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Oh so that's the Industria's whale.

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I'm totally stuck on the Wowie level. I think they went a little bit overboard with the cryptic design there.

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Oh I should remove that. The platform is long dead now. Sorry. I'll give you more itch keys if you want instead.

There is a problem with the game packaging. The itch app downloads an installer that tries to install the game externally. Can this be solved and the game packaged in a way that it will be launched directly by the itch app?

Thanks for the report! I'll look into it.

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Without raytracing, physics, even graphics of any kind, this is the most realistic game ever.

The bundle has deactivated automatic key giving probably to avoid abuses. I'll be updating the project to avoid confusion from now on.

But contact me with an email at and I'll send you the keys. Thanks for playing!

ELIXIR JAM community · Created a new topic Elixir engine

Where do we get your platform to develop on? Or is it a plugin for another engine? Also you web isn't working yet, I need more info.

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I can't play :(
You picked exactly the worst possible colors for colorblind people to see.

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We made games with similar names! Good concept and levels.

Chip's Challenge level of game design. 5/5.

It's mac only?

Take a look at PyInstaller to make executable builds of your Python games. Else you won't be getting any plays and ratings, at least on Windows.

.pck file is missing

I can't open the game. You need to upload the entire zipped unity build folder, not only the executable.

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I fixed most bugs and problems with the jam version. After it ends, I'll upload the new version. Thanks for playing!

It does, it gets slightly faster each time.

Thanks you very much, and great suggestion, just added that and re-uploaded!

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They're just using mt to simulate map scrolling. And t holds the total game time.

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I won't, really. I though about it but I won't do it. Still, it's a bummer to get 30% of my earnings just gone.

I have a question. What will happen if I input fake but valid data in my tax interview to avoid the 30% stealing from the US government? Are there any consequences?

Thank you for playing!

Asset Forge community » Offtopic · Created a new topic Ludum Dare

Are the assets built with Asset Forge allowed in the LD?

I can't figure it out. Can I get some help?

"You're free to use these assets in ANY WAY YOU LIKE. Crediting is not required, but you're welcome to link to".

At last another game gave me that "FEZ" feeling. Very well done. I'll definitely support you and can't wait to play more of your games!

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Sure, let me do that today. Great idea. May I email you a free code for the pack (itch is missing a private message feature)? If you can test how well it can be used outside Unity and post back a comment that would be great!

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Hello, PNG files for every art asset are included, they are simple 32x32 4 frame or 8 frame spritesheets. You just need to animate them as you wish, you may even create new effects. The particles themselves are those same animations, but with added rotation, bursts, effects, etc.

Can the grass green be changed? It's destroying my eyes and preventing me for playing a long time.

Excellent quality. You're a great illustrator.

Amazing game. Doesn't look like one made in 48 hours for sure.

Looks and sounds great! I like the art style, it doesn't feel like there's only 2 colors at all.

The plot: You got a loan to leave everything and start your own business in the abstract painting industry. Can you make enough money to pay the loan and get a profit in 12 months?

First screenshot, there are going to be many different painters and paintings possible.

I'll post more details about the gameplay soon, but it's not you usual infinite clicker.


I can't play because of the broken controls.

Best game ever.