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I enjoyed how "out of control" this game was, overall a very fun game, however, could have done with music and sound effects to add to the experience.

I enjoyed this game, the music was good as well. I also liked the main mechanic of the game.

I liked the music and the sound effects, the game also fits the "out of control" theme very well with the random upgrades. Overall, was a fun experience.

Thank you!!!

Simple and sweet. The art design really compliments the simple control scheme and gameplay here! Sometimes I felt that I needed some more indication on where a platform would appear next when the speed started to increase. Good submission and well done! :))

I lost control quicker than I would like to admit!! Fun concept and cool pixel art! Well done. :))

I really love the simple and bold presentation here. It really suites the gameplay! Great take on the theme as well! I had fun, and would love to see where this goes one day! :))

What a cool concept, having the little robot underneath helping the main character is hilarious and fun! Well done!! :)

Wow! This is a really great submission! Having the characters controlled by the first letter of their name is genius and works WELL. The presentation here is wonderful as well. I really like this one well done! :))

Wow! The presentation and art are done really well here. I love the concept and feel that the simple controls really compliment this idea. Using these controls really made me feel more out of control as well. Nice work!! :)

Great take on the theme! Having the player take the perspective of a person with tourette syndrome was really interesting, new, and thought provoking. Good job on doing something different, I really enjoyed it!! :))

Cool take on the theme! I vibe the unique art style and would love to see where this idea goes next! Good submission!! :))

Really loved the use of a command line interface. The presentation is done really well, what a great submission! Good job :))

I definitely felt out of control, this is a unique memory game which puzzled me greatly. Great job on the presentation, I had fun! :)

This is a great game and submission! Great work on the presentation, and I love the idea of randomly placing towers, it really improves the flow. Good job! :))

Polished graphics and gameplay! I had fun playing this, definitely felt out of control. Well done! :)

This is like twister but for my hands! Love it!!! :)

Sorry to hear about your dog :(((( This is a fun game though, and I'm happy your dog will live on in memory in this game :)

This is a really interesting take on using controls to make you feel out of control. I love the core concept here, great work! :)

Cool take on the theme! Loved how the speed of the train made what would be simple puzzles into something stressful and tense! Good work :)

I really like the idea of an "out of control" garden! Good job :)

I love the art, it looks really good. It's also very fun to play. The overall style of this game is very impressive with how it all works together.

The overall presentation of the game is very good, the art style and the camera perspective are both make the game look amazing. Interesting story as well.

I really like the concept, it was very enjoyable. I loved the story driven aspect of this game. Overall, had a very good time with it.

Loved the story and the stylistic decisions made, really creates an engaging atmosphere, the story was also very engaging, as I found myself wanting to figure out what was going on.

Thanks a TON!! I hope you enjoyed the game. :)) Thank you for the feedback!!

Very enjoyable game, however I found the controls a bit hard to use, as I ended up moving to far when trying to shoot some things.

I liked the idea, the graphics were also nice, however, I had some trouble playing it as it was very hard to understand, due to lack of feedback from each action.

Very simple but fun, enjoyed playing with my friend to see who could get the better score.

Had fun playing, overall good experience.

Very cool concept for the game, really enjoyed it.

The visuals add a nice touch, the idea is also very fun and unique, overall very good experience and fits the "out of control" theme very well.

Very good effort for your first game, had fun playing it.

Very unique and defined stylistic choices, overall is a very nice experience, good job.

Very unique game idea, overall presentation was good as well. The jumping is somewhat awkward at first however.

Very unique and clever way to fit the theme. Very well thought out and overall fun experience.

Very polished game, the sounds fit in very well. The overall experience is very enjoyable.

The idea is very unique and fun. The visuals also have a very nice charm to them and the music choice is very good. Very addictive game play.

Very enjoyable and unique game, the presentation was very good aswell.

Loved the art style and the overall polish of this game, it all fit so well together. Very enjoyable experience.