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When life gives you a hornView game page

Honk ! Honk !
Submitted by Benjamin Coquelle, Xeros80, Mazaki14 — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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When life gives you a horn's page


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Submitted (1 edit)

I really enjoyed this game.  It's great  how you made random action be able to "solve" all of the players problems.  I think the title "when all you have is a horn" would be slightly more appropriate than "when life gives you a horn"

Music is really fitting too.


Love the art and Mario vibes :D Great job all of you!


I don't have any friends but I can HONK



Really great visuals and 3D style! 

It looks so nice and honking is really fun to do.

I would hope for some looney-tunes style platforming help :P Some of the jump timings was too hard for me


Very good sound, but I don't like the position of the camera, maybe try putting the character a little bit lower.


Yes I agree with you the camera can be frustrating.At the beginning we wanted to do something else than an usual free tps camera and we had as reference Super Mario 3D world for the point of view . But we've learned for a jam this kind of camera is way too much work to adjust  xD 


I really like how angry and happy the little honk guy looks

Neat game!


That was fun to play, nice level of polish for 48hours

+1 For the noot sound :D

More seriously, the uses of the mecanic are pretty cool and super pleasant to go through, even if the camera sometimes gives few informations about the path to follow.


Pretty fun game, and quite beautiful too.

However, I found a rather irritating bug, playing this with the arrow keys.  I can't jump while running on the top-left <-> bottom-right diagonal. It works well with ZQSD, though.


Exact same problem, makes it difficult and frustrating to play.


I was able to play it fine with arrow keys; was this added after the jam maybe? Anyway, I liked the graphics, and it was pretty funny getting the other characters to jump off ledges.

Good looking game! Too bad it's made for the French keyboard layout :/ Makes it almost impossible to play


Yeah I'm sorry for that, I will rebuild the game later today with qwerty controls but you can play it with the arrow keys if you want :) 


This game is awesome :D


Really interesting concept and game! Although at times it can be difficult to control the character with a keyboard. Great work :


yeah we made the game with a controller without testing it on keyboard  even though platfomer are always hard on keyboard :p