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This is a really special and fun game. Making the characters jump and pull each other back is a really satisfying mechanic to pull off, great work on the artwork as well! Amazing :)

This is a really interesting idea, I love the way you explored how the size of the penguin stack would affect how you move. Really great artwork as well! Amazing!! :)

Awesome game! Love the artwork and presentation, everything feels really great and the conga idea is a really fun take on the theme, nice work!! :)

I love the visuals, gameplay and execution! It all feels really polished and intentional. Great design! :)

This is a really polished and great looking game! I love the simple art and gameplay! Amazing :)

Took me a bit to get it at first but turned out to be really fun! great work :)

Great execution on a really simple concept! Love it great work :)

Really interesting concept with awesome art! Well done :)

This is a really well presented and interesting game, great work!! :)

Interesting take on the theme with nice visuals, great work!

This is a really cool take on the idea. The game feels really polished and straight forward to pickup, and has an amazing key concept which ties to the player health. Amazing!! :)

Really enjoyed playing this! Great visuals and feel, amazing work! :)

This game looks amazing wow! Pretty challenging game, great work :)

I was really surprised at how engaged I was with such a simple concept! This is a great game you should be proud! :)

This game plays amazingly, everything feels really punchy and responsive! Would love to see more great work!! :)

The art is really amazing for a jam game! I really love the minimalist gameplay which is really simple to pick up, great job! :)

The menu in the beginning is a really creative way of teaching the player the controls. I love the minimalist presentation and simple gameplay, great work! :)

Love the puzzles and simple artwork! This is a really intuitive and cute game well done! :)

The art is amazing! I love the simple intuitive gameplay, really well done! :)

This game looks great! I love the arcade like feel and simple concept, great work!

I love the presentation here a lot! Though it was a bit tricky to get into at first, I had fun! Great work :)

The art and music are done really well! Took me a while to get into at first, but had a good time! Great work! :)

Such an interesting take on the theme! Super challenging! Great work :)

This game looks, sounds and plays amazing! It is clear there is a lot of care in every detail, even the helpful hints!! Great work!!

This game has a really appealing vibe about it, I am happy there is finally a game where I can make otters hold hands great work!!

Really unique take on the theme, I love the artwork and really enjoyed my time with this! Great work! :)

The artwork is done really well, and I love your take on the theme! Nice work!! :)

I love the artwork and sounds, really cute and enjoyable game!! :)

I love how polished and well presented this game is, really enjoyed it great work! :)

Love the interpretation of the theme and how intuitive and simple it was to pick up! Great work! :)

This is a really fun take on the jam nice work! :)

Love the minimalist presentation, everything feels extremely polished and tight for a game made in 48 hours! Amazing work! :)

This game is really well presented and polished, wish there were more levels! Great work :)

This is a really cool game, I love how the meters force you to constantly switch up the way you play the game. Great work! :)

This game is a really fun take on the theme. I finally got to feel like a truck driver in space thank you!

This game has a really polished and authentic retro feel, I really enjoyed my time with it great job!! :)

This has a really interesting theme and vibe, I really appreciated the story as well! Great work!

Wow! This game really surprised me, everything feels really great here and the beats slap. Great work!!! :)

Really polished game, I really appreciated the intuitive tutorial symbols which helped me grasp the basic concepts, great work!

Love the presentation and design. I also like the different colour options. Really unique concept, overall a very enjoyable well polished game.