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Walternate Realities

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Hopefully eventually, but the game needs to do well enough on Windows to justify the investment.

Looks like I forgot to check a box, I think it should work now.

Not that I'm aware of. What problem are you having?

(Sorry for the late reply, just saw this.)

Any system that you have ships parked in while have a little ship icon next to it in the galaxy map. Is that useful to you?

Thanks for the feedback!

What do you mean "don't want to download"? What happens when you try to download it?

You can add enemies in Creative Mode by spawning them in and then clicking the little menu button next to their name in the lower-left and changing their Allegiance.

Sorry, I don't understand what you're suggesting. You can play anywhere and don't need an account to play.

I hope to have a Mac version at some point, but I don't know when.

I'd be pretty shocked if AVG didn't have a whitelist. But if you can't get that to work, then there's another, somewhat-advanced workaround, which is to tell Cosmoteer to save ships & games in a different directory using a command-line argument: --rootsavepath "C:\CosmoteerSaves"

That's your anti-virus or anti-ransomware blocking Cosmoteer. Try adding Cosmoteer to its whitelist.

Forgot to check a box. Should be fixed now, thanks!

What's the error?

Yes, eventually, but I don't know when.

Try downloading the game from here:

Are you using the itch app? If so, you might try downloading the standalone installer from this page.

The .NET Framework is required to play. What's the error you're getting?

What's the exact error?

Documents\My Games\Cosmoteer

This is planned. For now, you can use the "Load Shape from PNG" feature to make the basic shape of your ship in any image editor and then import it into the game.

Yeah, VirtualBox performance is really bad, I definitely don't recommend it. Boot Camp will be the best since it's not running on a VM, but even Parallels would probably be better than VirtualBox.

I use a 2015 Macbook Pro.

I've been working on it full-time for pretty close to 2 years now, and it existed as a side project for several years before that.

Cosmoteer can't run without a couple of other things that need to be installed alongside it by the setup program.

Best to ask on the forum.

Were you using Boot Camp or something else? I actually develop Cosmoteer on a Mac using Boot Camp, and it runs great.

This is a common problem when updating the game via the in-game updater. I'm not sure what causes it yet. Please try these steps:

1. Restart your computer.

2. Uninstall Cosmoteer. (It will *not* erase your save files.)

3. Re-install Cosmoteer.

My guess is between $10-$20, but not promises.

It will be on Steam, but it will *not* be free. :/

Is that using the itch app? You might try manually downloading and installing the game.

What would that do?

The installation program should automatically install .NET for you, but if you're having trouble with that, then you can install it manually with this:

What's the error?

This is a common problem with anti-virus programs that incorrectly block Cosmoteer. Try temporarily turning off your anti-virus.

I plan on making a Mac version eventually, but it's not a high priority right now.

Almost certainly a false-alarm.

I need to get some legal things taken care of and figure out a plan for getting people who pay a copy of the game once it launches. Thanks for being interested. :)

Thank you! :)

Well depending on how many zeroes are in that <incomprehensibly large number> I may turn on pay-what-you-want just for you. ;)

No worries, you're wise to be vigilant! :)

Thanks so much!