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Controls are partially off screen with 3440x1440 screen

Awesome that you're working on it again! I enjoyed the levels, even if they are only a few. Good tutorial to ease you into the editor

Works now 👍🏻

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FYI, the client doesn't detect your zip file for some reason, so the install button doesn't work! Maybe because you didn't flag the zip as Windows compatible?

Holy moly this is good

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Maybe you can also have a look at an algorithm like Wilson Score

> 46,600 ratings were given to 2610 entries (98.639455782313%) between

This could maybe be rounded to a bit fewer digits, hehe

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Thought the same, maybe they can implement an algorithm like Wilson Score

Woah, you must have worked the full 48 hours! Really well put together. Reminds me of Into the Breach.

I don't have any friends but I can HONK

Phew, hard but original!

Nice! Not bad at all regarding it's your first game ever. Cool neon style. Intuitive WASD+mouse control

Yay, hit the bird. No endgame screen?