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Thank you! Motivation for my next game is bigger than ever and I can't wait to work on something again :D

Thank you for the feedback! After reading your comment I worked on collisions in unity to make them work better in my games so thanks!

Thanks dude!

Thanks for the feedback, and yes I agree with you on the fact that I could put more work into polish, sound effects and visuals

I enjoyed this game quite a lot but maybe with the first level you could reduce the hardness to help players get into the puzzles quicker. Maybe like a bigger hole just for the first level or something

My god this is a masterpiec

Cool! Thanks!

Pretty nice!

The mac version does not currently work

Yes!! I will make sure to look at all your games when the jam begins so good luck :D

11 hours now

When the jam begins

It also said you can use any assets you have the right to which means you can use default graphics

'All engines and frameworks are allowed - you can use Unity, Unreal, SFML, MonoGame, or something you made (as long as its available for others to use as well)' ok you can use it, have fun!

Well I believe you can but I think you should get confirmation from the rule page. I did make my own game in RPG maker MV for my first game jam and that was fine so it should be fine here

Ye this is my second jam too

This is amazing, me and my friends were looking for something to play and were pleasantly surprised to find something like this, thanks man!

Me and friends, got a lot of laughs and enjoyed the hilarity of your game.

I love this :D 

Good job man!

This is awesome! :D

This is really fun, and very very unique :D

This game is awesome :D

This is really cool! Good job man!

Awesome game man! :D

The game is really fun :D, I just think the screen size might be a bit to small but other than that its great!

This is so cool and unique! You really made the theme your own, good job :D

This is really good! Good job :D

Good job :D

This is so cool and puzzling :D

I love this game! :D

I am getting it when it comes out! I am so hyped :D

This is really fun, I bet with a bit more polish this game would be awesome to have on my phone! Good job :D 

I love this game and also saw that dreadful whispers reference, good job!

Very fun and unique, good job :D