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this game makes me sick to my stomach.

How come?

well it was kinda planned to offend somebuddy to then make them dumfounded when i actually meant it.

i love this game and your game deserves to the most popular one on itch.io in my opinion. but now, lets get to the point.

the thing the ships spin so much that when i go to look inside my ship and look at my crew (love that touch by the way), if the ship isnt perfectly straight or parallel to the screen, it kinda gets nausiating after a while if you could kinda adjust the screen mid game kinda like google maps on mobile i think that would help reslove the issue.


P.S how long have you've been working on this game?

If it helps, you can press alt-F and the view will lock on your ship and rotate to match the ship's rotation.

It's been a side project for years, but full-time for about 1.5 years.

it always amazes me how long game development takes. and Cheers! for a good 1,5 years more!