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The Only OutlawView game page

It's easy to get lost in a crowd!
Submitted by PolyMars (@PolyMarsYT) — 3 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#2754.3334.333

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Submitted (1 edit)

I can't play :(
You picked exactly the worst possible colors for colorblind people to see.


Easy to pick up. Fun to play.


I really like this one. Nice spin on the old sniper flash games that I used to play in school. It's a good distillation of a game that seems to really understand its scope and purpose. I could make suggestions but I feel like most of those would ruin that simplicity or overcomplicate it, so I won't. I enjoyed this game. Thanks.


Amazing execution of typical sniper game


Loved the idea behind the game, slight issue with being colour blind and occasionally just having to guess which one to shoot but I get that over such a short time this isn't the sort of thing that is important.


Thanks! Colorblind accessibility is something that I should’ve taken into consideration but completely overlooked while making this game. I’m glad you still enjoyed it though! 


Fun little game, it has a great feel to it as well, good job! I like the cute yet simple art style :) Unfortunately I don't think it fits with the theme too well, but it's not completely random also. In any case I really enjoyed playing your game, keep it up! :D

I would also really appreciate it if you would check out my entry, Sheepherd Dog. Thanks in advance! :)


I love the time aspect of this where you want to scan and hit faster and faster each playthru. Where's Waldo but murder - just what we've always needed.


I really enjoy this ! A Simple yet effective idea, nicely executed ! Great job !


This is awesome. Instantly playable, instantly enjoyable. I love the fact that once the game is over the screen taunts you with the last remaining outlaw who is now clearly visible. Great job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!


Very good execution!


This is so cool and unique! You really made the theme your own, good job :D


great game with a lot of polish for 48 hours!

2 main thoughts on this. the 1st is that the first few levels can be frustrating if the target spawns just behind another "pawn" or civilian. There are algorithms for preventing this but because theres such a short time limit for the jam I get why you wouldn't put it in. The second is that for me, green and yellow were very difficult to tell apart. Even when I found the target I wasn't entirely sure if it was the right one.

A great rapid fire, fun game though.


Thanks for the feedback! By the time I noticed the issue of the target spawning behind other characters, I didn’t have much time to make adjustments, so hopefully it will only be a minor issue for players. I also should have made more distinction between characters besides shirt color to make the game more accessible, but it’s something I overlooked while working on the game. These are all things I’ll take note of in the future, so thanks again and I’m glad you liked the game! 


34 is the best I could get. Very fun game, can't really pick much fault with it.

I guess if I had to then the music is probably a bit out of place and very repetitive, though with a 48h jam game it's hardly fair criticism.

Only other thing would be more variation at later levels since after so many kills when you get the small circle view pretty early on that seems to be the limit in terms of difficulty increase.

Overall very fun and that is what really matters with a game after all.


Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the later rounds could have more variety. As for the music, I didn't have much time so I tried to find something with a "Wild West" feel, but I can see how it could get annoying. Having a button to mute the background music is a feature I'll definitely add in my future projects. I'm glad you like it overall, though!