gamepad didn't work?
Font is a little hard to read..
pixels are too good !

115 gold on level 15
wasn't clear how /if i was recovering food between floors?

Posted in It won't load

what does the error say?

Replied to papadar in It won't load

does the demo of the previous version work for you?

Posted in It won't load

do you get an error or black screen?

I will make a new build today !

the demo version now has more features and things to do than the free version ever did!
but i hope i can earn your $1 !
I'm planning for the iOS version to be free with IAPs so perhaps that's the best compromise for you?

Replied to papadar in Bug with walls

ok latest version has hopefully all the wall climbing issues resolved!

Posted in Bug with walls

I'm working on fixing this issue 😅
shouldnt be long!

Replied to Isend in phone version?

its coming!
but i want to get the game closer to 'finished' before releasing on ios

Posted in Release notes

- new creature to eat & evolve
- new biome
- orbit no longer achievable

- Xinput controller support
- New dna pickup &  evolution menu on back button or tab on keyboard
- Lizards & bats to eat!
- performance improvements

any luck?

please try a different browser? or maybe your antivirus is overzealous?

if you wait in front of a block and a beetle charges at you, it will smash the block!
but i hear you, & i'm making it easier to get into the 2nd biome for the next release

no worries ;)

haha 😂

i like the idea! at the moment i'm thinking its the only one that can fit into tiny gaps, burrowing could be cool though

To get to the new biome in the current demo, get a beetle to smash a block, or get to the top & drop down.
As I add more to the game, i will also unlock more in the demo version!
Hope i can earn your $1 !

Posted in Insipritation?

I have watched a play through of E.V.O. recently but didn't know of it before starting on Eatvolve
my main inspiration has been Spelunky ! 
so while there will be a main line through the level & a boss,
there will also be freedom to try different approaches, what creatures you eat etc

Posted in phone version?

I'm working on the iphone version at the same time as this windows one,
once they are complete i'll have a look at android!

hehe i appreciate the sentiment ;)

here is my base set of animations;
48x48  sprite
4 frame idle
8 frame movement, first frame is also used as 'land'
2 frame jump
2 frame glide straight
2 frame glide down
2 frame fall
1 frame dead
there is also 3 frames after this for stunned creatures, and the crab and beetle have different anims for shooting & charging
i'm going to have shuffle the frames around once i get the lizards wall climbing working 

Posted in 1$

No worries, hope that i can entice you to buy the new version!

Hey sorry i might have broken the birds ! i'll make sure they are working again for the next version